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How To Rename The Table In The Snowflake Method?

Excerpt: We’ve all heard of cloud computing, and there are a variety of methods available in cloud computing technology. The method known as a snowflake is currently a hot topic in this. A snowflake method is a logical agreement in place of tables in a multidimensional database that replicates a snowflake shape on the entity-relationship diagram. The snowflake schema is made up of centralized fact tables that are linked to a variety of dimensions. A method of normalizing the dimension tables inside a star schema is known as “snowflaking.”

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Snowflake is among the few corporation cloud data storage facilities that don’t sacrifice features for simplicity. It automatically balances up to and down to find the best balance of quality and profitability. Snowflake is known for its ability to separate computers from storage. This is substantial since almost all other databases, including Redshift, combine the two, requiring you to size for your most demanding workload and incur the associated costs. We’ll learn how to make a database in Snowflake, create a table, and rename the table using the alter statement inside this scenario.

What is the Snowflake method?

The snowflake method is the most popular cloud computing method. The star schema and the snowflake schema are similar. The star schema’s dimensions, on the other hand, are denormalized, with each dimension represented by a single table, whereas the snowflake schema’s dimensions are normalized into multiple related tables. When the dimensions of a snowflake schema are elaborate, with multiple levels of relationships, and the child tables possess multiple parent tables, a complicated snowflake shape emerges.

Now we’ll learn how to create a database in Snowflake training, then how to create a table, and finally how to rename the table. So that you will get a better understanding.

STEP 1: Sign in to your account.

We need to access our snowflake account. Go to and enter your credentials to log in. Follow the steps outlined in the preceding link.

STEP 2: Create a Snowflake database

The CREATE DATABASE statement can be used to create it in one of two ways.

Note that you need not create a schema in the database because Snowflake includes a default schema named public with every database it creates.

The syntax and the example for this are given below-

The following is the result of the preceding statement: In the image below, you can see that the above statement was successfully executed.

STEP 3: Choose a database

We’ll use the “use” statement to select the database you previously created.

And the syntax and example of this are given below.

STEP 4: In Snowflake, use the Create Statement command to create a table.

Here, we’ll use the create a statement to make a table, as shown below. It either creates a new table or replaces an existing table in the current/specified schema.

The syntax and example for the same is followed-

The following is the result of the preceding statement:

STEP 5: Change the table’s name.

Here, we’ll use the Alter table statement to rename the table, as shown below. The ALTER statement changes an existing table’s properties, columns, or constraints.

The example and syntax is given below

The following is the result of the preceding statement:

We will be going to see some more options which we can try out with the snowflake method, like-

  • Remove table:

The table should be removed or dropped.

The syntax and the example of the command is as given below

The above command, as you can see, adds a single row to the customer table. The following is the result of the above query:

  • How you can add the data to your table

The Snowflake Insert command is a great way to populate your Snowflake tables with data. This command can not only be used to insert data into an existing table but it can also be used to create a new table. Aside from the Insert command, Snowflake has a number of other features and commands to make your data warehousing experience easier.


The Snowflake Insert command can be used with the following syntax:

To use the Insert command, thoughtfully fill in the different indicators:


target table>: Name of the table into which you want to insert records.

<query> or VALUES: This field specifies the information to be inserted into the table.


  • Using the Snowflake Insert command to insert a single record

To add a single row of data, use the Insert command as follows: This command populates columns 1 and 3 of the table “mytable” in your Snowflake data warehouse with data. Column2 is unaffected because it is not part of the query that is being used to insert data.

  • Using the Snowflake Insert command to insert multiple records

In Snowflake, the Insert command can be used to add multiple records of data to your desired table. To begin, use the select statement to retrieve existing data from your table, as shown below:

The Select command could very well retrieve the data from the table and display it as follows:

There are currently two records in the employee table. You can then use the Snowflake Insert command to populate your table with multiple data records. To add two new employee records, run the following command:



Today, we discussed various scenarios using the snowflake method, including database creation and selection, table creation, how to rename it, how to add values or data to the table, and how to remove or drop the table, as well as the insert command, which can be used to understand how to add single or multiple records. We hope you find this tutorial useful when using the snowflake method.

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