What is the Way to Delete My Activity Automatically on Google

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Some users like to keep the tracking of their activities on Google. Even they enjoy the feature of Google. But few consumers don’t like it at all for their privacy concerns. They prefer to hide the activities from records. So, they delete My all Activity from Google Control. It is better to set the option to delete my activity automatically. In the present day, Google is the most popular search engine. In Google Activity, most of search my Google Activity are automatically stored when you use Google websites, apps and services. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the backup of most operations at any time. This will help you limit the amount of data that is allowed to be collected about you on the internet. If you’ve used Google’s incognito web browser, you’re still not safe. Google has an opt-in service called “My Activity”. On the page, you can see everything Google has tracked about you in one place.

Google stored the activities of – YouTube history, Google search history, Map history, Location History, Device access or usage history (for Android). This stored data can be the reason for unauthorised access in some cases. There is an option to delete my recent activity automatically from the Google Account to the user’s hand. They can control the option to modify all activity monitoring options.

Few things you should remember before delete Google History –

  • You cannot recover the history of my deleted activity.
  • Even if you clear history chrome, newer activity may be automatically recorded.
  • Even if you are not logged in, some Google apps may track your activity on the device itself.
  • You can choose to auto-delete the history tracked.
  • You can choose to disable activity tracking

How to delete My Activity Automatically on Google search:

You can easily delete any of your Google activities. There are different steps to delete My Activity on Google search history.

  • Delete One Activity at the Time:

From the Google account management, go to the “My Activity Page”. When you will reach it, you will get all of your recent activities in the listed form. Then click on “X” to delete simply the items that you want off your activity history, no matter whether it’s Google search history or device access data. Just click the cross button and the activities will be deleted.

  • Delete All Your Activities Within a Time Range:

From the Google account management, go to the “My Activity” Page. Here, you are able to delete activitdy by a time range.

All you need to click on the “Delete” button beside the option “Filter by date & product”. There you get the list of the time period in which you can select the suitable options. The available options are – last hour, last day, all time, and custom range.

  • Delete Search History and Device Access Activity:

From the Google account management, go to the “My Activity” Page. Navigate your cursor to the “Web & App Activity” option. Then scroll down to the “Manage Activity” to proceed with deleting the search history and the device access.

  • Auto deletion:

From the Google account management, go to the “My Activity” Page. Navigate your cursor to the “Web & App Activity” option. You need to head to the auto-delete option (which is disabled by default) and then choose the time range of activity you want to be deleted automatically. Under the section, you are able to auto-delete activities older than 3 months or older up to 36 months.

At this point, you activate the auto-delete option for your activities in Google. But you don’t prefer that your Google keeps the “eye” on your activities. So, what do you do? Simply disable Google Activity from the controls.

Steps to disable Google Activity:

You can disable Web & App Activity, Location History, and YouTube History.

  • Web & App Activity:Disables saving your search history and your device access history.
  • YouTube History:Disables saving your recent YouTube search history and videos watched.
  • Location History:This prevents storing your device location data.


  1. Go to Google Account Settings.
  2. Head for the option “Data & Privacy”.
  3. Scroll down to the option “History Setting”.
  4. Here you get 3 options. i.e. – Web & App Activity, Location History, YouTube History.
  5. Click on the side arrow and toggle it off or paused to disable it.
  6. Finally, click on “Paused” to disable it.

This is how the users can set the auto-delete option for Google search activity.

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