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Linux mail servers of 2023: Most recommended!

It is challenging to picture starting a successful business without utilising the best linux mail servers given the obvious relevance of mail servers. You require the best mail server for Linux available to handle your daily email backlog. The widespread use of email in internal communications and marketing has made linux mail servers a major problem.

Given the obvious significance of mail servers, it is challenging to envision starting a profitable organisation without utilising the top mail servers. The finest Linux email server is what you need to handle your daily email backlog. This blog article will assist you in choosing the top Linux mail server out of a group of ten options.

This blog article will assist you in choosing the finest Linux mail server.

A Linux web server plays a crucial role in delivering Linux web hosting services. Built on a Linux-based operating system, it offers stability, security, and flexibility to support websites and web applications. With powerful web server software like Apache or NGINX, it efficiently handles HTTP requests and serves web content. Database management systems such as MySQL or MariaDB enable efficient data storage for dynamic websites. Linux web servers, supporting popular scripting languages, provide a reliable foundation for web hosting services.

Need of Linux Server

An open-source mail server is a particular kind of server that runs on publicly accessible software. This implies that anyone with the desire to do so may change and enhance the software’s source code.A

Mail server for linux that is open source Linux is a fantastic substitute for pricy commercial alternatives.

Free and customizable.

Make sure you do your homework to locate the finest open-source mail server for Linux as there are many different options accessible.

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Linux mail servers: what are the best ones?


Cambridge University developed this mail transfer agent.

It is one of the most flexible mailers available. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

The majority of systems that resemble UNIX use Exim, free software. On Debian Linux systems, its fourth version serves as the MTA by default.

The following are some of this mail server’s greatest attributes.

  1. The external verifier
  2. Numerous database management systems, including MYSQL, Oracle DB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Redis, provide built-in support.
  3. SSL/TLS-encrypted SMTP connections
  4. Simple task management, customization, and configuration
  5. Consisting of the main log, the panic log, and the reject log
  6. Locally scanning method
  7. Global message filtering
  8. Processing of messages
  9. The GNU GPL license


Sendmail is among the top Linux mail servers for Linux and is compatible with Windows NT. It is now the most popular MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), as stated on

Sendmail came as a general-purpose email routing system.

Sendmail is a well-known MTA that offers a flexible selection of email delivery options and is free (there is also a commercial version), open-source, and based on UNIX.

Sendmail delivers emails as they are received to their intended recipients. If the receiver is not present, messages are queued to be sent later. It does not offer mailbox services. POP3 and the Internet Message Access Protocol are therefore necessary.

The following are some of this Linux mail server software’s greatest attributes:

  1. Reliability of message transmission
  2. Extremely minimal network bandwidth is required.
  3. Personalized email forwarding features
  4. Controlling mail setup with configuration files


In 1998, the IBM Public License was replaced by the Eclipse Public License.

VMailer and IBM Secure Mailer are other names for Postfix.

All UNIX-like operating systems with a C compiler and POSIX development environment are compatible, including BSD, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, macOS, and Solaris. An open-source mail server that routes and delivers emails.

The mail server consists of several background-running applications and a few user-facing programs.

The entire system may be compared to a router since it analyses an IP packet to determine the resource’s IP address and destination. It then chooses the appropriate interface to direct the letter to its final location.

It serves as the standard message transmission agent for NetBSD, macOS, RedHat/CentOS, and Ubuntu. The following is a list of some of this Linux mail server’s key characteristics:

  1. Control of junk mail
  2. database assistance
  3. Quick and safe
  4. Adaptability in management
  5. streamlined log management
  6. protection from spambots
  7. bundled content filtering
  8. support for virtual domains
  9. Setting up status notifications
  10. Support for a number of widely used databases, including Berkeley Database, LDAP, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and LDAP


One of the best mail servers that supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and webmail is Axigen, which is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Docker.

