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Facebook is Shutting Down the “Facebook Neighborhood” service from 1st October, 2022

Facebook was launched on 26th September in 2006 in India by Mark Zuckerberg.

First, Facebook blocks its hyperlocal features in neighborhoods this upcoming October.

Facebook designed the “Facebook Neighborhood” feature for their users to find and connect with the people in their neighborhood. It can be accessed to discover the new place nearby and be a participatory part of the local community. This feature will be unserviceable for the first time in Canada and after that U.S. in this October.

The neighborhood is an opt-in option within Facebook. If you like to join the community by neighborhood, create a profile to access it. When you create the “Neighborhood Profile” there will have an option to add your interest, favorite places, and bio. By this, people can get to know you within the neighborhood directory. In that “Neighborhood Profile”, users can introduce themselves and can be a participant in the discussion with their fellow mates there. Even one can answer the question generated by the other neighbors in the dedicated feed.

But why Meta is ceasing this feature from Facebook?

Well, don’t receive any prompt official announcement from the company side. But they state on behalf of this action in time of walking through the company’s memory lane

Facebook had said, “We built Neighborhoods to be safe and inclusive, with Neighborhoods Guidelines to help keep interactions among neighbors relevant and kind. Neighborhoods have moderators who use these Guidelines to review posts and comments in the neighborhood feed,”

Can Facebook access my personal information:

All people love to share their pictures, videos, and information but like to maintain their privacy and security as well. So, Facebook limits some access.

  • Limit the Apps and Websites Settings

This option gives access to your data on Facebook through the app and site. In this section, all apps and websites connected with Facebook are shown.

To reach there first go to the “Hamburger” (the horizontal three lines) menu. Then, click on “Setting and Privacy”. Then go for “Setting” and after that “Apps and Websites”.

When you want to remove the app or website option then click on the arrow beside it. Then from the opened window, click on the “Remove” option. Later check the 1st box to remove it.

  • Turn Off Off-Facebook Activity:

You can view the data which was shared and can clear it too. To do so, first, go to the “Hamburger” (the horizontal three lines) menu. Then, click on “Setting and Privacy”. Then go for “Setting” and after that “your Facebook Information”. And finally, click ok “Off-Facebook Activity”.

Click on “Recent Activity” to see the full list. You may need to re-enter your Facebook password.

Click on “Clear activity history” from the top of the list to clean all the activities from Facebook. if the accounts are directly connected, this will disconnect Facebook from those linked accounts.

You have the option to choose the option “Disconnect Future Activity” to disconnect the other connected site in the future. This option also prevents one from using Facebook for logging information into other sites in the future.

You have access in your hand to turn those off from the same page.

  • View Removed Apps and Websites”

On the page under “App and Website”, click the View Removed Apps and Websites to know about the removed app and sites. Click the “View” option to get information about the deleted app and website and information like the user ID number with the service behind each app/site.

  • Check Up on Your Privacy:

You can modify the information visibility which can help to maintain privacy on Facebook.

If you like to hide your hometown, relationship status, and birthdate you can make the “Who can see” option to “Only me – where only you can see this” or with the “Friends – all friends and followers”. Make “Only me” the option of viewing the list of you like, your follower, and your followings.

The only option to have full freedom from tracking and privacy invasions from Facebook is to never have an account. But if you have a Facebook account, make sure that all viewed privacy is changed into “Only me” or “Friends” from “Public”. If you have a Facebook account but want to delete/deactivate it, go through some steps and maintain your privacy.

What change in Facebook login:

From the very first time, Facebook didn’t open without self-created a strong password which is the combination of alpha-numerics with signatures.

Meta company increases the more security in their new launch of Facebook.

They add the alerting feature to Facebook called “login notifications” is introduced recently. By this,  when your Facebook account is going to be opened from any other sources, you get notifications in the app notification center and even in Email too. So easily you can do monitoring your application access at the fingertip without observing the “login activity” frequently. Even third-party applications used to get access to Facebook will also notify via associated email and notification center.

Facebook adds an extra security layer by bringing the “code” in time of login.

Turn on the “two-factor authentification”. Your account requires code in this condition. The code will be directly sent to you through your registered contact number which is linked to your Facebook account. The system generates the “CODE” (which is last for 60 seconds) when you try to open the same Facebook account in another

Facebook services

Facebook brings the new page experience Facebook is a website that allows users, who sign-up for free profiles, to connect with friends, work colleagues, or people they don’t know, online. It allows users to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions known as “Facebook Service”. It uses as the managing tool of the Facebook business suite and Creator Studio.

You can add a service tab to your page and also able to add services to the page.

How to add service to your Facebook page –

Add services to your Facebook Page

  • Log in to Facebook on a computer to add a service.
  • To add a service to your Facebook Page:
  • Log in to Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right.
  • Click See all profiles, then select the Page that you want to switch to.
  • From your Feed, click your Page in the left menu.
  • Click About below your cover photo.
  • Scroll down to Basic info, then click Add services.
  • Select your services, click Save, and then fill in the information about your service.
  • Click Save.



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