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How to Book a Private Jet

Sophisticated flyers frustrated by the constraints of commercial flights are increasingly taking an interest in private jet travel; however, many are uncertain where or how to start their journey.

Jettly provides a simple and streamlined charter flight marketplace solution, making the experience hassle-free and straightforward. We provide access to national and international destinations by private jet, allowing you to get where you need to go quickly and comfortably.

National and International Destinations

Private jet travel is usually associated with long-haul trips across the Pacific or Atlantic oceans; however, there are also plenty of domestic options to consider.

Dependent upon your country and destination, depending on which documents are necessary before boarding — similar to commercial flights. These could include visas or proof of vaccination. Luckily, private jet passengers don’t have to wait in lengthy line-ups when fulfilling this process as private jet passengers often bypass them entirely.

To make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible, there are various services that connect fliers with operators. These intermediary services, commonly referred to as brokers, act as middlemen between customers and private jet operators and assist with booking flights based on fleet availability and provide quotes based on those quotes. Once a charter has been confirmed, once again through broker intermediaries like DocuSign the client receives their contract to sign via e-signature software before receiving an invoice and payment terms typically due prior to departure.

Aircraft Types

Private jets are no longer just status symbols for celebrities; business travelers use them to increase productivity and reduce wasted travel time. The type of aircraft chosen will depend on factors like number of passengers, luggage weight restrictions and airport regulations – private jet brokers will keep these factors in mind when providing flights for clients.

Considerations must be given to the size of an aircraft when booking flights; some types may not accommodate large or oversized luggage items, and depending on how many people and their luggage there will be on each flight will determine whether a fuel stop will be necessary.

To streamline this process, JSX has introduced an online booking platform similar to Uber or Airbnb. Simply input your departure point and destination address, choose dates for travel, select operators/aircraft types/pricing and click go! JSX then displays pictures of cabin interiors along with details about seating capacity, luggage capacity, speed range etc of available jets for rental.

Airport Restrictions

One of the primary advantages of flying privately is avoiding baggage restrictions like paying extra for overweight luggage. You will still have to check-in your bag, though, and ensure it fits within its maximum payload limit of your aircraft.

Private flight also doesn’t involve lengthy security lines and liquid restrictions; rather, your passenger manifest will be submitted directly to immigration services and the aircraft operator for pre-clearance, saving time.

Your private jet journey begins from an FBO, where a representative will greet and transport your luggage directly to the aircraft for you – making boarding faster and smoother!

No matter your travel preference or timesaving needs, booking a private jet is quick and easy using major providers’ mobile apps. Simply choose where and when you wish to fly as well as plane size preferences before selecting where your journey starts and ends.

Security Measures

Private jets are an impressive status symbol among society’s elite class, but this doesn’t grant them free passage through security measures. Even if flying privately, an identification check and scrutiny process will still take place which includes pat-down searches as well as preflight briefing with crew.

As private planes tend to land at remote terminals or fixed-base operators (FBO), security queues tend to be significantly shorter than at commercial airports; however, passengers must still provide valid identification and documentation, including passports for international flights.

Additionally, arriving at an FBO and boarding is usually swift; passengers do not have to pass through metal detectors and remove shoes or liquids prior to boarding as this was already screened prior to arriving. However, international rules and regulations will apply with regards to restrictions on what can be brought into the country as well as requirements for travel visas.

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