Free groupware and collaboration features, such as calendars, notes, tasks, and Outlook connections, are available. It was developed in 2003 using cutting-edge technology. It supports all types of demanding users, from small businesses to large service providers.

The following are some positive aspects of this mail server:

  1. Server for integrated mailing lists
  2. Fully Autonomous Migration Instrument (without the need of the legacy accounts passwords)
  3. Integrating antivirus and anti-spam software
  4. Spam and malware defence mechanism
  5. Offering a practical address book
  6. Administrators can administer with unparalleled ease
  7. Several mobile features, including compatibility for Exchange Active Sync and mobile-friendly webmail
  8. Can be hosted on bare-metal, private, or public cloud servers, data centres, or both.
  9. Opportunities for many, personalised advertisements and branding
  10. 60-day, Full-Featured Trial of Integrated Web-Admin and Web-Mail Client
  11. Extremely flexible platform


A robust open source Linux mail server with a wide range of capabilities is Zimbra Email Server. It is scalable, safe, and simple to use. It also supports a wide range of hardware and operating systems. It is therefore a fantastic option for companies of all sizes. Additionally, Zimbra has a fantastic user base that is constantly prepared to lend a hand.

Zimbra is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for an email server that can accommodate your demands. It is well recognised for its dependability and security and has been used by millions of people worldwide.

It offers users a wide range of functionality, including:

  1. Having shared documents and group calendars
  2. An application for mobile web
  3. Enabling both public and private clouds
  4. Customizable
  5. The provision of a backup function
  6. Using email management software
  7. Including a capability for instant messaging

Cyrus IMAP server:

You may access your private emails using the IMAP protocol with the aid of the robust Linux mail server called Cyrus. It also includes services for contacts and calendars. Your company’s performance is enhanced by having numerous services connected to a mail server. Users can use IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, and POP3S to access the mail server.A private mailbox database that efficiently optimises the dedicated server for scalability and management might be useful to you.

Several characteristics of the Cyrus IMAP server are listed below:

  1. Support for CardDAV and CalDAV
  2. Dependable data storage
  3. Replication
  4. For huge installations, scalable
  5. Support for flexible filtering using Sieve Support for antivirus and antispam toolkits
  6. Speed Security Efficiency
  7. JMAP assistance
  8. Helpful antivirus and spam-blocking toolkits
  9. dealing with deliverability using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  10. By use of mail filtering
  11. Options for complete authentication using Cyrus SASL
  12. Consistent software updates deployment
  13. Assisting mailboxes with access control lists


This is without a doubt among the top mail servers for Linux and UNIX. It has stood the test of time despite being released 33 years ago thanks to its exceptional performance and adaptable features. Designed to run on open-source operating systems like Linux and BSD UNIX versions, this mail server is a general-purpose groupware and collaboration suite (but supports most systems). It stores all of its data in the Berkeley Database.

It is a free and open-source programme that operates under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2 and GPLv3). Most people are familiar with this Linux mail server for its straightforward control interface and quick startup. It also has several beneficial qualities, some of which are given below:

  1. Calendar sharing and messaging
  2. An easy-to-use address book Scheduler
  3. Keeping files
  4. Using Jabber with SSL/TLS encryption
  5. OpenSSL security

Internet Protocols including POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and XMPP are built-in implementations as well as support for OpenDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. The user interface is web-based and uses Ajax capabilities.

No cost SMTP server

Linux SMTP servers are most commonly used to send and receive emails. They  can also be used for a number of other things.

Individuals and small enterprises are often looking for free SMTP servers. On the internet, there are a variety of SMTP servers for both Windows and Linux. While some of them are cost-free, some do. A SMTP server’s top qualities should be dependability, speed, and usability.

Linux unquestionably has the finest SMTP server in Sendmail. Other SMTP server apps miss a number of capabilities that Sendmail offers in spades. It is feature-rich, open-source, and simple to set up. It’s also free!

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