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How To Import Reviews From AliExpress to Shopify


Did you know that trust is a key pillar of any high-converting Shopify store? You can build trust using many methods, like adding trust badges on cart pages or collaborating with credible niche-specific influencers, etc. However, from our experience, the most cost-effective method is adding product reviews. And if you start fresh as a daisy, importing existing AliExpress reviews to your store is a brilliant idea. Let us show you how to import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify free!

A sneak peek of today’s guide:

  • Best AliExpress review importers
  • How to import review from AliExpress to Shopify?
  • Why import AliExpress reviews Shopify?

Let’s dive right in!

Best AliExpress Review Importers For Shopify

Since Shopify doesn’t support importing AliExpress reviews to Shopify natively, you need to use an AliExpress review import to do so. 

After testing out several available tools, here are the three best AliExpress review importer Shopify apps that meet our quality standards regarding value, ease of use, and more.

#1. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews

Rating: 4.9 (13,700+)

Pricing: Free plan available | $9.90/month – $49.90/month | 7-day free trial

Ali Reviews is the first AliExpress review importer app we’d love to introduce to you today. Ali Reviews is a powerful Shopify app designed to simplify the process of collecting, showcasing, and managing product reviews, ultimately helping you build trust and boost your sales

With this app, you can seamlessly import thousands of reviews from not only AliExpress but also Amazon and other sources in clicks. The app also comes with built-in email and SMS features, allowing you to request reviews from your customers easily.

Ali Reviews AliExpress review importer

Ali Reviews– the best AliExpress review importer extension

Highlight features of Ali Reviews

  • Bulk import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, Dsers, and Ali Orders.
  • Ali Reviews empowers you to make your store visually appealing by incorporating eye-catching review widgets on any page
  • Send automatic review requests to your customers via email and SMS using pre-made templates
  • Turn user-generated content (UGC) and photo reviews into powerful marketing assets that you can share on your social media channels
  • Gather insightful reviews with custom questions, Q&A sections, and incentive programs

#2. AliExpress Reviews

Rating: 4.7 (540+)

Pricing: Free

Next up, we have AliExpress Reviews on the list. If you are familiar with the app, then you have probably heard about this one. 

However, it should be noted this tool only supports one feature: importing AliExpress reviews to Shopify. To manage, customize, and publish those imported reviews to your Shopify store, you must also install the Product Reviews app.

So if you are using the Product Reviews app and want to import AliExpress reviews to your store, AliExpress Reviews is a perfect choice.

Import AliExpress reviews using review importer

Import AliExpress reviews using review importer

Highlight features of AliExpress Reviews

  • Import unlimited AliExpress reviews with concurrent multiple imports.
  • Apply multiple filters to select reviews based on preferences.
  • Integrate seamlessly with or export reviews to other review apps for versatile use.
  • Directly import reviews from AliExpress pages using the Chrome extension.
  • Elevate trust and conversions by showcasing review photos and descriptive User-Generated Content (UGC).

#3. PX Aliexpress Review Importer

Rating: 5.0 (173)

Pricing: Free plan available | $6.95/month

And last but not least, though not as popular as the two aforementioned apps, PX Aliexpress Review Importer is an easy-to-use, affordable AliExpress review importing app we’d recommend to anyone on a budget.

With PX Aliexpress Review Importer, you can easily import reviews on big global marketplaces like AliExpress and Amazon to your Shopify store within a few minutes.

import AliExpress reviews with PX AliExpress Review Importer tool

Easily import AliExpress reviews with PX AliExpress Review Importer tool

Highlight features of PX Aliexpress Review Importer

  • Easily import valuable AliExpress and Amazon reviews into your store
  • No coding required, easily add review widgets to your site
  • Elevate sales through showcased product reviews to increase customer conversions
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How To Import Reviews From AliExpress to Shopify?

Step 1: Install an AliExpress review importer

As Ali Reviews is the best AliExpress review importer regarding Price/Performance (P/P), we will use the app to guide you through how to add reviews to Shopify from AliExpress today.

On the Shopify App Store, search for Ali Reviews. Then, click Install.

Install AliExpress review importer

Install AliExpress review importer

A confirmation pop-up as shown will appear; click Install app to confirm your installation.

