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iPhone Call Failed: Overcome the Error with Practical Solutions

Imagine this scenario: You’re eagerly waiting for an important phone call that could change your life or bring great news. You clutch your beloved iPhone tightly, your heart pounding with anticipation. But suddenly, just as the call is about to connect, disaster strikes! Your iPhone utters those dreaded words: “Call Failed.” Frustration washes over you, leaving you desperate for a solution. Fear not, for we have the remedy to this maddening situation of your iPhone Call Failed.

In this guide, we’ll unravel the mystery behind your iPhone’s persistent “Call Failed” message and present you with a treasure trove of fixes to reclaim your seamless phone call experience. Prepare to bid farewell to this exasperating error and say hello to uninterrupted conversations as we unravel the secrets and restore the harmony between you and your cherished iPhone. Are you ready to dive in and discover the ultimate fix? Let’s embark on this captivating journey together!

What Does iPhone Call Failed Error Mean?

The “Call Failed” error on an iPhone is like the frustrating roadblock interrupting seamless communication. The message appears when your iPhone attempts to make or receive the phone call but fails to establish the connection. This vexing error message can leave you perplexed, wondering why does my phone say call failed.

While the exact reasons for the “iPhone Call Failed” error can vary, it often stems from network connectivity problems, software glitches, or hardware malfunctions. It can occur in various situations, whether you’re making the call to the friend, conducting an important business conversation, or trying to reach emergency services.

However, fear not! Together, we’ll explore the underlying causes behind your “iPhone Call Failed” error and empower you to troubleshoot and resolve this frustrating issue. So, let’s delve into the depths of this enigmatic error and unlock the secrets to restoring seamless and uninterrupted communication on your beloved iPhone!

Why Does My iPhone Keep Saying Call Failed?

The causes behind the persistent “Call Failed” error on your iPhone can vary, depending on many factors such as the iOS version, cellular network strength, iPhone model, and more. Let’s delve into some common culprits:

Weak Cellular Network:

When you find yourself in an area with the poor network signal, your iPhone may struggle to establish the call, resulting in the “iPhone Call Failed” error.

SIM Card Troubles:

The malfunctioning SIM card can hinder the smooth functioning of your iPhone’s calling capabilities, leading to call failures.

Incorrect Network Settings:

Your iPhone must have the correct network settings to initiate and receive calls successfully. If these settings aren’t properly installed or updated, you may encounter the “Call Failed” error.

Insufficient or No Credit:

If you rely on the prepaid plan, you must check for enough credit to make phone calls. Insufficient or zero credit can trigger the “Call Failed” error, prompting you to recharge your account.

Software Glitches:

Updating your iPhone to the new iOS version can occasionally introduce unforeseen issues, including the “Call Failed” error. While rare, software glitches can disrupt the calling functionality on your device.

By identifying these potential causes, you can take proactive steps to troubleshoot and resolve your proactively “iPhone Call Failed” error, ensuring seamless communication once again.

How to Fix iPhone Keeps ing Call Failed

Try dialing *#31#

If you’re facing the “Call Failed” error on your iPhone, a simple solution to consider is dialing *#31#. This code helps disable outgoing anonymity status, which could be accidentally turned on, allowing you to make successful calls again. Give it a try and regain your calling capabilities.

Toggle Airplane Mode

An alternative and straightforward solution is to toggle Airplane Mode on and off. This action can refresh your iPhone’s WiFi and cellular network, potentially resolving any network-related issues causing the “Call Failed” error.

To do this, first of all, open the Control Panel by swiping down from the right corner of the topside of the iPhone. Or swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone screen with a Home button). Locate the Airplane Mode icon and activate it. After a few seconds, disable Airplane Mode by toggling the icon off.

Verify Blocked Phone Numbers

Could the “iPhone Call Failed” error be due to calling a blocked phone number? You may have accidentally blocked a specific number and forgotten about it, leading to the call failure. Here’s how to check if a number is blocked:

  • Launch the Settings system application on your iPhone and navigate to Phone.
  • Look for and tap on “Blocked Contacts.”
  • Ensure that the number you’re attempting to call is not listed among the blocked contacts.

Verify Date & Time Settings

Your iPhone’s date and time settings are accurate, especially if you’ve traveled to a different time zone. Incorrect settings can affect the call function. Here’s what you can do:

  • First, open the Settings system application and navigate to the General tab.
  • Look for the “Date & Time” option and select it.
  • Check if the displayed date and time match your current location.
  • To enable automatic updates, toggle on the “Set Automatically” option. This ensures that the time is updated automatically based on your location.

By confirming and adjusting the date and time settings, you can eliminate any potential discrepancies contributing to the “Call Failed” error. Keep your iPhone synchronized with the correct time and enjoy smooth call functionality.

By confirming the blocked contacts list, you can rule out any unintentional blocks and potentially resolve the “Call Failed” error.

Don’t solve the problem still now?

