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How to make your screen time more productive

There is no denying the fact that we are glued to our phones for most of the day and this addiction may result in a lack of productivity, growth, and personal reflection. If you are concerned about lowering your screen time, you should indulge yourself in physical activities like going for a routine walk, jogging in the morning, going to the gym, or swimming. Physical activity is known to boost your feel-good hormones and make you feel more motivated and productive.

However, even peoples who balance their daily routine and try their best to stay away from unproductive patterns may find themselves looking at their phones for long hours, scrolling through reels or just bursting candies for points. So if you are looking to change that pattern and use your phone for something more productive, you’re just at the right place. In this blog, we will be exploring ways in which you can utilize your screen time by indulging in something more productive instead. So read on and take notes!

Nevertheless, before you do move on, make sure you have a reliable internet connection as you will be needing one for these activities. We recommend you invest in a high-speed internet like Windstream Internet. If you want to get a new internet plan, just talk to their customer service member who will guide you better.

1.  Read an e-newspaper every morning

A great way to start your day on your phone is to read the news in the morning. You do not need your daily newspaper at the front door anymore, rather everything is available on your phone, with a greater variety, point of view, and horizons. Choose a publisher you like or a journalist you follow and read their news on an app or their social media profile so you know what is going on around the world.

Despite having the whole world on our phones, we often have no idea of what is actually going on in the world. That is mostly because of the type of content you choose to engage with. Once your social media account captures your new algorithm, you will automatically be directed to similar content and will have to invest less energy trying to search for it.

2.  Take an online course

You can take a course online and learn a new skill on your phone or laptop, whatever way you prefer. Choose something you have always wanted to learn or something you can monetize and earn from on the side. You might have to spend a few hours every week, so divide the load as per your schedule, and stick to the course. If you’re taking a course related to your profession, you can also boast about it at work or share your progress on your social media platforms. LinkedIn is a great place to share your professional growth and achievements.

3.  Learn a new language

Ever wanted to learn a new language growing up? Learning anything has become a lot easier now as resources are readily available online, and you can also find free versions on apps like Duolingo. Take classes at your pace, take quizzes and lessons to improve and practice your newly learned skills, and to help yourself, start watching a TV show in that language so you can also learn from examples and applications.

Knowing more than one language gives you a huge edge when it comes to getting work or switching jobs. So you will automatically be utilizing your time in a very productive way.

4.  Use a meditation app

Productivity is not all about taking something or providing results from it. Meditation can be just as productive for you as learning something new. So to unwind and relax at night after a long day of work and worldly exposure, delve into yourself. Reflect on what your day went like, and how you could have been better today, plan your next day, and relax with the help of a meditation app. Meditation apps help you practice breathing and improve the quality of your sleep. So download one that has good feedback on your app store and relax away!

5.  Listen to audiobooks

Want to relax your eyes at the end of the day before you sleep, but need something to lull you to it? Well, audiobooks offer the best solution. There are millions of audiobooks available to listen to online and enjoy. You can choose a voice you like and play any book available that is also on your list of to-reads. You can play, pause, and resume anytime and complete the book at your own pace. Not only will you learn so much with very little effort, but the process in itself is quite entertaining and relaxing.

Wrapping Up

These are all the suggestions from our end. If there are any more ideas of productive screen time activities that you practice and that work for you, do let us know in the comments below!

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