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Top Shopify themes

Shopify is the best way for quickly creating an e-commerce website without any hassle. All you need to do is to sign up for Shopify and choose a relevant theme. Let’s dive in this article with some of the best Shopify themes.

Essential Considerations When Selecting a Shopify Theme

Opt for a Highly-Rated Theme

To sidestep unwelcome surprises, it’s wise to choose a theme that has garnered widespread appreciation from numerous users, rather than one that has emerged without a track record.

Prioritize Regularly Updated Themes

For ensuring both security and the resolution of any bugs, it’s vital to select a theme that receives regular updates. Opting for a theme last updated years ago, such as in 2017, is inadvisable.

Understand the Value of Paid Themes

Investing in a paid theme can actually be more economical than opting for a free one. Often, paid themes include built-in features that would otherwise necessitate additional purchases through Shopify apps, offering better value than many free themes suggest.

Be Cautious with Themes Marketed for Dropshipping

Avoid choosing themes advertised as “incredible” for dropshipping. Many themes claim to dramatically increase sales; however, no theme can truly guarantee such results for Shopify store owners. Often, these are merely minor modifications of free themes, presented as new through slight code adjustments.

Avoid Pirated Themes

Downloading a supposedly paid theme for free might seem to be a good idea, but it’s not recommended. Not only will such themes lack updates, but they also pose a risk of containing harmful code.

The Importance of Quality Photos

The Significance of High-Quality Images: An initially attractive theme can rapidly become unappealing if it’s paired with low-quality photographs. 

Fashion E-Commerce is not just the most demanded domain these days, but it also has proven to generate a lot more revenue for business owners. However, sometimes businesses fail to focus on the aesthetic aspects of their store. This is the reason that we bring to you, Gurus- advanced Fashion Theme by MyAppGurus.

This theme holds multiple features like, Blog Page Layout, Product Display, Color Swatches, Ajax Add to Cart, Customizable Design and much more to give your store a competitive edge. This theme from MyAppGurus helps you stand out from the crowd with distinctive and unique style options for your Shopify store.

The theme is pre-mobile optimized to help you stay free of any hassle while getting your store online. This theme is ready to use and can be customized as per your brand presence. You can showcase customer centric experiences by showcasing testimonials to attract customers to your store.

At MyAppGurus, we help you build brilliant stores and themes that help you upgrade your Shopify stores to its level best!

Best Shopify Themes

Each theme presented below comes from trusted sources (Shopify and Themeforest). They have been recently updated, possess quality customer service, and have been highly rated by users.



The Fastor theme is full of features to help you create the perfect online store with Shopify. As its name suggests, this theme is “Fast,” ensuring your site loads quickly thanks to clean and optimized code.

Because of the numerous page templates offered, It’s hard to decide where to start. You’ll find designs for everything: fashion, sports, electronics, travel, etc.

Product search in your store is ultra-fast thanks to the auto-completion function helping visitors to enter the correct query to find the product they’re looking for directly. You can also customize the product filtering settings to help your customers to easily find a particular type of item.



Baseline, crafted by Switch, is a Shopify theme that puts typography at the forefront and boasts a flawless reputation with a 100% positive feedback across 50 reviews.

It provides a variety of grid layouts, color schemes, and typography options, enabling you to craft a distinctive aesthetic that mirrors your brand’s essence. Additionally, it’s tailored for extensive text sections, perfect for sharing your brand’s story.

Offering two design templates—a feature-packed standard template or a horizontal gallery template—Baseline is loaded with functionalities such as promotional banners, product recommendations, image galleries, and image hover effects. Baseline is more than just a theme; it’s a platform to express your brand’s unique identity.



The Flex Shopify theme presents boundless customization options. Thanks to the CSS Customization, you can modify specific design elements directly within the theme editor to personalize your site even further. 

Header and Footer Varieties allow merchants to select from four unique styles each for headers (classic, center, search, and vertical) and footers, with extensive setting adjustments like alignment, and the option to integrate custom CSS. Employ content blocks for diverse footer designs;

In addition, you can opt from three layouts—classic, image scroll, or split—to create the ideal product page for whatever you’re selling;

All placeholder images from the demo are available for you to download and incorporate into your store;

To conclude, use mega menus and dropdowns to improve your store’s navigation, featuring up to 10 expensive menus 



Retina offers four distinct demos suited to a range of brands and products. All four models are flexible and can be modified later to match any business.

Among the best features of this theme are the customer testimonial publishing tool, multi-level menus, flexible product filtering, product image zoom, and Instagram integration to display photos from your feed in your store.

If you want an advanced product for your Shopify theme, then Retina is for you. There are so many ways to make your site stand out with this theme, and you can even place multiple video widget models on each page.



Ella is tailored for any type of online shop, that’s why it’s a “multi-purpose” theme.  Whether you want to sell watches or headphones, its large sections will proudly display your best products and best sales as well as your Instagram feed in a stylized manner.

In addition to pre-built templates, you’ll also find a powerful mega-menu builder to add much more content than a simple dropdown menu. Handy for putting images directly in the menu. You will also have a ready-made FAQ section ideal for posting answers to questions your customers might have.

