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20+ Best Search Engines to Use as Google Alternatives for 2023

When we talk about Search Engine Optimization and search engines, we instantly think about Google. But did anybody know there are lots of different search engines out there with just as much to extend? Google is a globally accepted search engine and a large, successful business organization or country; in fact, even the second larger “search engine” is Google Images, according to this study. 

Even if it is the biggest and most well-known, it does not mean it is your only choice. One of the main causes that people choose to use another search engine instead of it is for increased privacy, as Google is well known to track user data both for its own and 3rd party use. If you have only ever used Google, check out some of the other search engines, and you may find something that you prefer.

List of internet search engines/list of search engines 

Think of search engines other than google, and there is a good possibility that Bing and Yahoo will be the 1st ones that take place to mind. Bing offers a better visual approach to search, while most of the search engines will recall that Yahoo was once, which is a more powerful force than it is today. 


There is no denying that Bing is one of the best alternatives to google because of how many users are appealing to the platform. It currently detains just under 7% of the U.S. research market. Bing offers the same important functions as Google, such as translation, conversion calculators, more knowledge for hotels and flights, etc. There are also more advanced characteristics that we are underestimating. It offers much more visual detail to searching. The homepage is dominated by images and video, and it also provides advanced characteristics like machine learning predictions for things such as sports scores and elections. Bing’s image search is much more developed than Google’s, and Bing has object detection intelligence within the image search task. You can also save searches to make it easier to come back to your Search at a later time. Bing is the leading search engine when it comes to image search.


It is China’s number one search engine and the 4th most popular search engine in the world. The Chinese government blocks Google in the country, so citizens of China have to depend on Chinese engines like Baidu instead of Google. The interface is written in Chinese, and Bidu pretty much brings up Chinese search results, so if you do not speak Chinese, it is probably not the correct choice for you. However, if you are looking for Chinese content, it might be worth checking out. is designed to directly reward and recompense content creators by using a 90-10 revenue share business model. That means that 90% of all ad revenue goes directly to the content creator to allow them to earn money for work. This business model allows users to support their favorite content creators and ensures that content creators are fairly compensated.


Its USP is its family-friendly filters and privacy characteristics. It markets as a family-friendly search engine and does an amazing job of filtering out brutality and pornography. Swisscows also offers total privacy and never gathers, stores, or tracks user data. The Swisscows AI-powered search algorithm is better than Google’s in that it works to appriciate the context of the query in order to give you the best, most accurate results.

CC Search 

It is a search engine tool that lets people discover public provinces and licensed works online openly.

CC Search was founded in 2001 and launched 1st license in 2002. CC is the nonprofit behind Search. They create licenses that have been used more than one and a half billion times to help creators to share their creativity online. This is a perfect search engine for those who grid to use images from the web without getting the risk of copyright claims. This search engine draws its revenue from sites like Behance and Thingiverse to showcase the Creative Commons material in the results.


Amazon’s growth increased from 46% to 54% between 2013 to 2018, beating Google’s search engine. During Google’s attempt to offer the best result based on what users may want to know, Amazon displays its search results based on what users want to buy on Amazon. Amazon search results are displayed by its own algorithm, which is known as the A9 algorithm. Amazon said that Amazon’s A9 algorithm slogs on sales intensity. Sales velocity is the speed or volume at which products are sold on the Amazon shopping platform. It is soon competing with Google as the most used search engine for product-related Search, and the area has been set for really tough competition between these two giants. In my opinion, Amazon is the best Google alternative search engine for product search and buying, and with more retailers signing up with the marketplace of Jeff Bezos company, one can find better product search results on Amazon. 

It is a browser designed to help you search this world’s largest internet encyclopedia rapidly and efficiently. With over 6,384,950 articles, it is not always so easy to find what you are looking for on Wikipedia. With, one can search Wikipedia pages and find the appropriate results you are looking for in just a few clicks. There are also options to filter one’s searches to include wikis, people wikis, encyclopedia results, and many more.


It is a search engine that could also get fit into the mainstream category, but the primary “selling quality” is that it does not collect or store any of one’s personal information. That means one can run your searches in peace without worrying about the boogeyman watching one through one’s computer screen. DuckDuckGo is the best choice for those who wish to keep their browsing habits and personal information private.


Openverse search engine is perfect if someone needs music for a clip, an image for an article post, or anything else without having any worry about angry artists coming after you for ripping off their work.


It is better to get accurate user opinions than sieving through ads and business pages on Google, and that is where Boardreader comes in. BoardReader is a search engine delineated for Reddit enthusiasts and anyone else that brings forum answers to generic Search. When you put in a search into Boardreader, the algorithm will explore web-based bulletins and give-and-take forums to search for answers from real users. When one performs a search, you will be offered the most appropriate forum posts, plus knowledge about which forum the statements were made on and when.


