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This tool is an ideal solution for all shared hosting environments. Generally, it is not possible to install or use the conventional anti-virus protection in these environments. phpMussel is script written in php which is capable of detecting trojans, viruses, malware other such threats within the files that are uploaded in your system. 


  1. Licensed as GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).
  2. Easy to install, easy to customize, easy to use.
  3. Works for any system with PHP+PCRE installed, regardless of OS (PHP+PCRE required).
  4. Fully configurable based on your needs.
  5. An ideal solution for shared hosting services.
  6. An ideal solution for forum systems in need of file upload protection.
  7. Does NOT require shell access.
  8. Does NOT require administrative privileges.
  9. CLI mode is available.
  10. Good, strong, stable support base.

This project was created only for educational purposes and not for unethical practices.

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