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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Dune Buggy in Dubai

Dune buggies offer an exciting way to explore the vast sand dunes around Dubai. Zooming up and down the endless golden hills is a thrilling experience. However, choosing the wrong dune buggy rental company or vehicle can quickly turn your desert adventure into a disappointing slog. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure maximum dune buggy dubai fun on your next Dubai holiday.

1.  Failing to Research the Rental Company

With dune bashing being such a popular tourist activity in Dubai, plenty of fly-by-night operators have unfortunately popped up lately offering cheap dune buggy rentals. They blast attractive deals online but fail to deliver a quality, safe experience. It’s wise to avoid disappointment by carefully researching companies before ever booking.

Scrutinize online reviews on sites – are multiple customers reporting mechanical problems, accidents, or other major issues? How long has the company been operating locally? The newest and flashiest websites could easily belong to inexperienced new companies without proper expertise. Look for well-established firms in business for 5+ years with a proven track record for vehicle safety, maintenance, and customer satisfaction. The best operators belong to recognized trade groups like the Desert Drivers Union or have permits from Dubai Tourism. Don’t just jump on the cheapest rental deals without deeper investigation – a little research goes a long way towards an incident-free dune bashing adventure.

2.  Not Confirming What’s Included

Many dune buggy rental companies shamelessly tout attractively low prices online to reel in tourists. But once you arrive for your desert adventure, they slam you with steep hidden charges and expensive extras never mentioned before. It’s a classic bait and switch. Don’t tolerate nasty surprises – protect yourself by double and triple checking exactly what is included when you book.

For example, are return pickup and drop-off transfers from your hotel included or do they charge hefty fees you must arrange yourself? What about fuel for the buggy – is it topped up or will violations of mileage limits incur filling fees? Do you need to pay extra for a guide to lead your group? Will snacks, drinks or meals be provided? What if you roll the vehicle – does insurance cover expensive repairs and medical bills? Get every last detail confirmed in writing so there are no unpleasant unexpected add-ons. Ask lots of thorough questions to uncover sneaky surcharges. Don’t let them sucker you – demand crystal clear answers on what’s covered before handing over a single dirham!

3.  Assuming All Dune Buggies Are Equal

At first glance, the dune buggies lined up to rent may appear nearly identical to inexperienced eyes – sporting squat bodies perched atop giant wheels while boasting roll bars and jaunty paint jobs. Yet don’t judge a book by its cover – when it comes to quality, safety and capabilities, not all desert ride vehicles are created equal!

You want reassurance the buggy can capably navigate the towering Dubai dunes, not get stuck in trails of soft sand that strand you sheepishly awaiting rescue. Seek out models with high clearance and extra-large tire treads for added traction. Check if the engine provides ample horsepower to summit steep inclines without bogging down. Study safety features like certified roll cages, 4/5-point harnesses, reinforced frames and other critical protections that vary between makes and models. Ask plenty of questions to ensure it meets your needs, then test drive first if possible to better understand the buggy’s handling, speed, comfort and capacity to thrill before signing any rental contracts.

4.  Not Checking Safety Standards

Thrilling dune bashing puts intense strain on vehicles and demands advanced safety engineering. Don’t put your life in the hands of a rental company that cuts corners on passenger protection. Only choose buggies with certified roll cages, harnesses, and other essential safety features. Ask to see proof of routine maintenance and mechanical inspections before booking. Reputable companies welcome questions about their safety standards and procedures. If a rental operator brushes off your queries – go elsewhere!

5.  Choosing the Wrong Number of Passengers

Cramming too many passengers into a dune buggy is asking for trouble. Overloading compromises stability, maneuverability, and braking on rollercoaster dunes. Yet some companies will keep adding paying customers without considering safety. Check the vehicle specifications and stick to the recommended safe seating capacity – then double check how many passengers will be in your buggy upon arrival. Turn away if they try squeezing in too many people or adding unexpected strangers to your rental.

6.  Attempting Dunes Beyond Your Skill Level

Let ego take a backseat and don’t overestimate your dune driving prowess as a newcomer. Even experienced drivers roll buggies and get stuck when tackling dunes beyond their comfort zone. Be realistic about your skill level and choose beginner or intermediate dunes at first. You want a fun confidence-boosting experience – not a rescue by emergency crews or mechanical disaster. Ask your rental operator for advice matching dunes to experience level. There is no shame in starting small!

7.  Ignoring Weather Conditions

Many tourists request dune buggy adventures without realizing scorching summer heat makes midday desert driving miserable, if not dangerous from heat exposure and dehydration. Conversely, rented vehicles struggle during rare desert storm downpours causing washouts and slick muck. Schedule early morning or late afternoon excursions to avoid peak heat. And confirm weather forecasts beforehand – request alternate dates if storms loom. Why suffer through unpleasant conditions that ruin the experience?

8.  Not Bringing Proper Attire and Supplies 

Don’t wear flimsy footwear, restrictive clothing, or anything that can’t get dirty when dune bashing. Lose items will fly off at speed over bumpy terrain. Secure sunglasses, hats, and scarves. Tie back long hair. Bring gloves for grip. Make sure to carry additional water and snacks, sun protection, face masks for sand storms and a charged phone for emergencies. Waterproof gear is wise if rain threatens. Leave valuables behind as items can easily get lost. Proper preparation prevents problems down the road.


By avoiding these common mistakes, your dubai dune buggy rental adventure promises exhilarating fun instead of disappointing disasters. Carefully researching rental companies, scrutinizing safety standards, choosing suitable vehicles, and preparing properly guarantees a thrilling experience zooming up, down and around sunny sandy slopes. Heed this advice so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride when reserving your next dune bashing excursion. The golden dunes of Dubai await – get ready to tackle them in style from behind the wheel of a dune buggy!

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