You are again seeking the answer why do my calls keep failing or why does my call keep failing!!!!!

Reboot Your iPhone

Often, a simple solution to various iPhone issues, including the “Call Failed” error, is to restart your device. Follow these steps to reboot your iPhone:

  • First, hold the Power button until the red colored slider appears on the screen.
  • Drag the slider to the right side to power off the iPhone.
  • After a few seconds, press the Side button again until the Apple logo appears, indicating that the iPhone is restarting.

Again why does it say the call failed?

Allow your iPhone to complete the restart process and then attempt to make a call. Restarting your device can help resolve temporary glitches and restore the functionality of your iPhone, hopefully eliminating the “Call Failed” error.

Eject and Insert the SIM Card Again

When your iPhone repeatedly displays the “call failed” message, it could be due to the damaged SIM card. To address this issue, it is advisable to inspect your inserted SIM card for the signs of damage. Especially if it has been in use for the prolonged period. Removing and reinserting the SIM card on the iPhone is very simple process.

Using the SIM ejector tool, you can easily extract the slim slot and reinsert it if there are no visible damages. However, if you do observe any damage, it would be wise to acquire the new SIM card and attempt to make the call once more.

Update Carrier Settings

Updating the carrier settings can often be beneficial to resolve various issues like call dropping or call failure on your iPhone. Follow these key steps to update your carrier settings:

  • Enable cellular data on your iPhone or connect to a stable WiFi network.
  • Open the System Settings app and navigate the cursor to General > About.
  • If the recent update is available, you can receive a notification.

Verify LTE Connectivity and Roaming Settings

If you’re experiencing the “Call Failed” error on your iPhone, it could be due to issues with 4G LTE or disabled roaming, particularly when traveling abroad.

In this situation, you can attempt to resolve the problem by switching to 3G and enabling data roaming. Follow these below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the system Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Cellular section and select “Cellular Data Options.”
  • From there, you can switch to 3G instead of LTE and ensure that data roaming is enabled.

By making these adjustments, you can potentially address your iPhone’s “Call Failed” issue.

Restore Network Settings to Default

If you cannot resolve the “iPhone Call Failed” error on your set, you may need to reset the network settings. It’s important to note that this action will erase all saved settings for cellular networks, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Follow these simple key steps to proceed:

  • Open the system Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Navigate to General > Reset.
  • Select “Reset Network Settings” and enter your iPhone’s passcode to confirm the action.

By resetting the iPhone network settings, you will restore them to their default state. However, remember that you must reconfigure your Wi-Fi networks and reconnect Bluetooth devices afterward.

Upgrade to the Latest iOS Version

If you are currently using an outdated iOS version, it can lead to various problems, including call failures. To address this, always update your iOS to the latest version available. Updating the iOS version is very simple process: navigate to the system Settings app, then select General, and after that, choose Software Update. From there, you can easily install the latest iOS version and resolve any issues, such as – call failures. That may have been caused by running an outdated operating system.

Perform the Factory Reset on Your iPhone (Data Loss)

If you have exhausted all the previous solutions and the issue persists, consider performing the factory reset on your iPhone. This action will erase all data and settings from your device. Therefore, it is advisable to create a backup of your important information before proceeding. Here are the very general steps to perform the factory reset:

  • Open the system Settings app on your iPhone handset and navigate to General.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Select “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • Enter your passcode when prompted and confirm your decision.

By performing the factory reset, your iPhone will be restored to its original state, potentially resolving persistent issues. However, remember to save any essential data before proceeding, as it will be permanently deleted.

Resolve the “Call Failed” Error on iPhone Without Losing Data

If you’re experiencing the “Call Failed” error on the iPhone due to a system issue or bug, there’s no need to worry. You can utilize reliable third-party iOS repair tools to address this problem without the risk of data loss. These advanced system recovery tools are designed to effectively resolve various issues, including the iPhone “Call Failed” error. They are compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions, including the latest iPhone 14/13 and iOS 16.

Reach Out to Your Cellular Carrier or Apple Support

If any previous solutions haven’t resolved your “iPhone Call Failed” error, your final option is to contact your cellular carrier or Apple Support. Their dedicated customer support teams can provide valuable assistance in identifying the underlying issue and guiding you through the troubleshooting process. Don’t hesitate to seek their help to effectively address the “Call Failed” error and regain uninterrupted calling functionality on your iPhone.


In conclusion, encountering the ” why are my calls failing” error on your iPhone can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to resolve it. You can start by checking for a damaged SIM card and reinserting it if necessary. Updating the carrier settings, ensuring LTE connectivity and roaming settings are properly configured, and updating to the latest iOS version can also help address the issue. If the problem persists, consider resetting the network settings or even performing a factory reset, considering the data loss that may occur. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact your cellular carrier or Apple Support (call 000 800 100 9009) for further assistance. By following these steps and seeking the appropriate support, you can increase the chances of resolving the “iPhone Call Failed” error on your set and enjoy uninterrupted calling functionality again.

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