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Welcoming Visitors on Hay Day

Hay Day is an exciting farming simulation game that allows the players to run and grow their farms using their own styles and techniques. This is possible because the players have full authority in making the decision for the sake of the farm.

 However, the farming journey will be too boring and lonely if the farm owner is the only person on the farm. This is where the villagers come into the picture to visit you and your farm. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that you are not their only concern regarding their visit, but your farm produce.

 That being said, it is important that you regularly upgrade the equipment on your farm to cater to all the expansions and growth. If you find this thing difficult and you are willing to append some real money, remember that things are always way easier with Hay Day diamonds. With that, try to top up Hay Day account.

Visitors on Hay Day

To make the whole town and your whole stay in Hay Day more exciting and harmonious, there are several non-player characters or NPCs that will visit you on your farm once in a while.

 Upon reaching experience level 2, these visitors will start appearing on your farm to request certain items in exchange for money and more experience points. Once this happens, it will be much better if you always have some spare items and products kept with you. This will make your business go smoother.



Throughout your whole farming life, you will encounter these five visitors randomly stopping by your farm: Greg, Mike, Joan, Mary, and Tilly.


 Aside from Greg, who is your friend from the very beginning of the game, the first character to visit you and request some items on the farm order board.

Accomplishing Visitor Requests


If you are worried about the quantity and type of items that the visitors will request, then this is good news for you: the visitors will only ask for items and materials that can be both produced and crafted on your farm and at your level.

 Usually, if you have a hefty amount of a particular item in stock inside your barn, the visitor will ask for half of it. But this will not be unworthy of selling because they always make sure that you are well-compensated. The price range when they pay you is typically 1.7 to 2.2 times the base price of the item if you sell it in the roadside shop.

 Plus, you will not be pressured by the amount of visitors visiting you. The reason is that these NPCs only come by one at a time so you can take your time completing their order. All you have to do is choose the best response for them.


 Upon opening an order from a visitor, you will see three answer options below the order.

 If you have enough amount of the order with you, you can give it right away and choose Yes, here you go. This will always grant you 5 experience points and the corresponding amount of gold for the finished request.

 But if you think that the request is too hard for you, you can simply reject it by choosing No, sorry. With this, the visitor will simply leave not affecting your current money and experience points.

 Lastly, pick Wait a moment if you are interested and willing to fulfill the request but the order is still not ready. This will allow the visitor to wait until you choose from the other two choices.

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