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How to Enhance Your Video Quality [2024]


Videos play an important role when it comes to engaging and capturing the viewer’s attention. No matter whether you have a video for a blog, YouTube, or social media site, the quality needs to be excellent to create a niche for yourself. Despite making all efforts to record good quality videos, the need for improving and touching up arises and here a good video enhancer tool comes to your rescue.

With video content consumption on the increase, the number of video quality-enhancing tools is also on the rise, but not all are effective and deliver good output. So, to help you choose a reliable and effective tool and ways on how to enhance video quality, this post will be an excellent reference. 

how to enhance video quality

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Part 1. Why Does Video Blur Occur? And Is It Impossible to Fix It?

Before we start with the tools and solutions to improve video quality, let us first take a look at the reasons why blurring and low-quality videos happen and whether can they be fixed.

Several reasons might cause the video to blur and some of the common ones are listed below.

  • Video quality settings are done at a low level
  • The network conditions are not stable and poor
  • If you have a hardware limitation with an old or underpowered device
  • The source of the video quality is in low-resolution
  • The video card driver which the viewer is using is outdated
  • Glitches in the player and the system

No, it is not impossible to fix the blur issues. There are tools and methods available to fix the issues depending on the reason. So next thing is how to enhance a video quality

If the video blur is caused due to network or hardware limitations, it can be worked upon by improving the device and the network. In situations when source quality is low, settings are not done properly, and in other scenarios, the videos can be fixed with taking help of a professional video enhancing tool. 

Part 2. How to Enhance Video Quality With the Third Part App?

Is there an app to improve video quality?

One of the best ways to enhance video quality is by using a powerful third-party video enhancer app. These apps are specially designed to assist you with improving and enhancing your videos in different scenarios.

The one that we suggest here is 4DDiG File Repair-Video Repair software which is among the best in the category. The software is compatible with your Windows and Mac systems and facilitates repairing all types of corrupted, low-quality, and unplayable videos. 

Key features of 4DDiG File Repair- video quality enhancer app

  • The software supports AI-enhance video quality that can be up to 8k resolution
  • The AI-supported technology facilitates restoring and colorizing black and white videos. 
  • Video enhancement is done using 4 different models- General Model, Anime Model, Face model, and Face detection. 
  • The software supported videos from all types of devices and storage mediums including PCs, laptops, hard drives, SD cards, pen drives, DJI drones, and all popular camera brands ( Nikon, Canon, Sony, and others). 
  • Not only videos, the tool supported fixing and enhancing other file types including other file types, photos, and audio. 
  • The software can work seamlessly on your Windows and Mac systems
  • All types of file issues like unplayable, choppy, audio and video out of sync, video freezing, no sound, distorted, fuzzy, blurred, and more can be treated using the tool
  • All key video formats are supported including MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, and many others
  • Batch processing to repair multiple files at a time supported to save time and effort. 

Steps to enhance video quality using 4DDiG File Repair 

Step 1. Download, install, and open 4DDiG File Repair software on your system. On the main interface choose Video Repair on the left side panel and click on the Download button under the Enhance Video Quality option to launch the toolkit for the function.


Download, install, and open 4DDiG File Repair software

Image 2

Step 2. Tap on Add/Drag Video to browse and import the video or you can also simply drag and drop the file.


Tap on Add

Image 3

Step 3. Next, select from the AI Model list options- General Model, Anime Model, or Face Model. Also, select the desired resolution from the drop-down menu. 


select from the AI Model list

Image 4

Step 4. The software will start processing the video and when done it can be previewed and clicking on the Export All button will save it to your selected location. 

Part 3. What Else Can 4DDiG Do?

4DDiG File Repair software can not only enhance the video quality but also can repair the corrupted files. The software can be used for repairing video, images, audio and other file types as well. Almost all types of file repair issues can be handled by 4DDiG like files not opening, corrupted files, pixelated images, audio distortion and several  others. 

Steps to repair corrupted videos using 4DDiG File Repair 

 Step 1. On the main software interface choose Fix Video Errors and tap on the Start button under it to launch the function toolkit. 


choose Fix Video Errors

Image 5

Step 2. Browse and add the video using the Add Video(s) button. Multiple files can be added here to perform batch processing.


Browse and add the video using the Add Video

Image 6

Step 3. After the files are added, simply click on the Start Repair button on the top-right corner and the software will start its process. 

click on the Start Repair button

Image 7

Step 4. Once the file repair process is complete, the files will appear under Repaired Results and a preview can be done using the View Results button. 

Image 8

Step 5. Either choose to save each file individually by clicking on the Export button or select the ones needed and tap on the Export Selected button. 

how to enhance video quality

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Part 4. Additional Tip: How to Download YouTube Video and Improve Its quality?

A lot of time users download a YouTube video, but find its quality to be quite low. If you too are among one of them, 4DDiG File Repair will work as one-stop solution. You can simply download the YouTube video(s) of your choice and then using the 4DDiG File Repair tool enhance its quality selecting from different models. So, even if you are not able to download YouTube video high quality, it can be improved using the software. 


Enhancing the quality of videos and fixing the errors and issues requires the use of a professional tool like 4DDiG File Repair. With support for all possible scenarios, devices, and formats, the software is one of the best available. Also, the simple and intuitive interface makes it apt even for first-time users. 

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