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Is It Risky to Use TeraBox?

Undoubtedly, TeraBox is one of the best cloud storage services. There is no other cloud storage that offers up to 1024 GB of free space and features like TeraBox. But the question is, “Is it Risky to Use TeraBox?” People think that TeraBox offers a lot to its users, and it is too good to be true. They think that there could be a compromise on the security and privacy of data.

There are more than 250 million users of TeraBox, and the number is increasing exponentially. It is an ideal option whether you want to store personal data, business data, or anything else. People love to use it because it offers a complete solution, including automatic backup, private vault, large file sharing, data synchronization, etc.

To use TeraBox, the first thing that we want to make sure is whether TeraBox is a security risk. In this article, we will unveil how TeraBox ensures user security and privacy.

Let’s start the discussion.

How Has TeraBox Reduced Its Security Risks?

The parent company of TeraBox is Flextech, which is a famous Japanese brand offering flexible and advanced cloud storage technology. It is trusted by some of the big brands, including Pixela, Atomica and 01Booster. It’s a brand known for its safe and reliable service and user-first approach. Thus, we can say that TeraBox has an excellent background.

TeraBox has invested a lot in customer security and privacy. It uses advanced technologies to secure data. Firstly, the data is secured at multiple locations with utmost security. No one can access the premises or get access to the physical storage. So, TeraBox has ensured top-notch security at physical storage locations.

It has also ensured security at the software level. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts data transmission and makes it secure. The connection established between the browser and server is secure. Thus, the data uploaded to the cloud cannot be intercepted by anyone. It means even if someone accesses data, it will be unreadable.

It also incorporates Transport Layer Protocol (TLS), a successor of SSL. It provides end-to-end security for the data you transfer to TeraBox through a more robust encryption algorithm. Moreover, TeraBox uses HTTPS on top of SSL and TLS. All your uploads and downloads are encrypted through HTTPS. Thus, there is no way of intercepting your data.

TeraBox accounts are safe with the help of your unique credentials and two-factor authentication. When users try to log in, they get a verification code on the phone number. So, only the owner of the account and log in.

Your data on TeraBox is only visible to you, and you can access it. Not even the workers or makers of TeraBox can access it. TeraBox has also created a special storage, Personal Vault. Here, you can store your private and important data with an additional layer of security, which is a password. Not only that, you can secure your shared data. You can add a password and expiration time. The access to the shared file can also be controlled. The best part is that the links of TeraBox are not visible to crawlers. Thus, TeraBox does everything to ensure the security and privacy of your data.

TeraBox has recently introduced a brand upgrade in the recent update, including a redesigned logo and a new IP – Terara. Terara is like a friend and companion to the users and the new mascot of TeraBox. It serves as a symbol of the promise to provide user-friendly and secure cloud storage. It shows TeraBox’s commitment to safeguarding your data.

Security Risks

Security Certifications and Regulation Compliance

TeraBox has also attained security certifications that make it a credible and trustworthy cloud storage.

TeraBox holds three ISO certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and ISO 27018. ISO is an international security standard for the protection of personal information in the cloud. The certification shows TeraBox’s efforts and commitment related to the privacy and security of users’ data. It minimizes privacy risks, so users can confidently choose TeraBox for any purpose.

Also, with the backing of a tech company from Japan, TeraBox makes sure to follow strict rules like GDPR and CCPA, along with other regulations. This means your files stay safe in the cloud for free, without sacrificing your privacy.

It is compliant with the regulations and data privacy and security laws. It respects data privacy and security, and the efforts are visible through the certifications.

Security Certifications and Regulation Compliance

User and Market Feedback Prove It’s Risk-free

TeraBox has over 250 million users. To date, there are over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

The app has received over 2.55 million reviews, and the rating is 4.5. TeraBox has a massive user base, which indicates that the cloud is offering something valuable to the users. Its free storage, features, and security are up to the mark, which is the reason it has crossed 250 million users.

According to the reviews, cloud storage is great. It offers storage where they can store their data. The features are also incredible, including automatic backup, private vault, etc. It also offers good uploading and downloading speed, even in the free version.

Users have found nothing wrong with the security and privacy. The sign-up process is smooth through social accounts, and users can also create an account. They can enable two-factor authentication for additional security. Overall, your data is safe with TeraBox.

There are a few cons and issues that users have pointed out. Firstly, users find the advertisement annoying. It appears in the free version. Secondly, they do not get the 1024GB free space directly. It was available just after signing up. Now, you get storage for free, but for 1024 GB, you have to do some simple tasks, such as games and referrals.

Market Feedback

Ways to Make TeraBox More Secure

We know about the technologies it uses and its compliance with the regulations. Overall, it is safe and secure. However, users also have to do a few things to make it more secure.

Strong Password

The first thing that users can do is create a strong password for their account. It ensures that the password cannot be guessed.

Users can log in through their social accounts as well. But if their social account is hacked, their cloud is also at risk. So, it is better to create an account through email and set a strong password to ensure security. Make sure to write the password or save it in a secured password manager.

Moreover, even if your password is strong, you should change it frequently. It is a better way to make your account more secure.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a great feature of TeraBox. It ensures that the right person accesses the account.

With this feature, you can set up a screen lock password for your TeraBox account. Once you try to log in, you need to enter both your login password and your screen lock code. It adds one more step to the login process but ensures the authenticity of the user and the security of the data.

Besides, users will need to unlock the screen after just one minute of inactivity. This creates an extra layer of security, and only you can access your account and data.

Login from Trusted Devices

Always log into TeraBox from the official website and the app. Do not try anything else from third parties.

Secondly, always log in from your trusted devices. Use computers and devices you own.

If you are using someone else’s computer, make sure to log out after using it. If you forget to log out, your data is at risk due to your fault.


When you share any file using TeraBox, it is better to add a password. You can also set the validity period for the link so that it can’t be overused.

It is best to control the access by adding emails to the recipients. It ensures no one else can access the data.

Clear Cache

Clear the cache of your browser often. It tracks your history, cookies, and other data, so it is better to clear it frequently.

Clear Cache


After carefully analyzing TeraBox’s security, we have come to the conclusion that TeraBox is secure and safe. It is taking every measure to ensure the privacy and security of users’ data. The certifications are proof of the efforts and how the organization is handling the information securely.

You can use TeraBox without any worries. It offers free storage, which is more than enough for personal and business data. The best part is that you can get 2TB storage and remove ads at only $3.49 per month. It is an extremely affordable, secure, and innovative cloud storage.

Now, I hope that this answers your questions: Is it risky to use TeraBox? Understanding what TeraBox offers for privacy and security really helps decide to choose the right cloud storage tool. Happy storing!

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