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Location-based Application Development: Everything You Need to Know

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices, the mobile app development industry is growing at a rapid pace to meet the needs and demands of modern consumers. This is the reason, businesses and brands must also keep up with changing market trends to stand out from the competitors and thrive.

Mobile applications like Uber, WhatsApp, and PokemonGo are developed with something in common, which is known as LBS or location-based services. The use of location data in web app development has brought ground-breaking changes in different fields like social media, transportation, and entertainment.

It is fact that almost 90% of apps use geolocation technology to provide users with highly personalized features, services, and recommendations. Location-based app development not only delivers great value to consumers but also helps businesses generate more sales by presenting customers with the right products efficiently & quickly at right time.

In this modern world, location-based apps are not just used for ride booking and ordering food from local restaurants. But map-based apps are a new trend in the app development industry and are likely to rise in years to come.

How Do Location-based Apps Work?

Location-based apps are mobile applications that deliver users personalized services, features, products, or ads based on their current location details. These apps are designed using location tools like IP Geolocation API to obtain the location data of users. For example, a weather forecasting app uses the current location of users to provide them with accurate weather updates for that particular area or territory. Some businesses also use location data to block users of a particular area from accessing and using their apps.

Location-based Services App Use Cases

Geolocation technology is not limited to ride booking or local searching apps, but location-based apps have revolutionized almost all walks of life. Below are some use cases of location-based services apps across different industries.


Geolocation technology in travel apps helps users locate local restaurants, businesses, must-visit areas, and ATMs nearest to their current location.


Online stores and eCommerce websites also use location technology to detect the current location of users to get information like current location and region, local currency, tax details, estimated time to deliver orders, and delivery charges based on the distance between store and delivery point.


More and more automotive and transportation companies are using location-based apps to track their fleet and vehicles in real-time. This also helps drivers find the fastest routes possible to reach their destinations as faster as possible.

Social Media & Dating

Advanced social media and dating apps use geotagging features to help users find and connect with the most relevant matches in local areas. Geolocation in social media apps like Facebook and Instagram helps brands target customers with native ads. Dating apps like Tinder use the location data of users to show them connection recommendations in their areas.

Health & Fitness Apps

Modern health and fitness apps when paired with wearables can track activities like jogging, walking, cycling, and more. This helps users adopt healthy activities as per their stamina so they can stay fit and healthy.

Must-have Features in Location-based Apps

Personalized Suggestions

Location-based apps use ML algorithms and geolocation APIs to know the users better and then provide personalized suggestions and recommendations that are most relevant to user’s current location and personal interests. For example, when using UberEats to order food from a local restaurant, the app uses the current location of a user and then shows personalized restaurant suggestions nearby based on their interests.

Map as an interface

Map-based apps use maps as an interface and enable users to view location updates on the map. When a user books a ride on Uber, he/she can use the map to see the current location of the captain and estimated time to reach the destination, etc.

Push Notifications

Location-based apps use push notification features to generate real-time alerts for users and send them personalized information like special deals in a particular area, upcoming local events, news, etc. Weather apps also send real-time alerts to users about extreme weather conditions so they can stay safe and protected.

Information Filter

Mobile apps that use location data can effectively filter the most relevant information for users according to their location details and information. These apps are better able to filter and categorize content and features based on the individual interests of users.


Apps that are designed for an audience living in a specific country or region use geofencing features to avoid people from other locations access and use the app. The geofencing feature also helps businesses prevent irrelevant users from accessing their content or information.

Benefits of Location-based Apps for Business

Location-based app development comes with lots of undeniable benefits. This is the reason, more and more businesses are using geolocation technology in their apps to stand out and provide users with a highly personalized experience. Using location data in the mobile app provides valuable insights about users, movements, and interests that can be used to improve business performance.

Here is how location-based apps can help businesses and brands serve consumers better according to their needs and demands.

Precise and Quick Services

Using the current location data of users, businesses can offer appropriate products or services exactly where and when they are needed. Precise and most relevant offerings build customer trust and loyalty. In this way, businesses can generate more sales and build a loyal customer base to thrive in this competitive landscape.

Real-time Updates and Information

Location-based apps help brands keep their customers informed by sending them real-time notifications and alerts when they are nearby. For instance, businesses can send users special offer notifications and deals when they are in a particular area or territory.

Personalized Experience

Personalization is the key to success in marketing. Modern consumers are more likely to buy from brands and companies that present them with personalized ads or products. This is where geolocation apps come into play by offering personalized experiences based on current location data. Location data in mobile apps help brands target users according to their areas. For example, a local brand can send real-time push notifications to consumers when they are using the app near the store.

Easy Search and Recommendations

The availability of users’ location data allows businesses to detect the current location of users and analyze their actions to provide better recommendations and lucrative shopping tips. Brands can also use the location information of users to send them discounts, special offers, and promotions to improve the overall customer experience.



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