SMSFactory Targets Android Users Across Eight Countries

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Researchers have issued a warning about an Android malware assault that subscribes users to premium services. SMSFactory is a virus that aims to infect tens of thousands of people in eight countries.

SMS Factory

From May 2021 to May 2022, SMSFactory has already targeted over 165,000 Avast customers. Brazil, Ukraine, Argentina, Russia, and Turkey were home to the majority of the casualties.

Sending premium SMS and making calls to premium phone lines is the main purpose. However, the virus may capture contact lists from affected devices, which can be used to spread the danger further.

It spreads through a variety of means, including push notifications, malvertising, commercial pop-ups on websites, videos promising game hacks, and access to pornographic content.

The malware-infected APK packages are being distributed through unauthorised app shops (such as APKMods and PaidAPKFree), which lack sufficient verification and security regulations for the listed items.

Discreet approach

The programme has no name or icon, and the icon is removed from the screen. As a result, the majority of victims conclude that something went wrong during the installation and don’t think about the programme again.



More information

The malicious APK hides under several aliases and tries to install itself on the device.

Play Protect displays a notice to users, informing them of the file’s possible security risk.

Access to location data, SMS, managing overlay, ability to make phone calls, send SMS, wake lock, vibrate, and utilise the complete screen are all asked rights during installation.


SMSFactory is spreading quickly right now, therefore Android users should be cautious. It is advised that they only download programmes from reputable sites. Additionally, keep the amount of apps on your smartphone to a bare minimum and check reviews before installing anything.

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