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Where is the Self Cleaning Button on Tineco

Tineco vacuum mop are made to assist the users with effortless and effective cleaning. It’s one of the best and most praised brands due to its quality, performance, and user experience. Keeping the users’ requirements in mind, they have launched different models with unique features, such as Tineco A10, iFloor, etc. Some of them come with a self-cleaning feature, perfect for beginners. But there comes an issue: where is the self-cleaning button on Tineco?

Tineco consists of several buttons besides the display screen. You can find the self-cleaning button at the top of the handle to activate the brush self-cleaning mode. 

Do you want to know more about this feature and its benefits? Stick to this blog because we will address everything related to Tineco self-cleaning services.


What is a Self-cleaning Tineco Vacuum?

Tineco manufactures several types of vacuum cleaners with different features, benefits, and functions. Self-cleaning is an amazing feature in the latest Tineco cleaners to assist users. But what does it mean?

It’s like putting the vacuum machine on autopilot, where it makes decisions by sensing the dirt and debris. Primarily, it’s useful when you are a beginner at using Tineco cleaners or don’t know how to clean the surface effectively. It’s also beneficial when you want to finish the cleaning task quickly but effectively. 


Another important thing is the different types of floors and surfaces. Hardwood floors and carpets require different air speeds to eliminate the debris. Whether you use a dry vacuum or a clean vacuum system, the cleanliness might be affected by the run time and other settings. 

Here, the auto-pilot cleaning is designed to detect and remove the debris & odor by just pressing the push button. It will adjust everything on its own without getting your hands dirty. It will finish cleaning every time without human effort. 

Benefits of Self-Cleaning Vacuum Machines by Tineco

This technology has revolutionized the home cleaning approach. Let’s move on to some important benefits of self-cleaning vacuums manufactured by Tineco:

Modern Filtration System

The ordinary or traditional vacuums remove the visible dirt, allowing some light particles to diffuse into the air. However, the self-cleaning vacuum machines don’t allow them to escape but trap them with a high-efficiency filter. 

Tineco usually uses HEPA filters, which are capable of capturing small particles up to 0.3 microns. Amazingly, its efficiency is 99.97%, which is more than any vacuum. 


High Efficiency

The system is highly efficient in that it doesn’t leave a single particle while cleaning. The advanced sensors capture the smallest particles, such as pollen, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander, and common allergens. Such tiniest particles are not usually visible to humans.

Reliable & Convenient

Time is important but this system saves your precious time. It’s highly reliable for beginners or experienced professionals due to providing unmatched convenience. You don’t need to handle all the functions, but the automatic feature does it on its own. So, clean your home or any floor without any effort. 

Lower Maintenance

Such cleaners require less maintenance than manually operated vacuum cleaners. You don’t need to clean it regularly because the system cleans itself after use. It saves the user’s time and effort to handle the debris. 

Such devices consist of a separate apartment to store the daily debris. This function doesn’t allow the particles to diffuse in the air, and the users can waste them with convenience. 

Good for Pet Owners

If you are a pet lover, it’s a great opportunity to keep such a device for cleaning purposes. It excellently picks up all their hair, which may cause some allergies. In the end, you get complete peace of mind without allergen exposure. 



Self-cleaning Tineco cleaners play a crucial role in a healthy life with reduced effort. It’s time-saving equipment with effective control, auto-detection of dust, and more. The advanced filtration system cleans the filter itself and automatically maintains itself. They are good for indoor and outdoor use. We hope you will find this guide helpful in understanding the benefits and role of self-cleaning robots. 


Does Tineco S3 have a self-cleaning feature?

Yes, it has the self-cleaning feature and touch screen and can be operated with a touch button. It’s perfect to clean your hands. 

What does the spot button do on Tineco?

The spot button is like an automatic cleaning feature to help remove stubborn stains. 

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