It is a South Korean online platform that created naves’ own search engine in 1999. It was the world’s first operator to launch extensive search features, such as assembling search results from various classifications and listing them on an isolated page. Naver has presented a range of new services over the years, beginning from news and email to a Q&A platform. Naver is continually directed to as ‘the Google of South Korea’.

Microsoft Bing 

Microsoft Bing is the 2nd most visited search engine in the world, with a market stake of 8.95% as of December 2022. In fact, the market percentage has improved greatly since 2018, when Bing had only around a 3% market stake. Anyways, Microsoft Bing means it will take a long time for Microsoft Bing to compete with Google’s share of 84.08%. But hold, what if Google kills itself? The search engine is the outcome of Microsoft’s tricky mix and competition. Microsoft came to the search engine terrain back in 1998 with MSN. Like other search engines that were destroyed by Google’s competition, MSN also failed to attract the target audience. That said, what fueled MSN from behind was the technologies that Microsoft grasped from obtaining different search engines like Inktomi and Looksmart. Microsoft was never ready to give up on something that they learned was a gold mine with miles still to be inspected. In 2006, Microsoft renamed MSN to Live Search. Even though they tried making it the backslide search engine for their admired browser, Internet Explorer (now Edge), the users were never happy. 


Yahoo! was one of the most admired search engines around. They had 36.7% of the market stake in 2001. That is since unhanded to just 1.64% as Google bonded its market predominance. However, Yahoo! continues to be a congealed alternative to Google. These days, it is powered by Bing, which means you will see the same results as Bing. But the interface is a little more electrifying. The Yahoo! homepage is a downright web portal that lets you do more than just search. You can gain the latest news and check your mail from a single place, which makes it a better homepage for one’s browser.


It is an American web portal based in New York. AOL was one of the earliest pioneers of the internet in the mid-90s. AOL maintains a search engine site called AOL Search, which was rebuilt and launched on 20th January 2005. It Search engine dispenses users with access to the web, images, shopping, news, and search results. This page nucleus mainly on the web results in AOL Search bestows. When displaying results from a search, AOL fragments the page down into the adherent’s order from top to bottom: Two search bars, Snapshots, Sponsored Links, Matching Sites, and Product Results. 


If you do not like to see Google ads at the best of the search results pages, so try Neeva. Neeva is an ad-free search engine developed by top Google administrators who wanted a second chance to make something “uncorrupted by all that went wrong the 1st time”. The algorithm and privacy characteristics are top-notch, and you will never see any ads. The only threat which it is not free. Neeva can not rely on advertiser returns to fund the business model, so they ask to charge users $4.95 per month. If you do not want to dish out for that just yet, you can also sign up for free testing and see how it resembles other search engines.


YouTube is a social media platform, but it is actually the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Unlike Google, YouTube is the only video search engine. Youtube won’t help you to find blog posts and informational articles, but if you are looking for video content, there is no better option. Now these days, there is a video for pretty much anything you could grind to know. However, it is worth telling out that it is recognized by Google Inc, so if your mother is with the company as a whole, Youtube might not be the right choice for you.


It is a powerful search engine that regales to people unquiet about censorship and online privacy. They claim to control ‘outside of Big Tech’s censorship bubble’ and allow searchers access to the knowledge they are looking for with full privacy. They don’t sell data to advertisers or hold up retargeting ads and instead of operating on a commission-only revenue model.


It is another great search engine option for ones and businesses that are keen to keep searches secure. Every Search on OneSearch is private and encrypted, meaning that your information is safe from cybercriminals and marketers alike. Another bonus of using Onesearch is that cookies and browsing history information have no effect on your search results. All your results are unfiltered, meaning you will have access to all the information that’s out there.


It is an energy-saving search engine that is powered by Google. That means you will get the same search result accuracy as Google, but you might save energy thanks to the black background of the browser homepage. When searching with Blackle, you can see exactly how many watt-hours of energy are being saved by other users worldwide. If you are keen to make small changes to become more environmentally friendly, Blackle may be the browser for you.


All the server sources used to power your searches contribute to CO2 emissions. It wanted to tackle that problem, so they released their own environmentally friendly search engine. Not only do they use servers that run on 100% renewable energy, but they also use the revenue generated by user searches to plant trees and support nonprofit organizations. Ecosia will plant a new tree for every 45 searches (on average). They also don’t sell your data to advertisers or use third-party trackers. If you care about the environment and want your internet searches to go towards a good cause, Ecosia is the search engine for you.



Search engines tend to have dedicated users. Your main SEO goal may be to make Google happy. But ignoring the other places where your audience is spending their time means missing out on catching their attention. We have a great guide explaining how and why you should worry about alternative search engines to google SEO, too. Using those alternates means understanding your customers better. Or maybe just finding a better way to search for whatever you’re looking for personally.


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