FIN7 is back with New Lizar Backdoor

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A financially motivated group of cyber criminals named FIN7 is seen to be active again and this time they are using Lizar malware. This is a backdoor which mainly targets Windows-based system and harvest all kinds of information. This tool spreads in disguise of a windows pen testing tool for ethical hackers.

What happened?

This malware is posing as a genuine organization that provides security analysis tool which appears to be legitimate.

  •  Gambling establishment, multiple educational institutions, along with pharmaceutical firms has faced attacks from FIN7.
  • FIN7 uses the latest version of Lizar backdoor since February which is equipped with powerful set of data retrieval and lateral movement capabilities.

The Lizar toolkit-

The Lizar toolkit is structurally similar to Carbanak and consists of a loader and various plugins for different tasks. The loader and plugins can run together on an infected system and can logically be clubbed together as the Lizar bot client.


These malwares are getting upgraded with time. So, the organizations are recommended to protect themselves by ensuring proper security measures including email web gateways, anti-malware solutions. The employees can be trained to make them aware about the types of attack that the organization might face.

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