Step 2: Select the Shopify products you want to import AliExpress reviews to

On your Ali Reviews app’s admin dashboard, click Import Reviews tab. Afterward, navigate to the product you want to import AliExpress reviews to, and click the Import Reviews button.

How To Import Reviews From AliExpress to Shopify

Click Import Reviews to get started importing AliExpress reviews to Shopify

Step 3: Find and paste the URL of the AliExpress product you want to import reviews

Go to AliExpress and find the product you want to import reviews to your store. Copy the product’s URL.

AliExpress product’s URL

Copy the AliExpress product’s URL

Paste the AliExpress product URL into the box “Paste URL of AliExpress product

Import Reviews From AliExpress to Shopify

Paste the URL you just copied here

Step 4: Filter the type of reviews you want to import

Don’t hit the import reviews button yet, let’s choose how many reviews you want to import and their quality by clicking Customize settings for this product.

Customize AliExpress review import settings 

Customize AliExpress review import settings 

First, select how many reviews you want to import for your specific product and the date range of those reviews.

import aliexpress reviews to shopify

Choose the number of reviews you want to import

There are many reviews on AliExpress that might not use the appropriate language or contain words you don’t want to appear on your store. Hence, scroll down to the Content Moderation section to control the quality of your reviews.

For instance, with Ali Reviews, you can choose to only import the AliExpress reviews that: 

  • Have attached photos or videos;
  • Don’t contain specific keywords like “worst”, “scam”, “fraud”, etc. 

Filter AliExpress reviews to import to Shopify store

Filter the AliExpress reviews to import to your Shopify store

After you’ve done so, click Import Reviews

And just like that, you’ve successfully imported reviews from AliExpress to Shopify!

aliexpress reviews being imported

The AliExpress reviews are being imported to your store

Step 5: Review the imported reviews and publish them to your store

Finally, click on the products you’ve just imported reviews. Herein, you can see a list of imported AliExpress reviews.

Tick all the reviews you want to push to your Shopify store and click Publish.

Publish AliExpress reviews to Shopify store

Publish AliExpress reviews to Shopify store

Remember to go to your storefront and double-check your newly published reviews to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Publish AliExpress reviews to Shopify store

Successfully imported AliExpress reviews

Why Import AliExpress Reviews To Your Shopify Store?

#1. Increase conversion rates

By showcasing positive feedback and experiences of previous buyers, you’re directly influencing purchase decisions. When potential customers see that others have had good experiences with your products, they’re more likely to convert and make a purchase. 

These reviews provide valuable information that addresses potential concerns or hesitations, helping to push hesitant visitors toward becoming satisfied customers.

#2. Improve your SEO

When you have a robust collection of reviews on your Shopify product pages, it increases the amount of user-generated content associated with your products. Search engines love fresh, relevant content, and user reviews provide just that. Leveraging an AI text generator to enhance your product descriptions can further optimize your content for improved discoverability. This can lead to better SEO rankings, making your products more discoverable by potential customers searching for similar items.

#3. Allow you to get started with existing reviews

Lastly, importing reviews from AliExpress allows you to get started with existing reviews quickly. Instead of waiting for your store to accumulate reviews over time, you can jumpstart your credibility by integrating reviews from AliExpress products that match your offerings within clicks

This can be particularly advantageous for new or small businesses that dropship their Shopify store with an AliExpress supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get reviews from AliExpress to Shopify?

Because Shopify does not have a built-in feature that allows you to import AliExpress reviews to Shopify, we highly recommend that you use an AliExpress review importer app like Ali Reviews to do so.

Can you import reviews from AliExpress?

Yes, you can import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify using a third-party AliExpress review importing app.

How do I export reviews from AliExpress?

Unfortunately, as of the present, AliExpress does not support exporting reviews on the marketplace’s product pages. So, if you want, you’ll have to save them manually one by one.

How do I import reviews into my Shopify store?

You can import reviews (whether from marketplaces or an existing review app) into your Shopify store using Shopify apps like Ali Reviews, Loox, or other review management apps that offer import functionalities.


All in all, if you’re just getting started with no reviews yet, importing AliExpress reviews to your Shopify store can benefit your store in all possible ways– improved conversions, better search engine rankings, and, most importantly, convenience. Hence, we hope after reading this article, you can know how to import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify without the hassle.



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