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How to use AI when buying tickets to your favorite concert

“Seeing your favorite musician or band perform live in concert is an incredible experience. However, with many concerts selling out in minutes, it can be tough to get tickets, especially if you’re on a budget,” explained the CDO of Barry’s Ticket Service, Chris Cabrera.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in super handy!

In this article, I’ll walk you through different ways you can use AI to score tickets to the concert of your dreams without breaking the bank. From understanding demand to tracking prices and snagging last-minute deals, AI has got your back.

Understand the demand

Before looking for tickets, use AI to understand the demand. Are tons of people trying to go to the same concert? That means tickets will sell out fast and likely be more expensive. AI tools can analyze social media buzz, reseller activity, venue size, and more to predict demand.

Knowing roughly how in-demand the concert is will help you plan your strategy and manage expectations on what you may pay.

Use AI to find available tickets

Once you’re ready to buy, let AI services do the ticket searching for you. Instead of manually combing through different sites, AI bots can aggregate listings across all major ticket platforms and present you with available options.

Some AI services even partner directly with ticket sellers to access inventory that has yet to be released to the general public. This gives you first dibs before the masses start gobbling up tickets. Pretty cool.

Leverage AI chatbots

If you don’t see tickets available initially, don’t panic. Tap into 24/7 AI chatbots that can alert you when new seats open up.

AI chatbots act as your ticket concierge, constantly monitoring sites and notifying you immediately if something matching your criteria pops up. They’re like having your very own ticket genie in your pocket!

Let AI track prices

Ticket prices can fluctuate leading up to the event date. AI tools leverage algorithms to analyze historical patterns and predict if prices might drop.
You can set price drop alerts to notify you if 10th-row tickets you’ve been eyeing fall from $300 to $225. Then, you can swoop in and grab them before someone else does.

Have AI alert you to deals

Beyond just tracking prices on existing postings, AI can uncover special deals that are only sometimes advertised.

Bots scan high and low across the web and use natural language processing to identify promo codes, presales, fan club offers, and other exclusive deals.
You won’t come across these alone, so letting AI be your deal hunter pays off big time.

Consider an AI concierge service

For ultimate convenience, look into full-service AI concierge platforms. You tell them your budget, preferred seats, and other wishes; their AI assistant will take over from there.

The bot will monitor everything 24/7, vet listings, suggest options, and even automatically purchase tickets that meet your criteria.
It’s like having a tireless robot personal assistant just for ticket buying. Pretty rad!

Use AI to optimize your budget

If money is tight, AI tools can help you get the most bang for your buck. AI can recommend the best value seats for your budget by analyzing historical data, venue maps, and ticket holder reviews.

Floor seats aren’t worth splurging on for your venue, but mid-level off to the side gives a great experience at half the price. AI takes the guesswork out of optimizing your spending.

In closing…

Scoring amazing concert tickets these days often feels like winning the lottery. But with AI on your side, the odds tip heavily in your favor. From unlocking hidden ticket stashes to tracking prices and deals, AI can help you nail down those coveted seats.

Next time your favorite artist announces a tour, let artificial intelligence take the stress out of the ticket scramble. Just kick back, blast their tunes, and prepare for the best live show ever!


How can AI services access tickets before the general public?

Many AI ticketing platforms partner directly with major ticket sellers to get inventory before it goes on sale. This gives their customers early access.

What if I want floor seats but don’t see any available?

Set up alerts via an AI chatbot! It will notify you instantly if floor seats pop up so you can immediately buy them.

Can AI get me tickets to sold-out shows?

In some cases, yes! AI can uncover special releases, fan club presales, and other exclusive ticket availability unknown to the general public.

What if I change my mind and don’t want the tickets the AI bought?

Reputable AI concierge platforms will include flexible cancellation policies in case plans change. But act quickly before reselling the tickets.

How does AI track ticket prices and find deals?

Using machine learning and natural language processing, AI bots scrape pricing data across the web and analyze patterns to predict drops, uncover promos, and more.

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