May 25, 2022
threatnix Blogs | IEMLabs

Security experts from ThreatNix have detected that attackers have misused Facebook attacks in order to run a phishing campaign. These Facebook ads redirected the users to GitHub where the actual phishing pages resided. More than 6 lakhs of people belonging to different countries like Egypt, Philippines, Pakistan and Nepal fell into the trap of this phishing campaign.

In order to avoid user suspicion, the attackers misused Facebook ads that promote well-known legitimate companies. The link attached to these fake ads lead to a Github page (static) which was in essence a Facebook login lookalike phishing page. Research shows that this campaign has been going on for the last five months with more than 500 Github repositories hosting phishing pages for the same campaign.

Hackers have always used Facebook ads for carrying out phishing campaigns and other malicious activities. However, researchers and security experts are still carrying out the investigation and have recommended all the users to stay alert while entering any website through Facebook ads.

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