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10 Ways to Help Your Child Adapt to Prescription Glasses

The sad yet unavoidable reality is that eye issues are not a preserve of adults. Even children may need prescription glasses for a variety of reasons. A 2021 CDC report shows that as of 2019, 25.3% of children ages 2 to 17 wore contact lenses or glasses. With children spending more time on screen, the numbers will rise.

Prescription sunglasses or normal glasses are a godsend. But wearing corrective lenses doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. If you’re a parent whose child has got their first pair, you may need to help them adjust to them.

Children react differently to the idea of wearing any glasses. Some may find the idea exciting, some not so much. Others still may be indifferent or even refuse to wear them!

So, if your little one isn’t enthusiastic about wearing glasses, read on. We will share ten great tips to help their transition be easy and smooth.

1.   Make the Experience Cool

Kids may feel more insecure about wearing glasses. This is especially true if their friends or classmates are not wearing them. So, bring in the cool, fun element. Show them their favorite celebrities who wear prescription glasses.

Also, a little variety doesn’t hurt. You can now find prescription sunglasses for outdoor use. This type of eyewear has corrective lenses, so your little one continues to see well. They also incorporate other features like UV protection and some excellent designs.

2.    Value their Choices

As parents, we sometimes succumb to choosing stuff for our children on our own. This happens because we believe we know what they want or how cute they’d look! But keep sight of the fact that your child is an individual with unique taste.

The wrong choice can make adjusting to the glasses much more difficult for a child. Include your child in the decision-making process. It will help them feel more positive about wearing them.

Allowing your child some leeway will make it feel less like a punishment and more like a choice. A sense of control over the process is essential for the child. After all, the sunglasses are for them.

3.   Ensure a Comfortable Fit

Ask your child about any discomfort when trying out those cool prescription glasses. Watch for any signs of an incorrect fit. Also, a strap or ear grips will help keep them in place. This is a useful feature for prescription sunglasses.

4.   Checkups

Children won’t always tell you if something no longer works for them. So it’s important to be diligent about annual eye checkups. With their eyes still developing, kids’ visual needs change more than adults.

If they have an issue with corrective or prescription sunglasses please listen. Whether your child’s concerns are trivial or real, always show that you care.

Source: Pexels

5.   Proper Maintenance as a Daily Routine

Routine maintenance, as is the case with all things, is the key to ensuring your child’s glasses last. Teaching kids cleaning techniques reinforces a sense of ownership. You could help them practice cleaning their prescription glasses before bedtime. When children get the hang of it, you will find that you won’t need to remind them about cleaning their glasses.

6.   Give Them a Break

After getting prescription glasses, kids may experience mild discomfort or eye soreness. Indeed, the same applies to adults. Taking breaks between wears will be important to give their eyes time to adjust.

Things should get better after around a few days of wear. Should they not, it is crucial to talk to your optician.

7.    Good Vibes Only

As mentioned before, change can be tough and more so for children. You must remain encouraging and positive throughout the process. If you do, your kid will mirror the same feelings and attitudes toward wearing sunglasses.

Good old positive reinforcement works wonders. Always tell them how nice they look! Offer small rewards when they act in a responsible way with their glasses. Remember to let them know you’re proud of them. That will motivate them, making adjusting easier.

8.   Keep the Information Flowing

Kids ask lots of questions… it’s just how they are. You can expect the most insightful questions like “why do I need prescription sunglasses outdoors instead of clear lenses?” But in other question asking sessions, don’t have high intelligence expectations.

Indeed, some questions will appear downright ridiculous. And yes, they don’t care if you can’t answer everything correctly. But do your best to meet their curious minds.

Keep giving information on why prescription glasses are important. Free communication will keep their spirits and enthusiasm high.

9.    Invest in a Backup Pair

Children are prone to breaking their stuff. So it is wise to keep a spare pair of cheap prescription glasses.

They are also quite active. A secondary pair of prescription sunglasses would be handy, you never know, your child may lose their first while outdoors.

An added benefit of keeping another pair of shades ready is for when they “forget” theirs. These little people will try to outsmart you at every opportunity.

10.   Have Fun

Source: Pexels

We all know how much kids, and even adults, love to have fun. So, ensure your kid enjoys the prescription glasses buying experience. That way, they will associate the wearing experience with positivity.

The tried and tested ice cream, movie, or dessert to celebrate afterward works every time. Turning the prescription sunglasses experience into a fun one will have a great impact. You can be sure their friends will get to hear of the pleasant experience

Final Thoughts

Don’t fret if you still need help getting your child to wear or accept their prescription glasses. Even with these great tips, it may not work the first time. When it comes to kids, a little patience goes a long way.

Consistency is key when helping your kid adjust to prescription lenses. So gentle but firm reminders are the way to go. Remind your little one that sunglasses are not only the coolest accessory, but they are good for their precious eyes.

With a great selection of kids’ sunglasses, choosing the right pair of glasses should be fun. And please don’t forget their input. The same applies to their prescription sunglasses. With summer vacations always around the corner, you will appreciate them.

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