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Rite of Passage (ROP) injector injects a ROP into the target process. This tool allows you to choose either the regular ROP (that uses VirtualProtect) or a Rite Of Passage ROP which is capable of bypassing most of the endpoints exploit protections. 

It performs injection using the following steps: –

  1. Allocate Read/Write memory on the target process.
  2. Write the shellcode to that memory.
  3. Create a new thread on the target process.
  4. Inject a ROP to the new thread (using Get/SetThreadContext).
  5. ROP will modify the protection of the shellcode memory into Executable (using either a call to VirtualProtect or a Rite Of Passage call to NtProtectVirtualMemory).
  6. Next, the ROP will run the shellcode.
  7. Shellcode creates a mutex named “#WN3D!” and terminates the thread.

This project was created only for educational purposes and not for unethical practices.

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