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How to download YouTube Music in MP3! And smartphone apps and browser sites.

There are three ways to download YouTube Music in MP3 format: using software, using an application, or using a browser site. If you want to download in high quality and preserve the artist name and artwork, we recommend using a software with full functions. Among them, MusicFab YouTube Music Converter is the most powerful software that allows you to download music in lossless format and download one song in a few seconds!

Have you experienced the frustration of your music disappearing from YouTube Music when you had saved it for offline playback? It can be inconvenient because offline playback is only available within the YouTube Music app, and if the uploaded content is removed, the saved music will vanish.

In this article, we will explain how to convert YouTube Music to MP3 using external software or apps. If you want to enjoy music offline during your commute or if you are a free member of YouTube Music who wants to listen to music without ads, this is a must-read.

Advantages of downloading YouTube Music in MP3

There are several benefits to downloading YouTube Music as an MP3:

1. Music can be played offline without the need for the YouTube Music app:

While YouTube Music does offer a download feature for offline playback, the downloaded files are protected and can only be played within the YouTube Music app. By downloading the music as MP3 files, users can play them offline on various devices such as media players, computers, smart speakers, and game consoles, even without the YouTube Music app.

2. Saved music won’t disappear if it’s removed from YouTube Music:

When using the temporary offline storage feature in YouTube Music, if the original music is removed from the platform, the downloaded songs will also be removed. However, by saving the music as MP3 files on their devices, users can ensure that they can enjoy the music permanently, even if it disappears from YouTube.

3. Transfer music to external media like CDs or DVDs:

By downloading YouTube Music as MP3 files, users can transfer the music to external storage media like CDs, DVDs, USB drives, or SD cards. This allows for greater flexibility in enjoying the music on different devices or sharing it with others.

4. Compatibility with mixing and DJ software:

MP3 files downloaded using external tools can be stored on the device’s HDD, enabling users to transfer them to other devices or load them into editing software. This is particularly useful for DJs or individuals who want to mix or edit the music according to their preferences. With the availability of a wide range of original content from artists on YouTube Music, being able to load the files into external software is convenient for creatives.

Overall, downloading YouTube Music as MP3 files offers greater versatility, allows for permanent access to music, and provides opportunities for personalization and creativity. If you want to learn about youtube mp3 使えなくなった, you can read this article.

How to download YouTube Music in MP3

There are various software programs available to download YouTube Music as MP3 files for free on your computer. The most recommended one is MusicFab YouTube Music Converter.

Download YouTube Music as MP3 using PC software.

MusicFab YouTube Music Converter allows you to download YouTube music in lossless quality and convert it into formats such as MP3, WAV, and MP4. It also offers the ability to subscribe to channels and schedule uploads, making it convenient for downloading multiple videos at once.

To use MusicFab YouTube Music Converter: 1. Launch the program and click on the YouTube Music icon. 2. YouTube Music will open within the software. 3. Play the song or playlist you want to download. 4. In the download popup window, select the desired song, format, and quality. 5. Click on “Start Download” to begin the download process.

Please note that MusicFab YouTube Music Converter is compatible with free YouTube Music accounts as well and removes ads during the download process.

Overall, MusicFab YouTube Music Converter provides a simple and efficient method to download YouTube Music as MP3 files and enjoy them offline.


If you want to download YouTube Music as MP3, MusicFab YouTube Music Converter is recommended. The success rate of downloading is as high as 99%, and it has a reserved download function and a batch download function (batch download all at once), which makes downloading much more efficient. The browser application is also convenient as it does not require installation, but be careful when using it due to the risk of viruses and malware. If you want to learn about spotify 無料ダウンロード, you can also read this article.

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