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Launch of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 14 Pro models: Review pricing, features, and other information

On September 7th, Apple launched iPhone 14 as part of its “Far Out” event. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook shared a photo on Instagram before the event that showed him standing by with an anticipation as he awaits to launch their newest products. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and Pro series were revealed by Apple. All of these devices will support satellite connectivity – a brand-new function originally made available in iPhones with their A16 bionic chip installed onto it as well 48MP main camera!

Lets check the all new features that Apple included in this latest models of iPhones 14

The iPhone 14 has a larger 6.1-inch display, while the iPhone 14 Plus has a 6.7-inch screen.

Both models will include OLED screens, ceramic shields, updated lock screens, and are available in 5 colors.

iPhone 14 Pro comes with variants like Deep Purple, Gold, Silver and Space Black.

iPhone 14 is designed to last

Ceramic Shield in iPhone 14 makes your smartphone glass tougher than any other. This product is water resistant. It is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The display sizes are 15.54 cm (6.1″) and 17.00 cm (6.7″), and there are four Pro colors to choose from.

Privacy Feature

The iPhone is designed from the ground up to protect your privacy and put you in control of what share.

Dynamic Island

  • iPhone has a new face. Introducing Dynamic Island, a truly Apple innovation that’s hardware and software — and something in between!
  • FaceTime is even more convenient with this innovative device—and it’s also great for chatting on Facebook or Twitter while driving in your car.
  • It also helps make those conversations sound better too thanks our custom tuned speakers (which are really great standard settings).

 Always-On display

  • The Always-On display makes sure you’re always ready to take on the day.
  • You’ll never need to wait for your screen again.
  • Your content will always be at hand and easy to read, even if you’re working on it during a meeting or traveling without access points like hotels.
  • The Always-On display is intuitive, customizable and informative.
  • It displays all the information you need at a glance so that it’s always within arm’s reach – even when your hands are wet with sweat or otherwise occupied!
  • Now that your Lock Screen is always glimpsable, you don’t even need to tap it to keep informed.
  • In order to conserve battery life, the iPhone turns off when it is placed face down or in your pocket.
  • Even with all the extra capabilities, the battery life is still all day.


  • iOS 16 lets you personalize your Lock Screen in fun new ways. Users can now layer a photo to make it pop and track all of the activities that happen around town with live updates from apps like Facebook or Twitter!
  • You may select which applications are permitted to follow your behavior thanks to app tracking transparency.
  • A display that is up to two times brighter outside. Discover why the Super Retina XDR Display is unique.
  • The Super Retina XDR display now reaches a peak of 2,000 nits outdoors for those bright, sunny days, which is the highest peak brightness of any smartphone and is twice as bright as before. As a result, text pops out of the screen.

Crash Detection for assistance

In the event of a serious auto accident, the iPhone 14 Pro can alert your emergency contacts and contact emergency services.

  • Sudden changes in speed

A brand-new high-g accelerometer can detect 256 Gs of extremely strong accelerations or decelerations.

  • Abrupt direction shifts

A gyroscope with a high dynamic range keeps track of abrupt changes in a car’s orientation.

  • Simulated crashes in a lab

Through the use of head-on, rear-end, side-impact, and rollover crash tests, we created powerful motion algorithms.

  • Fluctuations in cabin pressure

The barometer can detect pressure variations brought on by airbag deployment.

  • Impact noise levels that are loud

The microphone detects the intense sound levels of a collision while you’re driving. All processing is done on your iPhone for privacy reasons.

  • Actual crash information

To make Crash Detection as precise as possible, iPhone 14 used publicly available crash data from collisions.

Camera features

More professional features are added to the Pro camera system. The brand-new 48MP Main camera with a cutting-edge quad-pixel sensor is now available with 4x the resolution or more.

For stunning cropping

  • The 48 megapixel iPhone 14 Pro pushes the envelope of what is possible with 48 megapixels by providing 4x the resolution in ProRAW for breathtaking detail in every crop.
  • 65% more sensor space than the iPhone 13 Pro
  • By adjusting to what you’re capturing, the quad-pixel sensor on the Main camera makes the most of 48 megapixels.
  • You should focus on light capture for the majority of your shots. Therefore, the new sensor combines four pixels into a single huge quad pixel, capturing four times as much light and creating remarkably superior images at the useful 12MP size.
  • The amazing 48MP sensor on the Main Camera adapts to what you’re shooting by using four pixels in one large group, which gather 4x more light than before and produce spectacularly better photos at 12mp size!
  • With the ProRAW mode, shooting and editing is a breeze. No matter what type of photo or video you need to create—from landscapes shots with extreme close ups all the way up into space!
  • The 48MP resolution of the sensor provides more creative options for shooting and editing in pro workflows.
  • A new machine learning model delivers sharper images with less noise, making it possible to capture details that were previously inaccessible without boosting your ISO level or using higher shutter speeds than what’s feasible outdoors on an everyday setting where there is plenty else going on as well – but not when you’re wearing one these

     The embodiment of adaptability

  • Photograph shows four vibrant lollipops up close. The 3x Telephoto camera was used to take the picture.
  • With the addition of a 2x optical-quality Telephoto to its zoom range, the new Pro camera system gives you a ton of framing freedom. So you ca Increase your frame game.
  • With a maximum distance of 50cm, the Pro camera system has been expanded to include an additional 2x Telephoto. This new addition utilizes 12mp worth on its quad-pixel sensor and delivers full resolution photos as well 4K videos without any type digital zooming needed!
  • The new telephoto lens for the Pro camera system expands your zoom options to 0.5x, 1x and 2 times more than what was possible with just one lens before! Additionally, it has Portrait, Time-Lapse, and Pano modes, making it simple to capture stunning up-close images and films.
  • On the Ultra Wide camera, low-light images are up to three times better.
  • On the main camera, low-light images are up to two times better.
  • The Telephoto camera takes low-light pictures up to two times better.

