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How NetSuite Integration Freed a Back Office

In a quest to harmonize their back office, an Executive Consultant at a fast-growing medical clinic automated the sharing of payroll data from ADP Workforce Now into NetSuite. Automation steered their accounting department away from the cumbersome task of manually uploading files from their payroll app and manually reconciling ledgers. 

The Challenge: Automating the Flow of ADP Payroll Data into NetSuite

Without automation, the manual entry of 250+ payroll files from dozens of legal entities into NetSuite consumed half the time of a full-time employee’s schedule, wasting time and resources and reducing productivity. Thanks to the hands-free, point-to-point NetSuite integration provided by Flexspring, the clinic now seamlessly processes 250 payrolls monthly from numerous legal entities and automatically records those payroll charges in accounting’s general ERP of choice, NetSuite.  

The Transformation: ADP Workforce Now with NetSuite

Flexspring’s integration condenses up to 30 lines of ADP payroll data into harmonious summary notes for total earnings, deductions, and taxes. Like a musical composition, each payroll run translates into a single summary journal entry, creating a distinct melody for each company code—each note resonating within a single legal entity/subsidiary in NetSuite. The integration acts as a meticulous conductor to ensure a balanced rhythm between debits and credits, preventing discordant errors in the symphony of financial transactions.

The integration included:

  • ADP Workforce Now to NetSuite Journal Entries
  • After processing payroll, a payroll team member at the medical clinic pushes the create general ledger button in ADP Workforce Now, triggering the automation. Then, ADP automatically places a payroll file on a secure server. Automation sweeps up this file, and within minutes, payroll data—without any risk of error from manual data entry—successfully imports payroll journal entries as NetSuite general ledger entries. The automation is entirely hands-free. 

The Results: Well-Orchestrated Automation Saves the Day

Due to the Executive Consultant’s detailed analysis of existing integration solutions, the  ADP Workforce Now into NetSuite Journal Entries integration works like an automated conveyor belt, seamlessly merging 250+ diverse payrolls from numerous legal entities, each with its distinct company code. This consolidation occurs effortlessly within NetSuite’s general ledger, facilitated by a singular integration system provided by the experts at Flexspring.

“The ADP payroll to NetSuite journal entry integration by Flexspring exactly delivered what I wanted to do,” said the Executive Consultant. “I looked at more expensive solutions from other companies, but none provided what Flexspring does: a true point-to-point, hands-free solution. We’re no longer in the manual payroll journal entry business. Automation positions us for substantial, profitable growth without adding strain or headcount to our back office.”

Conclusion: A Harmonious Performance

The integration functions as a conductor of automation, seamlessly weaving together 250+ payrolls from diverse legal entities. This automated process liberates the HR team from manual input, effortlessly uniting these varied elements within NetSuite’s ledger, all directed by an integration provided by Flexspring. Each day, like a conductor’s baton signaling a flawless performance, email notifications confirm the successful importation of files and affirm the harmonious operation of the system. Over the past year, the fast-growing medical clinic flawlessly choreographed the movement of over 3,000 error-free payroll files between ADP Workforce Now and NetSuite. It freed both its HR and accounting departments from the burden of manual double-data entry.

About Author

Yan CourtoisYan Courtois is the CEO of Flexspring, a company that focuses on HR data integration. With Flexspring, Yan leads a team of experts who provide custom and turnkey data integration for HR apps that’s fast, easy, and cost-effective. Flexspring is an Oracle NetSuite integration partner.  NetSuite integration is one of the most popular automations that save HR and Accounting departments time and money.

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