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Finally, WhatsApp enables discrete exit from group discussions

If you’re ever in a WhatsApp group chat that you no longer want to be a part of, there’s a way to quietly sneak out without anyone noticing. Here’s how in this blog.

This month, WhatsApp users will start receiving updates on new privacy features.

These days, WhatsApp is the ideal platform for communication. Whether it is a private or group conversation, it has evolved into the most significant element in our lives. But occasionally, group chat can be bothersome as well, and muting the group for a year won’t always be helpful. Again, leaving the group also leads to a lot of confusion, so what should you do in this circumstance? Not to fear, WhatsApp is already come up with the right response to this. You can now log out of WhatsApp without anyone knowing.

On August 9, the business published a blog post detailing many new features aimed at safeguarding users’ privacy.

Users can now exit WhatsApp group chats without informing other participants thanks to one of the improvements. When a member leaves the group after the upgrade, only admins will be notified rather than the entire group.

WhatsApp group exit notification

According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will only notify the group admin if a member leaves the group while the other members remain in the dark. The feature is currently reported to be under development, and the actual rollout won’t start until testing is over. We may assume that in the upcoming weeks, if not already, it will initially be made available on beta before moving to stable.

Users will also have the option to control who can view their online status.

With the new version, users will be able to control who can and cannot see when they’re online, enabling them to check WhatsApp without their loved ones knowing when they’re online.

According to WhatsApp, both of these services will be made available to all users within a month.

A screenshot blocking update for “View Once” messages were also included in the blog article. Users are already able to transmit messages and media that vanish after being viewed thanks to the feature, which was launched last year.

There is presently no specific date for when users will be able to access this tool, but the business is currently testing a feature that will let users prevent others from screenshotting these ephemeral messages.

The latest enhancements, according to Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, are an effort to create “additional ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face discussions,” he said in a statement posted on Facebook.

With this new feature, you can mute the chat and go about your day without having to feel guilty about leaving everyone hanging.

With this new feature, you can mute the chat and go about your day without having to feel guilty about leaving everyone hanging.WhatsApp is finally letting people sneak out of group chats quietly, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After all, who hasn’t been stuck in a group chat that they didn’t want to be in? Now, you can simply mute the chat and go about your day without having to feel guilty about leaving everyone hanging.

How does this function?

WaBetaInfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp, reports that members who leave a group won’t notify other users in the chat; instead, only the group managers will be able to see who leaves the group. Whatsapp is probably developing a new feature that would let users leave groups quietly.

This feature is still being worked on, so it cannot yet be made available to beta testers. A future update of the software for the Android and iOS versions will include this capability. Whatsapp is developing a new function that will improve the visual appeal of sharing website addresses on social media. The messaging app is experimenting with several techniques to produce rich previews.

WhatsApp Features

Recently, WhatsApp launched a new feature that will keep certain friends’ last seen information, profile pictures, and status updates private. According to WhatsApp, this will safeguard your online privacy. Before, users could choose from “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.” The “My Contacts except” option is now available to users as well.

In a statement, WhatsApp announced new privacy capabilities, such as the ability to leave groups invisibly, that will be available later this month.

Tuesday saw the launch of new privacy options for WhatsApp users, including the ability to quit groups invisibly and to choose who can view their online status. Additionally, WhatsApp will prohibit screenshots of “view once” conversations.

How does Meta feel about Whatsapp’s new features?

WhatsApp is introducing new privacy features, including the ability to leave group chats without informing anyone, the ability to choose who can see when you’re online, and the ability to stop screenshots from being taken of messages when they are first opened. We’ll continue to develop innovative techniques to safeguard your messages and keep them as private and secure as in-person interactions. CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg, according to Meta.

Users can feel more connected to one another by seeing when friends and family are online, but everyone has had instances when they wished to check their WhatsApp in secret. The ability to choose who can and cannot see when you’re online is a new tool that WhatsApp is bringing for the times you want to keep your online presence private, the company stated in a statement. This function will begin rolling out to all users this month.

Additionally, screenshots for ‘View Once Messages’ will no longer be allowed in the instant messaging app. It was mentioned that “View Once” is already a very well-liked method of sharing images or other types of data that don’t require a permanent digital record. “As an additional layer of security, WhatsApp is now enabling screenshot blocking for View Once messages. Users will soon be able to use this functionality, which is now undergoing testing.

A recent survey of WhatsApp upgradation

The business went on to say that the launch of these new capabilities is supported by a recent WhatsApp privacy survey, which indicated that 72% of people appreciate the ability to talk honestly and unfiltered, but that more than 47% can only do this in a safe, private setting.

“51% of people want to remain anonymous online to pick and choose who they want to talk to when they need more privacy. Blocking features are regarded as important by 91% of those who are aware of them. For this reason, WhatsApp is adding new levels of security that let users communicate freely and in private, the company stated.

WhatsApp now to launch education campaign

Whatsapp will launch a new education campaign to raise awareness of the new capabilities, starting in the UK and India.

“At WhatsApp, we’re committed to developing product features that give users more power and control over their message privacy. The new capabilities are one way we maintain our promise to protect message privacy. “Over the years, we’ve introduced interlocking levels of protection to help keep their conversations secure,” said Ami Vora, Head of Product at WhatsApp.

The level of protection offered by the platform for messages, media, voice messages, video calls, and chat backups is unsurpassed, according to Ms. Vora. For private conversations, WhatsApp is the safest platform, according to us. The company will also launch a global campaign to inform people of the new features, starting in the UK and India, about how we protect their private chats on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has always been a popular messaging app for personal use. It’s also been used as a platform to interact with others from all over the world. After all, it’s currently the most popular messaging service on the planet. As a result, many have used it for business or other groups too. That said, there is no doubt that WhatsApp has improved the way we communicate with others. For example, it’s updated its messaging system by adding video calling and voice calling features- which is great for making international calls when you don’t have data roaming! And now they’re giving us even more ways to make our conversations simpler!  Also read, WhatsApp Pink: A New Malware That Can Reply to Multiple Messaging AppWhatsApp is working on a ‘login approval’ feature to help prevent hackingWhatsApp now gives over 2 days to delete messages after sending

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