Shopping Ads Promoted on Google May Lead to Phishing Site

You are currently viewing Shopping Ads Promoted on Google May Lead to Phishing Site

Online shopping has become very popular in modern times and amid this festive season millions of users are searching for the best deals on online shopping platforms. However, it should be noted that all the shopping ads promoted on Google are not created by legitimate advisers. Some of these ads are created by cybercriminals and may lead to malicious phishing websites. These phishing websites are usually responsible for stealing the login credentials of users and the users fall into the trap of financial scams.

Recently, an investigation was conducted by CyberNews to check whether the Online shopping ads promoted on Google are safe or not. The investigators examined the domains promoted by around seven hundred ads related to Cyber Monday and Black Friday. It was discovered that 10% of these ads lead to malicious phishing sites and with the help of these sites cybercriminals easily steal personal information of users.

In order to prevent users from visiting such malicious phishing sites, security experts have recommended the online shoppers to be extremely cautious and prefer shopping from legitimate online platforms. Moreover the users must install antivirus and use payment processors that offer strong buyer protection.

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