WhiteHat Jr Admits A Bug Made Their Data Vulnerable

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WhiteHat Jr is an Indian startup and online education platform that offers Online coding classes and technical education. It is a highly popular online education platform with numerous users. However, security experts have detected vulnerability in this platform on 19th November. WhiteHat Jr had a bug in its system that made its data of over 2.8 lakh students vulnerable.

According to the security researchers WhiteHat Jr’s backend server was left open which allowed access to student names, age, gender, images, user IDs, parents name, and progress reports. However WhiteHat Jr ensured that no data was leaked and it also said that all vulnerabilities were fixed within 24 hours.

WhiteHat Jr claimed that it takes security and privacy issues very seriously. They are committed to all their customers and to the compliance with applicable laws. WhiteHat Jr has also assured that in future the company will be far more cautious and take all the necessary measures to prevent these cyberattacks.

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