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How AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools Can Enhance Your Copywriting Skills?

Copywriting is an art that is generally used to convince readers to move towards a certain brand. Copywriting aims to persuade a reader to purchase a product or service. Copywriters are not responsible for selling the goods; rather, they are responsible for selling their thoughts and interests concerning the product.

They describe the thing in such a way that the reader will find it appealing and will feel compelled to purchase the item after reading it. Creating high-quality copywriting pieces of content is quite a creative and tough task. It requires a significant amount of time and effort.

However, if you are not skilled in copywriting, you can utilize AI-based paraphrasing tools to improve your copywriting skills. The usage of AI paraphrasing tools by writers is quite beneficial, as the amazing features of these tools make the content writing process easy and also simple.

Additionally, copywriting is a crucial talent for digital marketing. It is the magic of written content that drives sales. If you want to learn to do copywriting in the right way, you must enroll in a digital marketing course in Pune. A course, whether online or offline, aids in the systematic learning of the topics.

What is an AI-Based Paraphrasing Tool?

Reword or rephrasing a piece of content while preserving the meaning and context of the original text is called paraphrasing. You also automatically paraphrase your content with the help of AI-based paraphrasing tools.

AI-based paraphrasing tools are software that is available to paraphrase content automatically in just a few seconds. This is because these paraphrasing tools are based on using natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and evaluate your content.

After that, AI-based paraphrasing tools work on AI technologies to rephrase and use various advanced algorithms to change the tone of the text and give different ideas to enhance the quality of the content. You can try out one of the many AI tools that rephrase text for you in a matter of seconds. These tools first comprehend the text and then rewrite it.

However, if you are not skilled in copywriting, you can utilize AI writing tools or AI-based paraphrasing tools to improve your copywriting skills.

How AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools Enhance Copywriting Skills?

Copywriters can improve their copywriting skills through the use of AI paraphrasing tools. Your content will be rephrased in an effective manner using AI technologies. These tools provide a distinctive quality to your work and remove plagiarism from your piece of content.

They can also assist you in developing high-quality content that is optimized for search engines, resulting in a greater number of views and consumers. Using these tools, you can create text that will rank highly on search engines. AI-based paraphrasing tools improve copywriting skills in the following ways:

  1. Improve Vocabulary

The main and primary step that is common in almost all paraphrasing tools is the synonym-replacing technique. In other words, the basic change that is affected by most paraphrasing tools to the given text is to change some of the existing words with their suitable synonyms.

As a copywriter, you can learn from this technique by looking at the words that the tool uses to replace the ones in the original text. You can learn new synonyms and improve your vocabulary.

  1. Rearrange the Structure of Content

This is yet another advantage that you can get while using AI paraphrasing tools.

AI paraphrasing tools, apart from changing the existing words with their synonyms, also change the structure of the sentences. For example, if a certain sentence is written in active voice, an intelligent tool will change it to passive, and vice versa.

Similarly, the phrases used in the text can also get changed by the paraphraser.

All of this can help you understand how you can differently arrange your sentences. You will learn about the different ways in which the sentences can be formed without sounding too confusing.

Here is an example of how an AI paraphrasing tool can change the sentence structure of the given text:

You can see how the tool has rearranged the first sentence of this paragraph.

  1. Remove Plagiarism from the Content

This is yet another aspect that paraphrasers can help you with.

Essentially, when the words are changed with their synonyms and the sentence structures are rearranged, any plagiarism that may have been present in the text is removed.

As a copywriter, you can observe the collective changes made by the tool to understand how you can remove plagiarism from any content without altering its original meaning.

  1. Improve Content Tone

This benefit is not something that you can enjoy with just about any paraphrasing tool. Rather, it’s something that you can get only with highly intelligent, AI-based ones.

Essentially, there are some tools available online that can reword the content in such a way that the tone gets changed. For example, if you enter a piece of formally-written content in such tools, they could change it to humorous and informal.

So, you can also use this to your advantage, and get an idea how the tone of the content can be changed without deviating from the original meaning.

For example, a tool may incorporate the use of contractions when rewording the text to make it look informal.

Some Paraphrasing Tools That You Can Use For Improving Your Skills

  1. is one of the best tools available, allowing you to paraphrase the content in seven different ways. This tool has recently gained massive popularity because of its accurate and near-human results.

You can enter the text by typing, copying/pasting, or uploading a file from your system. It analyses your text using NLP, paraphrases it using deep learning algorithms, and generates results that require no edits afterward. 

There are seven different modes that a user can use for free. Also, there is a premium version for businesses and bloggers that want to generate more accurate results and paraphrase long texts in a single search. Otherwise, there is a limit a basic user has to follow. 

As compared with other tools, is available in more than 30 languages allowing users from different parts of the world to use it in their language.

2.  Paraphraser is a popular name among online paraphrasing tools. It’s free to use and it doesn’t require you to create an account either. However, for free users, the input capacity is only 500 words per query whereas paid users can enter 1,000 words at a time.

There are a total of four different modes that you can use with this tool. Of these four modes, two are free to use and two are premium-only.

The modes work differently and each of them affects a different type of changes to the entered content. As a free user, you can only utilize the Fluency and Standard modes – both of which are adequate and sufficient for most uses.

3. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is actually the name of a platform that has over 90 different tools and utilities. It also has a paraphrasing tool, which is what we are going to be discussing right now.

This paraphrasing tool is based on artificial intelligence, exactly like the tool explained above. It’s a free online AI-based paraphrasing tool that everyone can use without paying.

Prepostseo paraphrasing tools offer different modes of paraphrasing. You can select among Simple, Advanced, Fluency, and Creative modes of writing. This tool works on advanced algorithms that are based on artificial intelligence.

Your content will have a more professional look as a result of paraphrasing with this AI tool. It has a large number of additional features, such as multiple importing options.

You can also paraphrase the content by simply copying and pasting it into the input box. There are 8 different languages supported by this tool, which include English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Netherlands, Portuguese, and Turkish.

4. Chimp Rewriter

Here we will talk about another decent AI-based paraphrasing tool, Chimpimp Rewriter. It is a tool that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology to paraphrase more professionally.

You can paste your content or upload it into the input box. The tool thoroughly analyzes the context and paraphrases using AI technologies. One of this tool’s most attractive features is that it can upload photos and videos automatically from various sources with only a few clicks.

It also allows you to incorporate a wide range of SEO resources, such as N-spin, anchor text spin, random order and anchoring, folder reorder, and bulk directory rewriters. You can also publish paraphrased content on hundreds of websites with a single click.

You can check out the Chimp Rewriter tool for 14 days before signing up for a monthly plan to better understand how it works. Moreover, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on purchases. Monthly plans are $15 per month or $99 per year for annual plans.


If you want to improve your copywriting skills, using a paraphrasing tool is a good way to go about it. Your grammar and vocabulary can be significantly improved by using an AI-based paraphrasing tool.

However, in order to get the best benefits from the paraphrasing tools, you have to make sure that you pick the right one for the job. You should do a couple of test runs on the tool you choose to see how well it works.

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