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How to Navigate the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in the UK

For many who struggle with obesity, it’s not just the physical strain that has an impact on our everyday lives. Living with extra weight can affect our mental health, and social lives and diminish the confidence to live the life we deserve. This often leaves people feeling helpless, leading to failure when it comes to conventional weight loss methods. Bariatric surgery is a lifeline for these individuals, but what is the cost of gastric bypass surgery in the UK? And what steps can be taken to lower the costs? 

Gastric Bypass Surgery Explained

Gastric bypass surgery is a type of weight-loss surgery designed to help people who are severely overweight (obese) shed excess weight. During the procedure, the surgeon makes the stomach smaller by dividing it into two sections: a smaller upper section and a larger lower section. This limits the amount of food a person can eat at one time because the smaller stomach fills up more quickly, leading to a feeling of fullness sooner. The procedure earns its name because the surgeon bypasses the first part of the intestine, by connecting the smaller upper stomach directly to the lower part of the small intestine. 

Average Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in the UK 

Average Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in the UK 

Although the price can vary from clinic to clinic, you’re looking to be forking out around £11,000 on average for gastric bypass surgery. This is an extreme burden for people who are in desperate need of weight loss surgery but do not have the means to pay such extortionate fees. 

Turning to the NHS 

The first thing one may consider when facing the average cost of gastric bypass surgery in the UK would be to plead to the NHS. But, the problem is that although the UK does provide weight loss surgery through the NHS, it can be incredibly difficult to be approved. Due to such high demand, you’re only likely to be approved for weight loss surgery on the NHS if your excess weight is having a detrimental effect on your health. And even then, there’s a waiting list, meaning you could be waiting for a prolonged period of time before your surgery date. 

The outlook is similar when it comes to free weight loss surgery clinical trials in the UK. Although this appears to be a great opportunity for those seeking bariatric surgery, the number of patients selected for these trials is limited. There are also other factors to consider, like whether you’ll meet certain criteria needed to take part in these clinical trials. 

Alternative Options to Prevent Waiting Times 

It’s quite obvious that when one is suffering the negative effects of obesity, the possibility of waiting months, or even years for a gastric bypass is just not an option they’re willing to take. This is where weight loss surgery abroad comes into play. With many European countries offering bariatric surgery to UK patients with open arms, at a much cheaper price, the appeal is crystal clear. But, which country is the best option when it comes to weight loss surgery abroad? 

Gastric Bypass in Latvia: Weight Loss Surgery Experts 

With several options available, making a final decision on your chosen destination can be difficult. However, Latvia continues to grow in popularity due to the amount of successful weight loss surgeries that have derived from its clinics. With so many modern facilities to choose from and the adaptation of technological advancements, Latvian weight loss surgery is one of the most trusted. For those considering gastric bypass surgery, one clinic in particular stands out: Weight Loss Riga. The high skill set of the surgeons at this clinic means that every gastric bypass carried out is a success. You only have to look at patient testimonies to see the true reputation of this clinic. 

The Final Decision: Face the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in the UK or Travel to Latvia? 

It’s understandable that considering gastric bypass surgery in the UK is tempting, as most people would naturally prefer to have surgery in their home country. However, when confronted with the high cost of gastric bypass surgery in the UK and the challenges of navigating the NHS system, it becomes evident why people opt for countries like Latvia. Yet, it’s not just about the financial aspect; Latvia boasts picturesque landscapes and numerous reputable clinics. Its positive reputation is bolstered by the many success stories of individuals who have undergone surgeries there. In addition to primary bariatric procedures, Latvia, and particularly clinics like Weight Loss Riga, also excel in offering revision surgeries for those who have had previous weight loss procedures but require adjustments or corrections. To explore these options further, including the comprehensive care and support offered, visit the ‘Revisions‘ category on Weight Loss Riga’s website. You could be the next Latvian bariatric success story!

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