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How to Choose the Right Game Development Company

In recent years, the gaming industry has stood out as a phenomenon of the most rapid growth. Hundreds of thousands of mobile, PC and even console games have been released and quickly brought in billions of downloads and continues to increase robustly every day. In it, names like Pokemon Go, Cuphead, Fall Guys, or Ghenshin Impacts immediately called to the mind of gamers all over the world. These are the games that have taken all the platforms by storm and are the most successful products developed with the Unity game engine. Perhaps, it is completely understandable when the need to find a unity game development company becomes a fever. Indie developers, beginner innovators with exciting ideas and ambitions to create a game of a lifetime? Businesses looking for outsourced developers to implement ideas and support implementation? Regardless of your needs, finding the best, most suitable unit at the most reasonable cost is definitely what you want. Providing that thousands of unity game developers are out there, how to make the “right” choice? Explore below.

What is game development?

Game development is the field of creating and publishing games. This is a process that includes all stages from story development, content creation, concept, testing and final product release. Regardless of the genre of game or platform it is designed for, game development is essentially the organization of many components to create a fictional world in which the user can control and interact with the content and objects.

The game development process can be briefly described with the following steps:

Conceptualize ideas

What kind of game are you going to create, single player or multiplayer, Simulation, RPG or RTS… What will be the story, plot and characters? A game with a good, engaging story certainly appeals to the interactors, but not every game needs a story. How is the game leveled, when will it end?

Select developing engines

Any game application needs to be programmed, and to turn ideas into interactive games and come to life, you will need many supporting tools from graphics, sounds, animations to post-production effects. Which target platform do you target for the game to run on, one or more?

Develop games

In this step, the original game ideas will be turned into reality through the use of professional game engines and cutting-edge industry technologies. Things related to writing code, creating contexts, characters, characters’ activities, … will be done.


This is an indispensable step to ensure that your game is designed consistently and exactly as planned. Various errors can be detected in this step and handled, including compatibility with the target devices. You don’t want your game after launching having features to be limited, disrupt the user’s game experience, or fail to reach a platform you’ve already targeted.

If your game runs smoothly, with the factors you want, it’s ready to go. Of course, the maintenance and upgrade process will also need to be done afterwards if you don’t want your brainchild to sink into oblivion.

What does a game development company do?

As mentioned earlier, to participate in game development, you don’t have to be a professional coder. That’s why you can look to a game development company where your dream game idea will be brought to life. They are teams of programmers, designers, testers…and so on, with a wealth of professional experience, using advanced tools to do the implementation. The developer teams of these companies will be responsible for all the steps from coding, visual design, features and testing until your product is ready to be released, or they will implement the steps you require depending on the contract.

Some of the common types of services offered by game development companies are listed below, including but not all:

  • Concept art design
  • Development games (mobile games, live games, NFT…)
  • Game programming (with Unity, Unreal, Godot, …)
  • Game art production (2D, 3D, illustration, characters…)
  • Game animation (visual effects)
  • Game testing
  • Customized game development (indie, AAA, …)
  • Game technologies integration
  • Game testing
  • Publication

Benefits of using game development company’s services

Experienced industry experts across tech communities say that hiring a game development company gives creators many advantages in terms of cost, technology resources, and the human factor.

First of all, game development companies have a team of professional developers, programmers, testers, etc., with experience and industry knowledge, with a more solid understanding of the best technologies and trends. These people will work together according to the standard procedure, ensuring your project is implemented in sync and complete. Factors related to uncoordinated implementation stages, errors, and loss of time… are eliminated, not to mention the set costs will be much lower compared to setting up a game development team yourself.

In addition, the technology resources, engines, and development tools of game development companies are usually much cheaper and more diversified. You are provided with them without paying to purchase them. Developers can also help your game, once it is completed, to reach the market faster and with wider coverage.

However, it cannot be denied that your control over the project will be limited, and data protection issues may arise in the case of terms of commitment between the creator and the development company not enough steady.

What should you consider when choosing game development company?

To ensure that the game product to be launched is exactly what you want with the support of the game developer, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Understand what you want. You should be sure to have a clear idea of the type of game and elements you want and make them transparent and straightforward with the game developer’s team.
  • Determine the budget. The cost of developing a game is completely different according to its complexity. Casual games are cheaper while AAA or NFT games are very expensive. The cost also depends on the features you want in the game because the technologies applied vary greatly. The time it takes to make the game will also affect your budget.
  • Maintenance and upgrade solutions. Be prepared for how your game will be maintained and updated after releasing, for the purpose of increasing the user experience and keep it attractive to the market. Not to mention there may be bugs or errors that need to be resolved by experts. So, choose a unit that can provide you with constant support for maintenance and updates.
  • Game development company portfolio. Take a closer look at the portfolio of the unit you plan to hire. There can be a few options to compare. Portfolios of companies often refer to projects they have undertaken and have expertise in. A studio with experience in developing a similar and successful game type (based on downloads and engagement) will be able to better execute your project in the way you want it to.
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