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Software experts from well-known online businesses like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta reportedly spend at least $75,000 to grow three inches taller

A strange pattern among IT workers has reportedly been brought to light. According to a Las Vegas physician, employees of internet behemoths Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta are shelling out a tonne of cash to grow three inches taller.

Las Vegas surgeons can lengthen patients’ legs through a painful, months-long procedure. A new GQ profile reveals a Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon specializing in leg-lengthening procedures that can increase height by 3 to 6 inches.

According to Kevin Debiparshad, who created LimbplastX Institute in 2016, the pandemic has greatly increased the clinic’s revenue.

According to GQ, the cost of the treatment varies according to whether the patient wants to grow 3, 4, 5, or 6 inches.

How this process takes place? 

The procedure is as follows: the doctor breaks the patients’ femurs, or thigh bones, and then inserts movable metal nails into them. Magnetic remote control is used to expand the nails a tiny amount each day for three months, according to GQ.

The healing of the legs and the gradual lengthening of the bones can take several months. One software programmer who went from 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-9 claimed to have spent the first three months following surgery alone in his flat and had food delivered.

Kevin Debiparshad’s client’s demand

Debiparshad’s clientele have the trait of being wealthy, but they come in a variety of professions: according to GQ, he has worked with CEOs, actors, and financial professionals. Many high-earning tech professionals, predominantly men but also some women, have come to him for the procedure.

Debiparshad joked to GQ, “I could start a tech firm.” “I’ve got about 20 software developers in Vegas working on this method right now. Yesterday there was a PayPal girl. I treat clients from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. I’ve treated several Microsoft patients.”

Many of the individuals GQ spoke with said they kept their treatment a secret from others, and the surgeon said he didn’t advise it for sportsmen since it would impair their performance.

According to Debiparshad, he sees mostly male patients and has only seen a small number of female patients.

Stigma related to low stature

Despite numerous references in the past and present concerning such individuals who have accomplished much and made history, short height is connected with low self-esteem, low social position, and low attractiveness.

Short-heeled persons are impacted by the social acceptance of tall and fair or tall and dark people.

More often than not, guys are the ones who are affected by this stigma. A male is always considered to be macho, and individuals who do not meet the socially prescribed height requirement for them sometimes receive disparaging remarks.


The stigmas associated with male plastic surgery have started to fade recently. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that between 1997 and 2015, the number of cosmetic treatments performed on men increased by 325%.

And in recent years, Silicon Valley’s male IT professionals have increasingly turned to plastic surgery as a means of achieving their physical objectives.

It can be fairly argued that the trend for a tall height is frequently not talked about, although little is known about the gender differences in interest among IT personnel. While everyone talks about skin tone and looks, the stigmas connected to shorter height have not yet been discussed.

So how does it function?

The length of a person’s legs affects their height. The person’s femurs, or thigh bones, are shattered and metal nails are placed into them as part of the artificial height-increasing procedure.

The nails are lengthened somewhat each day for three months as the main trick to growing taller. Remote control that uses magnets controls this procedure.

According to the specialist, gradually lengthening the bones can take months. The legs may also need a significant amount of time to heal.

The physician claims that the pandemic greatly increased his business.

Is it proper to question science?

Up until the age of 20 to 25 years old, a typical human grows taller. When a person’s growth plates in the bones cease expanding, so does their height. People may grow above the age of 25 or may stop growing altogether at 18 due to certain medical conditions, however, these are rare circumstances.

One should put more emphasis on strengthening the spine than on height. By including various yoga asanas into their daily routines, both children and adults should emphasize strengthening their bodies’ spinal cords.

Human spines are known to benefit from yoga poses including Tadasana, Vriksh Asana, Sarvang Asana, Ustra Asana, Paschimotan Asana, and Ujjayi Pranayama.

As Debiparshad pointed out, the body needs time to recover from the process of bone lengthening. When medical intervention goes against biological laws, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

To advance in their jobs, The Washington Post reported in January 2020 that males were using Botox, fillers, laser procedures, and methods intended to induce collagen. For more such blogs read here.

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