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4 Common Myths about Ethereum’s EIP 1559 Upgrade?

Imagine a tech update that raises myths and misconceptions while promising change – such as Ethereum’s EIP 1559 update – while simultaneously promising change. That was certainly the case with the EIP 1559 update for Ethereum, raising several misconceptions that needed dispelling to help readers grasp its true significance. In this article, we aim to disprove four prevalent beliefs about it to help readers grasp its significance more fully. Demystify the common misconceptions about Ethereum’s EIP 1559 upgrade with factual insights from

Myth 1: EIP 1559 Will Dramatically Reduce Transaction Fees

EIP 1559, an update to Ethereum, has long been anticipated as capable of drastically reducing transaction fees; however, its actual nature is much more complicated; EIP 1559 introduces a base cost that fluctuates based on network congestion which modifies how transaction fees are computed – though this could result in more consistent rates but overall fees may not decrease.

Prior to EIP 1559 there were frequently hefty transaction fees during peak hours due to users outbidding each other when users had outbid each other when bidding on miners to pick up their transactions during those outbid hours when users outbid each other to have miners pick them up – EIP 1559 may bring stability – though overall fees may not decrease as a result.

Due to changes to how transaction fees were computed based on network congestion changes with how transaction fees were computed when users would outbid each other for miners to pick up users outbid each other with some incurring hefty charges when miners picked up their transactions during peak hours when users outbid each other to win miners pick them up.

In those instances there would often result in hefty charges during those peak hours when this happened before; usually leading to incurring significant fees during these peak hours when fees could increase substantially during these peak hours!

Myth 2: EIP 1559 Assures Faster Transaction Confirmations.

It is often considered an effective solution to speed up transaction confirmations on the Ethereum network. Unfortunately, however, EIP 1559 cannot guarantee faster confirmation times. This misconception results from modifications to transaction processing; in reality, EIP 1559 places more importance on fee market reform than speed improvements. Introducing a base fee helps facilitate the inclusion of transactions into blocks by automating part of their fee calculation, potentially hastening transaction speeds by decreasing time spent negotiating fees. However, EIP 1559 does not alter the fundamental way blocks are created and added to the blockchain or the rate at which new blocks are added. High-priority transactions may still be expedited by adding tips for miners – this means faster confirmations may still be achievable but with additional costs associated. EIP 1559 may result in more predictable processing times during normal network conditions but does not alter its underlying capabilities to process transactions faster universally.

Myth 3: EIP 1559 Will Significantly Decrease Ethereum’s Overall Supply.

Implementing EIP 1559 introduces an anti-inflationary mechanism into Ethereum by burning base fees during each transaction, permanently withdrawing ether from circulation. Predictions have speculated on a substantial reduction in Ethereum’s supply. While burning mechanisms could contribute to this reduction over time, their scale and impact depend heavily on network activity. High transaction volumes lead to more Ethereum being burnt over time, but this process remains gradual.

Furthermore, Ethereum issues new ETH through block rewards to miners (and soon validators in proof of stake models), adding to supply at a potentially reduced net rate. EIP 1559 significantly changes Ethereum’s economic policy by adding deflationary elements. However, Ethereum supply won’t dramatically decrease overnight; its growth may slow or experience a slight decrease over an extended period.

Myth 4: EIP 1559 Is Widely Supported Within the Ethereum Community

Changes as significant as EIP 1559 can generate differing opinions within the community; to state universal support would be to ignore all the complex dynamics at play. While EIP 1559 has received broad support among developers and Ethereum enthusiasts due to its potential to improve transaction fee predictability and network efficiency, there has been notable opposition, particularly from miners. Miners are concerned about losing revenue from transaction fees, part of which are now burned rather than awarded as rewards to them. This change has altered their economic incentives and generated discussion within the community about its fairness and implications; users accustomed to old fee models may find the transition difficult or disagree with its approach.


Ethereum upgrade EIP 1559 represents a pivotal moment in its future development, yet many erroneous myths persist regarding its impact. We hope you have gained a more nuanced perspective of this upgrade’s implications by dispelling these misconceptions. Investors should consult financial professionals and conduct further research to navigate these changes effectively.

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