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The Ultimate Guide to SD Card Recovery on Mac: Steps and Tips

SD cards make your digital storage needs seamless and convenient. However, your SD card can become corrupted or damaged, and you end up losing important data such as videos and photos of your memorable event. This can take you to panic mode and get stuck especially if you have never faced it before. Fortunately, you are not the first one and there are several practical solutions to recover your SD card. Do you want to know how? This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to recover an SD card on Mac/Windows.

Can You Recover an SD Card on a Mac?

Yes, you can always easily recover an SD card on a Mac.  However, the method you choose can make or break your experience. Some methods are more reliable and effective than others and hence you ought to be careful when selecting which way to recover your SD card. Remember an SD card is a miniature storage device and can easily be damaged if not appropriately handled.

Well, there are two major options to recover an SD card on your Mac. You can either use a dedicated SD card recovery software or use other non-software approaches. Dedicated software is always reliable and safe while manual ways are always complicated and insecure. The choice is yours but make sure you select an option that meets your SD card recovery needs.

How to recover deleted videos from SD card without software

It is possible to recover an SD card without a software on Mac. Some of these non-software methods include:

Method 1. Recover your SD Card from iCloud

iCloud is a popular cloud storage location that is highly used as a backup location. While it lets you backup your data from different sources including SD cards, you can also use it to recover your SD card data with ease. This method is not useful if you don’t have a backup of your SD card on iCloud. Furthermore, you should have an iCloud account and its credentials to successfully log in and recover your SD card. The following steps show how to recover your SD card on iCloud.

Step 1.  Using a browser, navigate to iCloud and sign in using your credentials. Scroll down and click the “Data Recovery” tab followed by the “Restore Files” option.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Step 2. Choose the SD data you want to recover and hit the “Restore” button.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Your SD Card files will be restored to your device and you can save them in your SD card.

Method 2: Recover SD Card from Mac Trash

Trash is the equivalent of a recycle bin in Mac. The trash folder stores deleted files for 30 days before deleting them permanently. Therefore, this method is suitable if your SD card files were deleted within 30 days of your recovery attempt. Otherwise, the files will be discarded and you cannot retrieve them from the Trash folder anymore.  The following steps illustrate how to recover an SD Card from Mac Trash.

Step 1. Open your Mac PC and click the Trash bin icon.

Step 2. Identify your SD card files then right-click the desired file and select the “Put Back” option.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Now the deleted SD card files will be automatically restored to their original location before loss. Therefore, make sure you connect the SD card to your PC so that it is restored to it.

Suggested: Easily recover SD card Free- Use Wondershare Recoverit

As you can see, non-software methods are complicated and unreliable. If you are handling important SD card files, you better bank on a suitable SD card recovery tool. Wondershare Recoverit is the complete and cost-effective SD card recovery you can think of. This tool is fast, easy to use, and compatible with many storage and file formats. It comes with a collection of amazing features that seamlessly transform your SD card recovery experience.

Wondershare Recoverit is an all-in-one SD card recovery tool designed to provide simple and convenient file recovery. This application leverages specially developed data collection algorithms and technologies for SD card recovery. Its enhanced functionalities let you do more and recover SD card files that other solutions can’t recognize, optimize, or extract. The beauty of this tool is that its enhanced Video Recovery can search and recover inconsistent fragments to restore SD video and enhance their quality.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Key Features of Wondershare Recoverit

  • Supports data recovery from over 2000 storage locations including SD cards.
  • It allows users to restores more than 1000 different file formats.
  • With this tool, you can recover data lost from over 500 data loss scenarios including deletion, malware attack, and system crashes among others.
  • The enhanced photo and video recovery feature lets you recover deeply hidden videos and photos in 4K, 8K, and Ultra HD without compromising their quality.
  • This tool provides quick and advanced repair modes to allow you to repair corrupted videos and meet your needs while keeping the video quality intact.
  • Wondershare Recoverit lets you recover data from a crashed computer by creating a bootable drive.
  • It supports NAS data recovery and hence you can remotely recover your files from corrupted NAS storage devices.

How to Recover SD Card on Mac with Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit offers one of the finest platforms to recover an SD card on a Mac. Here, you don’t need to be an expert because the steps are simple and clear. The following steps show how to recover an SD card on your Mac.

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare Recoverit on your Mac computer. When the installation is successful, open the program and insert your SD card into your Mac PC. Ensure the card is recognized and successfully connected. Now, click the “Hard Drive and Locations” tab on the left pane and select your SD card as your target recovery location.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Step 2. The program will automatically commence a deep scan on your SD card to recover lost files. This process should take a few minutes. When the lost files are retrieved, you should see them on the screen.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Step 3. Finally, preview the retrieved SD card files. If you are satisfied with the recovered SD card files, select them and click the “Retrieve” button. Your files will now be recovered to your SD card.

SD Card Recovery on Mac

Bonus tips to avoid SD card data loss

  • Back up your SD card on reliable secondary storage locations like the cloud.
  • Install powerful antiviruses in your devices to avoid malware attacks and file corruption on your SD card.
  • Keep your SD card in a safe place to avoid damage by particles or chemicals.
  • Avoid pulling the card out of your device while it is in use.
  • Use reputable SD card brands.
  • Avoid using your SD card on several devices because it increases the chances of malware attacks.


After reading this article, you can easily see that SD Card recovery on a Mac is not a complicated thing. However, without the right tool, things can turn inside out and you will have a nightmare experience. Fortunately, Wondershare Recoverit makes your SD card recovery a straightforward task. Its compatibility, ease of use, and collection of top-grade recovery features make it a must-have SD card recovery tool. Download Wondershare Recoverit and get the SD card recovery experience you always missed.

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