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Zoom Chat, newly named Zoom Team Chat brings some Revolutionary Features

Video-conferencing platform Zoom has announced that it is now renaming Zoom Chat to Zoom Team Chat to enhance teamwork and collaboration. The video conferencing app also marked the first instance of single-digit growth on record for the company that brought videoconferencing to the home-bound masses; Zoom has averaged 176% year-over-year growth over the previous eight quarters.

Zoom Team Chat is a new messaging app that offers a variety of features for users that make it a great choice for messaging and communication.

The company said in a blog post, “Our comprehensive platform makes it easy for people to connect across places, spaces, and devices, so work is… well, less work. Central to the success of our platform is our persistent team collaboration and messaging hub”. He also added that “We used to call it Zoom Chat. As of today, we are officially renaming it Zoom Team Chat, to usher in the future of persistent messaging and further enhance teamwork and collaboration”.

“We will also continue to evolve other areas of our portfolio to meet your current and emerging demands. We have introduced three new products this year alone to elevate visual collaboration, enhance the customer experience, and improve sales motions,” the platform said.

Zoom Team Chat is available for both iOS and Android devices. Zoom Team Chat is a new messaging app that offers a variety of features for users. These include group chat, file sharing, and video conferencing. Zoom Team Chat is available for both iOS and Android devices. With group chat, you can easily communicate with multiple people at once. This is perfect for team projects or just keeping in touch with friends. You can also share files with others on Zoom, which is great for work collaboration or sharing photos and videos. Additionally, Zoom offers video conferencing and webinars, which are perfect for holding meetings or presentations and video calling. Moreover, the features will be released by the end of the month.

What Zoom Team Chat?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform designed for quick and immersive collaboration. Zoom Team Chat takes the values and technology skills of Zoom and brings them into the enterprise messaging space. The Zoom messenger app for mobile and desktop is the same app you use to start and join video meetings. Zoom Team Chat adds to a complete portfolio that already stands out as the most popular solution for companies with 500 employees or less.

It integrates with your video and audio conferencing solutions where you create private and public groups.

What are the chat options in Zoom?

The in-meeting Zoom chat feature allows you to send instant messages to other users within a meeting or a private message to an individual participant. As the host, you can choose whom the participants can chat with or disable chat entirely. Zoom Chat allows free and paid users to streamline communications between team members and external Zoom users.

Group chat File sharing Video conferencing

What are some Zoom features?

Zoom Team Chat offers:

  • 1:1 chat or group conversations via public or private channels:

It is a powerful collaboration hub that leverages 1:1 and group chats as well as channels to integrate workstreams, keep projects on track, and connect stakeholders.

  • Status and presence:

View the presence status to see if internal and external users are logged into Zoom Team Chat and are currently available.

Offline The user is away and not signed into Zoom Team Chat
Online (for Desktop) The user is currently available and logged into the  Zoom desktop.
Online (for Mobile) The user is currently available and logged into the Zoom mobile app only.
Away The user is logged in, but their system is not active. (You can also manually set your status to ‘Away’ while browsing the application.)
Don not Disturb The user can manually set it to Do not disturb and won’t receive any (pop-up) notifications for chat or Zoom calls.


  • GIFs from GIPHY –

At first click on the ‘Smiley Face’ icon under the message field. Click GIF to switch from emojis to GIFs. Then type a word in the search bar to look up a specific GIF. Finally, click on the GIF to send it directly. If you want to add emojis in favorites, then click on the ellipses (three dots). Then click on smile face. And finally, red heart to add.

  • Message archiving and third-party storage

Zoom competes with WeChat Work, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Slack, and faces an uphill task of onboarding high-paying clients to sustain its growth at a time when several firms are shifting to hybrid work.

  • Screen capture, file transfer, and image uploads:

Zoom Team Chat allows one to share files and documents across the workspace and lets you work collaboratively with peers. All the documents and files are searchable, downloadable, and shareable, allowing the user to find the information whenever they need it. Zoom Team Chat also supports sharing images and playing video files (maximum supported file: 512MB) in the chat window.

  • Click File below the message field.
  • Select the file source from the drop-down menu.
  • Browse the files and select one to share.
  • Compose any text to share along with the document.
  • Press Enter to send.
  • Once a file is shared successfully, the chat window displays the filename and a green tick.

To browse the files shared in the chat, click on your profile button in the top-right corner and select Files. It will display all the shared files on the list below. Then select it.

  • Starring messages to save for later:

You can place a star on important messages, copying them to the Starred Messages chat and allowing you to quickly view them later on.

Hover over the message you want to start. Click the star icon next the to message. Click the Starred Messages chat thread to see your starred messages. If the original thread was with another contact you will see posted followed by the contact’s name. If you start messages in a channel, you will see them posted in lowed by the channel’s name. Hover over the message and click the yellow star icon to unstar your message. Click Jump to view the original chat thread

  • Pinned messages:

Pinned videos remain visible to you on the screen even when someone else is talking and disables Active Speaker View; you can pin up to 9 people to show their videos on the screen as long as the meeting has 2 or more participants.

  • Light or dark themes in your chat panel:

Some people prefer dark backgrounds, others prefer light backgrounds. One can now switch between these two color themes in the User Settings. New beautiful colors in a dark and light theme and an easier chat feature help the user to reply and communicate with the teammates

  • Edit and delete messages sent in the Zoom messenger app

One can edit the content of a message that you have already sent. Note: You can not edit messages if the admin is enabled.

Users delete any item they have sent. Recipients will not be able to see deleted items in Zoom.

Click on the ellipses icon and select what to you want do.

When you connect Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you can send channel messages and DMs from one platform to another without changing your interface. Zoom Team Chat users continue to use Zoom Team Chat. Microsoft Teams users continue to use Microsoft Teams.

When you install Mio for Zoom Team Chat, you enable all these features cross-platform:


  1. Edit messages
  2. Delete messages
  3. Rich text formatting
  4. Emojis and reactions
  5. GIFs
  6. Message threads








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