At the time of writing this article, Ella is the most sold theme for Shopify on Themeforest.



Scrolling through websites is second nature, but Pipeline breathes new life into the classic scroll. This theme features a parallax effect that allows users to create an animated depth effect as you scroll through the page. It’s unique design features like this that make Pipeline a theme that stands out.

Pipeline is not just a beautifully minimalist theme; it’s specifically designed for larger product catalogs, making it ideal if you’re expanding your business. Access multi-column menus for the customer, and you can even boost your SEO with this theme as well. The possibilities are endless.



The Porto theme offers countless customization options. Among these, several predefined headers will be offered to you, and you can use a vertical sidebar menu if you wish. Like any good e-commerce site theme, Porto includes its own mega menu.

Beyond the customization options, one of the best reasons to choose the Porto Shopify theme is the quality of the demo pages provided, which are already made with more than 20 different designs.

Among everything this theme offers, you will find RTL support to create a site in multiple languages, a testimonial slider to share customer comments, AJAX loading for a smoother user experience, and the integration of Google Fonts.



The Grid Shopify theme is a masonry-style Shopify theme developed by Pixel Union, which is particularly suited for narrative brand stores with some useful features such as collage-style layout, sticky menu, mansory and standard layout, multi-column menu, pick up and drop-off service. 

Grid’s unique brick-style layout allows merchants to elegantly display products and videos. The Grid is tailored for large inventory stores with a large number of products and collections.



Empower your fitness brand with this Gym & Sport theme! Designed specifically for gyms, sports equipment retailers, and brands promoting an active lifestyle, this theme is your key to engaging and motivating fitness aficionados globally. Boasting a vibrant design and flawless functionality, Gym & Sport delivers an invigorating web experience that stokes the fire of health and fitness passion. 

Utilize the Gym & Sport theme to foster a more active and healthy lifestyle among your audience. Perfect for gym owners, sports equipment sellers, or fitness product promoters, this theme helps spark enthusiasm for wellness and peak performance.



Meet Mavon, a premium Shopify theme crafted to elevate your online shop. Its sleek, contemporary design immediately grabs attention and retains visitor engagement from the moment they land on your site.

Mavon allows for extensive customization, giving you the power to tailor your store to perfectly match your brand’s individuality. With eye-catching visuals, your products are displayed in the best light, ensuring a superior shopping experience. Mavon’s broad range of features makes it ideal for selling anything from fashion and beauty products to a wide variety of other items, helping your store shine in a crowded market.



The famous Venture theme is widely used! There’s no doubt you’ve already come across a Shopify site using this theme. You might even be using it right now. 

This theme is a free and reliable solution for high volume stores with large inventories because the theme comes with bold and minimal designs 

Consider using Venture if your store has more than 50 products, 5 or more collections and large menus.

In fact, I should have chosen a premium theme with more features from the beginning because I had to manually add so many along the way.

This theme is easily recognizable from the homepage. Products spill over onto the main photo.



It’s no coincidence that the Debut theme is one of the most used free Shopify themes: it’s customizable, super fast, easy to navigate, and flexible enough to fit a wide range of niches. Its simple design ensures it displays perfectly on both computers and phones.



Brooklyn is particularly suited for online clothing sales, but you can ultimately sell whatever you want with this theme. The full-screen homepage photo is quite pleasant.

Apart from that, the design and features are quite basic. Don’t expect lots of customization from a free theme.

If you decide to use this theme, please change the demonstration font.



The demos highlight the theme’s exceptional suitability for luxury clothing and cosmetics stores. If you’re operating within these niches, selecting this theme assures you’re making an apt choice. Aptly named Prestige, its title alone should signal its alignment with high-end offerings.

A standout feature of the Prestige theme is the innovative use of dots on images, which serve to label products. This functionality not only enhances the shopping experience but also adds a layer of sophistication and ease in navigating through product offerings.



Wokiee stands out as a highly adaptable Shopify theme, perfect for crafting a wide array of e-commerce websites. A visit to the Wokiee demo page reveals an impressive variety of shop layouts at your disposal. With over 27 engaging homepage designs, it’s likely you’ll discover one that resonates with your brand’s aesthetic.

The Wokiee theme collection includes numerous online store demos tailored for various niches, such as gadgets, sports gear, weapons, furniture, and books, among others. Additionally, it features several versatile store templates that are compatible with a broad spectrum of product types, ensuring flexibility for your e-commerce venture.


Here’s a roundup of the finest Shopify themes available, although it’s worth noting that this isn’t an exhaustive list. You can discover additional options on platforms like Shopify and Themeforest.

For those just starting out, it’s vital to select a theme that not only aligns with your aesthetic preferences right from the get-go but also comes equipped with all the necessary features. If the theme you pick lacks specific functionalities, you might need to consider purchasing a Shopify app to fill in the gaps. Alternatively, hiring a developer is an option, though ideally, if you’re opting for a theme touted as “the best,” it should already include all the functionalities you require without needing further enhancements.

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