 Added Features in the Camera

  • With the Photonic Engine, iPhone 14 not only take advantage of modern graphics cards and technologies but also offer our users a better experience
  • In order to ensure that your subject is always in the greatest possible light, the new Adaptive True Tone flash modifies the pattern and intensity of nine LEDs according to the focal length of the picture.
  • On telephoto photographs, the flash can be up to two times brighter.
  • On Ultra Wide photos with flash, homogeneity can improve by up to 3 times.
  • iPhone gives you control when apps ask for access to your images by just sharing the ones you want and not the complete library.
  • There’s a new way to share your favorite photos! You can now limit access for apps and protect them from being viewed on other devices, too. iPhone lets you decide which pictures get shared with others by setting sharing options in the Photos app before they’re opened up for viewing – just like calling shots during gameplay when someone else takes over control of one of our sports stars’ characters in real life…
  • The main feature of 4K HDR at 24 fps camera is its 48MP resolution, which allows you to take photos with more clarity than ever before! It also has an 8 MP lens and 2x telephoto lenses that will help provide all the detail in your shot while maintaining distance from subjects.

OIS with sensor-shift (2nd gen)

  • With its 77 mm telephoto lens, this camera is perfect for shooting in low light or when you need to get closer than usual. It also has 3x optical zoom and an f/2.8 aperture that makes your photos look great without any hassle!
  • With its ultra-wide angle and bright f/2.2 aperture, this lens will provide you with razor sharp shots even when shooting at close range or on an SLR camera’s screen! The 13mm focal length also gives your photos that extra pop of detail due to being able cover so much ground without any distortion.
  • Thanks to a new TrueDepth front camera with autofocus and a wider aperture, you can take the sharpest, most vibrant close-ups and group photos.
  • The most reliable facial authentication in a smartphone, Face ID, is likewise powered by the TrueDepth camera and A16 Bionic.
  • To minimize the need for valuable resource exploitation, Phone 14 Pro uses 100% recycled gold wire in all of its cameras.
  • Additionally, the wider aperture lets in a great deal more light, capturing vivid color and fine detail in dimly lit subjects.

Other features include

  • For industry-leading speed and efficiency, there are about 16 billion transistors.
  • A faster 6-core CPU swiftly and effectively performs demanding workloads.
  • Nearly 17 trillion processes are completed by the Neural Engine every second.
  • Allowing you to optimize your images using pixel-by-pixel analysis
  • Modern mobile games use a 5-core GPU with 50% higher memory bandwidth for sophisticated visuals.
  • The quad-pixel sensor’s creative versatility is powered by an advanced ISP, and the A16 Bionic can run at lightning speeds for longer thanks to power-efficient performance.
  • Your Face ID data, contacts, and other private information are protected by the Secure Enclave in A16 Bionic.

Battery Life of iPhone 14

A battery that is continuously charged. Even with so many brand-new features, the iPhone 14 Pro still offers incredible all-day battery life.

  • On the iPhone 14 Pro Max6, video playback lasts up to 29 hours.
  • On the iPhone 14 Pro6, video playback lasts up to 23 hours.
  • For quicker wireless charging, include a MagSafe charger. One of the common issues regarding previous iPhone models was the “iPhone not charging” issue. It is anticipated that this problem won’t occur on iPhone 14 models. Since nowadays people have to deal with this issue more, wireless charging has become more popular among iPhone users.

The almost 1.8 million apps available in the App Store of iPhone 14 are all subject to the strictest privacy regulations.

In one convenient membership, Apple One combines four services for movies, music, games, and more.

iPhone 14 users can easily add interesting colors to MagSafe cases and wallets. Additionally, MagSafe provides faster wireless charging.

You may connect in a 20W USB-C Power Adapter for even quicker wired charging in a small, portable form.


Price details

Starting with the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro costs more.

The ‘vanilla’ iPhone 14 is the only model for which Apple has kept its prices the past three years. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max start at respectively Rs 1,29,900 and Rs 1,39,900, however the Pro versions see a price increase of 10,000 INR. The variants of iPhone 14 with pricelist are given below.

iPhone 14 Pro Variant 15.4 cm (6.1-inch) display MRP(Incl. of all taxes)
128GB  ₹129900.00
256GB ₹139900.00
512GB ₹159900
1TB  ₹179900.00


iPhone 14 Pro MaxVariant 17.0 cm (6.7-inch) display¹ MRP(Incl. of all taxes)
128GB  ₹139900.00
256GB ₹149900.00
512GB ₹169900.00
1TB ₹189900.00


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