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Discover the Serene Oasis: Breathtaking Hot Springs Around the Globe

The hot water that emerges naturally from natural mineral reserves and volcanic rock deep inside the Earth makes hot springs. Most hot springs have medicinal qualities, for they are rich in sulphur, iron, and arsenic, which imbue their quality. Ancient people used hot springs to treat themselves due to the water’s therapeutic properties. Moreover, most hot springs offer breathtaking views that appear to restore perspective.

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Blue Lagoon in Iceland

blue lagoon

Being a popular geothermal spa in southwest Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, close to the Keflavik International Airport. The cloudy and distinctly blue water at the blue lagoon makes it a romantic spot, with a range of spectacular volcanic landscapes bordering it. The rising steam pillars further enhance the wonderful atmosphere of the spa.

The water’s abundance of silica and sulphur is said to be the reason the Blue Lagoon is believed to have such noteworthy restorative properties. Silica mud is offered for free near the pool for visitors to use as a face mask and a research and development department on the property deals with treatments and therapies for skin complaints.

With an average temperature of 98–102°F (37–39°C), you can relax in an extremely pleasant environment while swimming and bathing. The place is also known for its waterfall, saunas, and steam rooms.

Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

pamukkale hot prings

Pamukkale is a hidden gem in southwest Turkey’s Denizli Province highlands. UNESCO has designated Hierapolis, the ancient Roman city, and the Pamukkale hot springs as world heritage sites. 

The lovely blue water at the Pamukkale hot springs, otherwise called Cotton Castle in Turkey, is a result of the abundance of calcium, minerals, and carbonate deposits in the water. The minerals in the water harden down the slope, forming the famous white calcium pools in Pamukkale. A variety of limestone is called travertine.

Taking a dip in the pools can treat conditions like eye and skin ailments, chronic digestive and circulatory issues, and nutritional and dietary difficulties. This has made Pamukkale a thriving spa destination since early times.

Chena Natural Hot Springs, Alaska

The road to Chena Hot Springs is a scenic route, which you can easily take from Fairbanks and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. You will reach the world-class hot spring known for its exceptional outdoor rock lake at the end of the road. Other than hot springs, the place is famous for watching the northern lights and the Aurora Ice Museum, which is open all year.

A continual stream of water at over 150 degrees is produced by the springs, which are located in the middle of a 40-square-mile geothermal area, but it must first be cooled down to take a bath in it. 

The facility offers several indoor and outdoor baths, a family indoor pool, and an outdoor Rock Lake, a lake surrounded by boulders, making it a lovely and tranquil spot to see the northern lights, particularly in winter.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

The Grand Prismatic Spring is the main attraction of Yellowstone’s Midway Geyser Basin. Tourists keep visiting the place, which makes it essential to have your flight booked well ahead of your journey. The 50-metre- or 160-foot-deep Grand Prismatic Hot Spring is one of the largest in the world. A must-see sight during a trip to Yellowstone, its dazzling rainbow colours give it a bizarre, mystical appearance.

The 370 feet in diameter spring has extremely hot water seeping from the cracks of the molten rocks. The microbial mats of microorganisms in the water give the spring its distinctive colours. Because of extreme temperatures, the spring features a calming shade of blue in the centre, which is sterile.

Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

About 5 kilometres from Lovina in North Bali, Air Panas Banjar is tucked away on a verdant, lush mountainside. Tourists love to visit the sulphurous hot springs near the town of Banjar. 

The 38 °C water, with a sulphur content of 26%, can help soothe itchy, inflamed skin. The water flows in three different swimming pools, like a 6.5-foot-deep main pool, a pool with dragon-shaped overhead spouts, and a bathing-friendly children’s pool.

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