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Picuki | The Best Instagram Editor 2024

Hello, my wonderful readers! Everyone wants to learn more about Instagram because it is constantly changing. People use Instagram viewer apps like Picuki even if they do not have an account.

However, what is Picuki? Is it just an Instagram viewer, or does it have more features?

According to their website, it is a tool for editing and viewing Instagram. Therefore, you can view Instagram anonymously and edit and download public Instagram photos using this platform.

The Picuki Instagram viewer app, its features, advantages, and everything else you need to know about using it will all be covered in this article. You will also learn about the top Pikuki substitutes.

What is Picuki?

Users of Picuki, an Instagram tool, can view and download photos, videos, and stories from open Instagram accounts. Pickuki can save someone is Instagram story if their page is public and you want to do so. You can access Instagram profiles and learn more about them without having an account by using this Instagram tool. For those who want to monitor any Instagram profiles, it is a helpful tool.

You might wonder if Picuki is anonymous. Pickuki is a free online tool that enables anonymous access to Instagram content. Pikuki is, therefore, anonymous because you can easily view the stories and posts of public Instagram accounts without logging in.

There is no need to install it; simply use your mouse to browse the many resources offered. If you want to reshare other people’s images with new designs and effects, Pickuki also enables you to edit images made available to the public.

How Does Picuki Work?

Picuki is a web-based tool usable from any device with an internet connection. Enter the Instagram username you want to view on Pickuki by going to the website.

Pickuki will then show the account’s profile page, along with all of its posts, stories, and other data. Pikuki can be used to download Instagram accounts’ stories, photos, and videos.

Remember that you can only access public pages; you cannot view any details about private accounts, including the profile pictures associated with those accounts.

Many people want to view Instagram stories anonymously! It only takes a few simple steps to use Picuki to view a story on Instagram anonymously!

  • Visit the website
  • The username you want to use to save the stories is entered.
  • Select Search.
  • Next, select Stories.
  • You can download the story by clicking on it.

Instagram Search Engine and Editor

Picuki is the only Instagram editor and viewer that enables users to download photos, unfollow users, follow new users, like posts inside the app, and view posts from Instagram-protected non-followers.

You can search on Picuki by hashtags, locations, or usernames to discover and view new users and posts.

Like other third-party apps like InstaSave, Picuki enables you to download your Instagram photos and videos, except that Picuki displays ALL of your content, not just that which was posted within a specific time frame.

Unlike other Instagram viewer apps, which can only show users their following and followers, Picuki enables users to unfollow accounts. You can view Instagram videos, photos, and content using Picuki. The fact that picuki has a sizable social media team interacting with our customers and supporters daily makes picuki the best Instagram viewer app currently available.

Features of Picuki

The Picuki platform offers the following features to users:

Profile And Story Viewer

Users of Picuki have access to public Instagram profiles and their posts. The username on the Pikuki website can be used to search for a profile quickly. You can view stories anonymously as well.

Download Images, Videos, Stories, And Profile Photos

Users can download photos and videos from Instagram accounts using Picuki. Businesses and individuals who want to track down and analyze their competitors’ content will find this feature especially helpful.

You can view and download a person’s Instagram profile picture if you are curious about them. Remember that if an Instagram profile is private, you will only be able to access the message “this profile is private” and not any other information.


Picuki provides information about Instagram accounts, such as how many people are following, following, and posting. The tagged individuals are also displayed beneath the posts or stories. However, it does not display the engagement rate for each post or the account as a whole.

Hashtag Research

Users can look up hashtags on Picuki and view the most popular posts related to them. Businesses and influencers who want to use the most popular Instagram hashtags to increase their visibility will find this feature useful.

Photo Editor

According to Picuki’s website, the app has a built-in photo editor. Images can be saved, edited, and shared with friends or on social media.

Benefits of Using Picuki

The limited functionality of the Pickuki website may make you wonder why you should use this app. We’ve compiled a list of all the advantages of using websites like Picuki.

  • Time-saving: Pickuki helps users save time by giving them quick access to and viewing Instagram posts and profiles.
  • Competitor Analysis: Pikuki enables companies to examine the content of their rivals and adjust their own Instagram strategy as necessary.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Picuki’s hashtag research feature assists brands and influencers in identifying the most pertinent and well-liked hashtags for their content, enhancing their Instagram visibility. 
  • Insights: Pickuki provides insights into Instagram profiles, enabling users to evaluate the engagement rates and other metrics of their rivals. They can use this information to enhance their Instagram strategy and expand their online presence.

View a complete Instagram profile on Picuki

Picuki is the only Instagram editor and viewer that enables users to download photos, unfollow users, follow new users, like posts inside the app, and view posts from Instagram-protected non-followers. You can buy Instagram likes by creating high-quality content that appeals to your target audience, interacting with your followers, using pertinent hashtags, working with others, and posting consistently.

The most frequently searched terms and hashtags on various websites indicate how popular Picuki is as an Instagram viewer. Due to its inclusion in the most recently searched Instagram viewer, Picuki is currently very popular. It is still being determined, though, whether the postal is real or fraudulent. The postal is legitimate, despite claims from many sources and review websites.

It is possible to view a user’s profile, where both posts and stories can be found. Unquestionably, a user can search for specific hashtags and locations.

Follow these steps to view a profile:

  • Visit Picuki.
  • The username for the account you want to access must be entered.
  • Choose your search criteria before beginning; all photos and images have been posted on picuki.
  • Select the profile after the search is finished.
  • When you are ready, click the sign-in button and browse through all the pictures and videos you want to download.

Use Picuki  to download images and videos from Instagram

The initial technique entails searching for pictures or videos from any open accounts using their names or user IDs without logging in.

The second choice is to search for the appropriate hashtags and look for the hashtags in the images and videos you already have. With these hashtags, you can search, get results, and save images as often as you like without logging in.

On the website or the internet, other tools can be downloaded, but there are no features to edit Instagram photos or videos. The only website that lets you edit pictures online is Picuki. You can download and save the image after changing the background, exposure, brightness, and hue.

Picuki and Privacy

Picuki is a helpful tool for people who want to view Instagram profiles and posts without having an Instagram account, but using the app could raise some privacy issues. For one, the app is not owned or affiliated with Instagram, meaning it is an entirely separate company with different policies and practices regarding user data.

Furthermore, Picuki’s data collection and usage practices have yet to be discovered because the app accesses public data through Instagram’s API. It is important to be aware that scraping—the unauthorized extraction of data from a website—is prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service.

Instagram has also taken action against websites and applications that disobey its terms of service by blocking access or disabling accounts. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of the information you share online, including personal and private data, and the apps you use to access it.

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Picuki is a Python 3 library that enables users to perform operations like searching for images and videos and content retrieval. We have covered every facet of Picuki and shown you how to use it properly to download movies and images and locate people using hashtags. An excellent app for browsing and viewing Instagram posts and profiles is PicukiInstagram Viewer.  Users should be aware of any possible privacy issues when using the app. Always exercise caution when disclosing personal information online, and keep up with the terms of service and privacy policies of any third-party applications you use.

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