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Why Access Control And Video Security Need To Be Integrated Together

One of the most significant benefits of cloud-based physical security is that it offers businesses the chance to take advantage of open API integrations. Integrating security tools is one of the best ways to optimize your security management.

So, what’s one of the best examples of security integration?

Keep reading as we discuss why access control and video security need to be integrated. This guide will discuss the main benefits of integrated access control and video security when planning your security management strategy.

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Increasing The Security Of Your Building

Access control is a popular security solution as it prevents unauthorized users from entering your building. It is preferred to traditional key-and-lock systems as it does not leave the opportunity for a third party to pick the lock and gain access to your facility.

However, access control isn’t without vulnerabilities. Even high-tech access control technologies like cloud-based and mobile-led solutions can not protect you from a third party using stolen credentials to enter the building. If a third party were to steal an employee’s mobile device, access card, or fob, you would not have any measures to prevent them from entering using the stolen credentials.

So, to prevent this risk from transpiring, you need to verify the identity of users before they enter the building. What’s the best way to verify identity at your building’s entrance? Integrated access control and video security.

Integrating access control and video security requires you to compare analog versus IP cameras to ensure your system has open API integrations, allowing for integration and optimization.

If you hosted access control and video security on separate platforms, your security staff would need to correlate timestamps from different data sources to verify the identity of a user. When both tools are integrated, all the information is available on a single interface, allowing for rapid identity verification.

Your security team will be able to quickly identify incidents involving misplaced or stolen access credentials. To automate this process and reduce the need for manual and time-consuming tasks, you can automate the identity verification process with facial recognition software integration. By applying facial recognition software, you can ensure that every individual’s identity is automatically verified in line with the credentials they are using, eliminating the possibility of credential theft.

Ensuring You Can Implement Rule-Based And Role-Based Permissions

To keep your valuable company data safe, you need to restrict access to your server rooms and sensitive digital resources. Every visitor, new employee, and interviewee shouldn’t gain access to these areas simply because they can enter the building.

You can install access control, and smart door locks to implement role and rule-based permissions, ensuring that only high-level employees have permission to enter areas housing servers and sensitive data.

Eliminating the possibility of an internal-origin security breach will help you to maintain GDPR compliance, reduce the potential for client poaching, and keep your servers secure and operational.

However, a low-level employee could steal credentials from a high-level employee to gain access to these areas. By integrating access control and video security, you can ensure that this doesn’t happen with automated identity verification.

More Efficient Management Of Security With Integrated Data

When you house your security tools on several disparate on-premise platforms, you create data silos within your physical security department. These data silos can slow down and hinder daily security operations, reducing the potential for data analysis.

Hosting all information on a single platform makes it easier for your security staff to manage and access secure data. Hosting it on a cloud-based platform will allow your security team to access security data from anywhere using their mobile devices.

Having total visibility of all your security data in one place allows you to implement workflow management and analytics to automate project management processes and improve security management. Your analytics software can work with all available resources to detect anomalous data in your system and alert you to any potential security threats. And, once a threat is detected, your automated workflow system will be able to generate workflows in line with your incident response procedures – informed with all available security data.

Automating processes in your security project management will create an agile and hands-on team and will reduce response time, equipping your team to create a more productive security task force.

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Considering the benefits of a cloud-based security system, you need to consider the benefits of integration. Integrating tools within your security system won’t just make data more accessible. You can also ensure that your security tools are maximized to perform all available functions, producing more ROI. Keep the benefits of integrated access control and video security in mind when planning your security strategy.

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