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Beginner Guide: Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

If you just decided to share your creativity with the world and create and edit videos for your own YouTube channel, you probably know what’s next on this challenging road ahead. As making content is more than just filming video footage of your favorite cat or dessert, you also need to use the best video editing software for YouTube videos to keep your viewers interested – yet choosing the best is a challenging process.

For starters, you need to know that online viewers prefer captivating visuals, seamless transitions, and a touch of special effects that make content show beyond basics. In addition to this, crafting eye-catching thumbnails is also crucial to entice viewers to click and watch your content, adding an extra layer to your editing endeavors.

So, whether you prefer professional editing software to access advanced features or free software to make an easy start, plenty of options are suitable for you.

Here are some of the most popular editing software:

Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

For content creators new to video editing, free software or a free version of a paid one can be an ideal way to get started. Typically, these basic editing tools require no prior knowledge or experience and offer simple yet appealing templates – making them a perfect starting point.

Furthermore, their quality is often comparable to expensive software, with the added benefit of being more accessible to YouTube beginners.

Therefore, many creators utilize them to edit videos and earn themselves titles among top YouTube video editors. You should know these when editing YouTube videos to make the best of them.

Here are some of the best video editing software for YouTube video editors you can use for free:


CapCut is free and adaptable video editing software on desktop and mobile devices. It stands as beginners’ favorite, with components that enable you to edit YouTube videos like one of the professional video editors. You can utilize all the tools that are essential for basic video editing, as well as the functionalities you need to edit your videos with precision and creativity. Therefore, beginners and experienced editors use it easily to edit videos for YouTube and boost the watch hour of their YouTube channels.

In other words, with this practical application, you can easily trim and rearrange your video clips, connect them with pre-made transitions to make smooth and seamless shifts between the scenes and incorporate captivating effects to make your visuals stand out.

However, a friendly reminder that if you choose to utilize advanced video editing features of the platform, you need to spend a little bit on the pro version.


Veed is a popular video editing software for professional and beginner video editors.

Its intuitive interface and extensive range of features make it a versatile tool for creating captivating video content and GIFs. From motion tracking to animation and color correction, it offers diverse options to enhance your video frames.

One key aspect of the platform is its screen recording feature, which proves invaluable for crafting a tutorial video or hosting webinars. You can easily capture and incorporate your screen into your video, providing step-by-step instructions or sharing valuable insights.

For teams and businesses, Veed offers cloud storage and collaboration tools. This makes it ideal for social media marketing efforts and facilitates seamless teamwork during the YouTube video editing procedure. You can easily share project files, gather feedback, and stay connected with your team members, streamlining the editing workflow.

Lightworks (LWKS)

While not strictly belonging to the free editing software category, like CapCut, Lightworks offers both a free version and paid version for editors.

The platform names itself as an exhaustive video creation tool and offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to live up to its claim. So, regardless of your video editing skills and experience, you can effortlessly work with this software to enhance your video’s visual quality.

Furthermore, even if you have yet to pre-experience with any other basic video editing tools before, LWKS has a comprehensive collection of tutorial videos that you can watch to shape your learning curve. You can gain insights into how to use visual effects not to tire your viewers. You can also learn how to pay with your video speed and include a piece of background royalty free music to specific frames.

Additionally, whether you are a freelance video editor or part of a marketing team, you would be happy to hear that many businesses utilize this software to create YouTube videos – and achieve their goals. So, you can take them as a reference and join these satisfied users by utilizing this free video editing software.

Professional and Paid Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

Suppose you possess professional editing skills and prefer using more advanced features that free video editing tools don’t provide. In that case, looking for paid software to challenge your comfort zone is better. In this way, you can implement more customization to your content and squirm them out of the other videos.

You can also work on multiple video tracks and audio and produce your unique style to help your viewers distinguish your content from others, whether you upload it on YouTube or anywhere else.

There’s a reminder, however, that most of those editing alternatives require monthly or yearly expenses, so be sure to check your budget before deciding.

Here is the best video editing software for YouTube content:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Many experts in the entertainment industry have accepted Adobe Premiere Pro, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, as one of the top-notch video editing software options. It’s a favorite of editors worldwide and a go-to platform to create professional-quality videos, whether for YouTube or any other platform.

It offers a comprehensive variety of editing tools to help you manage multiple clips and even qualifies you to save them in diverse video file formats on your device. You can even add text and overlays to enhance your content.

Additionally, it finds its way out of the competition with its multi-cam editing options.

Windows Movie Maker 2023

Windows software tool, Movie Maker, is another popular alternative to video editing, especially used by Windows users for years. While the previous versions of it provided a free plan, the new version comes as paid software due to its advanced and upgraded features that enable both video and audio editing – which is approved and loved by users so far.

Due to its simple and usable interface and straightforward edit process, while beginners also prefer it, many professionals use this software to build their channels with professional-looking videos. So you can also use it to add text and audio to your clips and create a smooth interaction between the scenes with attractive transitions.

You can use this software for personal interests or your business’ marketing process.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut is professional video editing software designed for Apple users that many editors acknowledge as an industry-standard tool. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to the needs of filmmakers, video content editors, and content creators who strive to produce high-quality videos for their viewers.

It provides a non-linear editing environment that allows users to work with various video formats and resolutions, including 4K and even 8K footage. So, you can access a robust set of editing tools, including timeline-based editing, a magnetic timeline, and various transitions and effects.

In particular, the software is known for its extensive range of audio effects and supports working with multiple audio tracks on complex projects. So, it’s best if you mainly focus on audio-based content.

Additionally, it excels in its color grading and correction capabilities. It provides a comprehensive set of color grading tools, including built-in color presets, precise color wheels, and advanced color matching. You can use these features to enhance the visual aesthetics of your videos.


Do you have additional questions? Here are the answers:

What is the Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Editor?

Choosing the most suitable software depends on various factors, including your video editing capabilities.

While Adobe Premiere Pro has been regarded as the top video editing software by many editors, a group of them claim to achieve better video editing features and results through alternative options.

Which Free Online Software is Ideal for Editing Videos?

In the opinion of video editor communities, Veed and CapCut offer great video editing features to enhance your content, so they were chosen as the best.

Who is the Best YouTube Video Editor?

While the top video editor hasn’t been named as it depends on viewers’ taste, most video editors recommend Adobe Premiere Pro, CapCut, and Final Cut for creating high-quality videos.

So, you can also utilize one of them and build your audience as an editor with top-notch content.


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