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Top Logo Design Trends for Marketing Firms in 2023

In 2023, a number of logo design trends will impact the market for marketing firms. Minimalism is still popular due to its uncomplicated, clean designs that make a strong statement.

Furthermore, common geometric shapes and line art give logos a contemporary and sophisticated feel. More often, empty space is used to create smart, eye-catching designs. While dynamic and interactive logos offer engaging experiences, vibrant colour schemes and gradients provide logos vitality and depth. In the age of AI, there are plenty of options for creating a free logo design but it is important to understand what makes a brand timeless and what trends to avoid.

According to BrandVillage graphic design expert’s guide on logos in marketing, the brand differentiation, innovation, and simplicity are the three main focuses of 2023’s logo design trends.

Why You Must Choose the Latest Logo Design Trends For 2023?

When choosing a logo, longevity is essential, but relying on trends consistent with your brand’s standards can assist you to carve out a niche and appeal to a broader audience. Most of the time, when marketers experiment with new logo trends, they can do so in ways that genuinely express the essential principles of their businesses after thorough study and revisions.

The core elements of a successful logo, such as colour, typography, line, shape, and layout, always stay in style. However, you can improve your aesthetic appeal and draw more attention if your logo design stands out.

Top Logo Design Trends for 2023

Even though it’s impossible to anticipate which trends will last and which will fade away, we have compiled a list of the most important logo design trends in 2023. Make updates to your current logo using this list, or design a new one this year!

●      Minimalist Logos


Modern minimalist logos remain relevant over time. Consider how simply the half-bite symbol on Apple products makes them instantly recognized. Considering a clutter-free logo is easily adaptable across many mediums. It creates a consistent and identifiable message across signs, digital platforms, packaging, and other brand touchpoints, and this logo design style will continue to be useful even in 2023.

●      Chunky Logos

Massive, rounded, and chunky logos are difficult to forget. They become memorable when you add some brand messaging to them. Similarly, by using stretched or warped elements in your logo, you draw the audience in and make it difficult for them to ignore it. Consider how difficult it would be to fit a big logo into your current layout. Expanding only one or two components of the company logo is recommended.

●      Retro Logos

More firms are now incorporating nostalgia into their logo design approach to conjure images of their glory days for consumers. They either make you nostalgic for a bygone age or bring back memories of when you were young and just discovered what these businesses did. Marketers know that consumers, particularly following the epidemic, are eager to spend money on antique goods. Kodak did this to capitalise on nostalgia by returning its 50-year-old logo and redesigning its new products.

●      Animated Logos


Although studies have shown that people’s attention spans are shortening, logos could be a powerful tool for telling a brand’s story. A static logo wouldn’t make your business stand out and would be difficult to recall, even though a viewer would spend less time looking at it. An animated logo is a simple solution to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

●      Mixed-Up Fonts Logos

Brands won’t be limited by typographic standards after 2023. Mixing and matching typefaces gives you greater freedom to express your creativity and create an attractive design.

●      Thick-Lined Logos

Your logo can gain complexity by simply changing the letter thickness. In 2023, logo designs can be vibrant and eccentric with little effort. Using logos with solid, bold lettering communicates strength and quickly grabs attention. Additionally, if large fonts fit your company’s personality, they can be an engaging tool for your logos.

●      Logos With Lowercase

Your logos will be more colourful and essential using a lowercase font. For a lowercase logo, you can use any font form; however, remember that the font should somehow reflect your business identity. It still contributes to your visual identity, even if it’s a simple lowercase design.

All these logo making processes have less impression these days. While an AI logo maker can offer a dynamic and interactive experience, vibrant color schemes and gradients provide logos vitality and depth.


A good logo incorporates the newest colours, fonts, shapes, and styles while staying dedicated to the mission and intent of the brand. Trends will help tell your brand’s story and inspire your target audience’s desired feelings. You now have a few ideas on how to create your logo and make it stand out due to these trends in logo design.

If you are looking for the best logo designer for your company then you must contact BrandVillage today! They will assist you in designing the perfect logos as per the current trends in the market.

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