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Risk management through life insurance and investment

Mr and Mrs Rauf were a couple. Like any family, they worked hard for a secure future and offered a comfortable life to their kids. Little did they know that their journey would teach them the importance of risk management through life insurance and investment.

Note that, life insurance and investment are two pillars of financial security that every Indian family should consider. Life insurance provides a safety net for your loved ones in case of your untimely demise, while investment ensures that your money grows over time to meet future needs. Together, they form a formidable strategy for risk management.

Now, let’s delve into the story of Mr and Mrs Rauf, and discover the top ways they managed risk through life insurance and investment –

Child plans for education

Understanding the rising costs of education, Mr. and Mrs. Rauf decided to invest in child plans. These plans are designed to mature when their children reach the age of higher studies. By investing systematically in these plans, they are building a financial cushion that will cover their children’s educational expenses, ensuring a bright future for them.

Term insurance for income replacement

Mr Rauf recognised the importance of protecting his family’s financial well-being in the event of his untimely demise. He wisely opted for a term insurance policy. Term insurance provides a substantial sum assured to his family if he were to pass away during the policy term. This lump sum amount acts as a crucial income replacement, ensuring that his family’s living expenses and financial needs are met even in his absence.

Health insurance

The Rauf family recognised the unpredictability of medical expenses. By investing in a comprehensive health insurance plan, they protected themselves against the financial burden of unexpected medical treatments. This ensured that their savings and investments remained intact, providing peace of mind and access to quality healthcare when needed.

Diversified investments

Mr. Rauf wisely diversified his investment portfolio. By spreading his investments across various asset classes like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, he reduced the risk associated with any single investment. Diversification allowed them to benefit from different market conditions and achieve more stable returns over time.

Emergency fund

Maintaining an emergency fund equal to at least six months’ worth of living expenses in a liquid instrument was a prudent choice. This fund served as a financial safety net during unexpected situations, such as job loss or medical emergencies, preventing them from dipping into their long-term investments.

SIPs for regular savings

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) were a cornerstone of their financial strategy. These allowed them to invest a fixed amount regularly in mutual funds. SIPs not only instilled discipline in their savings habits but also took advantage of rupee cost averaging, ensuring they bought more units when prices were low and fewer when prices were high, ultimately leading to better returns.

Gold investments

Recognising the stability that gold offers during economic uncertainties, they allocated a portion of their investments to gold. This could be in the form of gold ETFs or physical gold, providing a hedge against inflation and market volatility.

ULIPs for market-linked returns

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) offered the Rauf family a unique combination of insurance and investments. These plans provided market-linked returns, allowing their money to grow over time while offering life insurance coverage. It was a strategic way to meet both their protection and wealth-building goals.

Fixed deposits for stability

To ensure a stable source of income, a portion of their funds was wisely invested in fixed deposits. Fixed deposits are low-risk instruments that offer guaranteed returns, providing financial stability, especially during retirement.

Creating a will

Mr and Mrs Rauf made a will to ensure that their assets would be distributed according to their wishes after their passing. This legal document provided clarity and peace of mind, preventing potential disputes among heirs.

Asset allocation

The Rauf family understood the importance of maintaining the right mix of assets in their investment portfolio. They regularly reviewed and adjusted their asset allocation to align with their financial goals and risk tolerance, ensuring their investments remained on track.

Tax planning

For tax liability optimisation, they utilised tax-saving investment products such as PPF (public provident fund) and ELSS (equity-linked savings schemes). Such investments not only allowed them to lower their tax burden but also contributed to their life goals.

Critical illness riders

To be prepared for the financial impact of severe health conditions, they added critical illness riders to their life insurance policies. These riders provided a lump sum payout if either of them was diagnosed with a critical illness, helping cover medical expenses and maintaining their financial stability.

Adequate life cover

The Rauf family regularly reviewed their life insurance coverage to ensure it matched their evolving financial needs. They understood that life insurance should be sufficient to cover their outstanding debts and provide for their family’s future financial security.

Emergency loan options

Aware of the loan options available against their life insurance policies, they had a backup plan during financial emergencies. This ensured that they could access funds quickly if needed, without jeopardising their long-term investments.

Reinvestment of dividends

The Rauf family wisely reinvested any dividends or income generated from their investments. This strategy allowed them to harness the power of compounding, leading to accelerated wealth growth over time.

Income continuation riders

Income continuation riders were another layer of protection in their life insurance policies. These riders ensured that, in the event of their demise, a regular income would continue to support their family’s financial needs, offering long-term security.

Regular financial check-ups

They consulted a financial advisor regularly, which was crucial in assessing their risk tolerance and adjusting their financial plan accordingly. These check-ups ensured that they remained on track to meet their financial goals.

Education and awareness

Continuously educating themselves about the financial markets and insurance options empowered them to make informed decisions. Remaining informed permitted them to adapt to the evolving economic conditions and rising investment opportunities. 

As time passed, the couple saw their investments grow. They had managed to secure their kid’s higher education, enjoyed mental peace knowing their family’s future was well-protected via life insurance

In the end, the story of Mrs and Mr Rauf highlights how investment and life insurance when combined in a strategic manner can serve as a powerful instrument for managing risk and financially securing the future. Their journey enlightens us about careful planning and the correct usage of financial tools. 


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