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A guide to renting luxury cars in Dubai

Dubai is known as the city of wealth due to its luxurious and expensive lifestyle. The best way to immerse yourself in Dubai is to rent a luxury car. Whether it’s your business trip or family vacation, renting a luxury car will elevate your experience considerably. There are several things to be considered before you rent a car. If you are planning to rent a luxury car in Dubai, this guide is for you.

Luxury Cars in Dubai

Besides its skyscrapers, Dubai is also famous for its luxury car culture. You name the car, and there are hundreds of them in Dubai. Interestingly, people spend a huge fraction of their income on their cars. One can easily find dealerships and authorized sellers of all luxury car brands, such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and many more in Dubai. 


You can also be part of this luxury car culture by renting one. You don’t have to own the car to look classy or enjoy the comfort provided by them. Individuals can choose from thousands of great cars to rent. Whether you want to rent a Porsche in Dubai or need a Rolls Royce for a few days, you are just a click or call away. 

Renting a luxury car in Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai is a simple task, there is nothing to worry about. Before renting a luxury car in Dubai, there are some must-consider points. By following tips to rent luxury cars, you can improve your car renting experience. Make sure never to skip any part of this guide to get out most of it. 

Choose a rental company

The very first thing is to find a reputed rental company. There are so many ways to find a good one according to your needs. You can ask Dubai residents or your friends about which company will be best. You can also read Google reviews to choose from different companies. A good company should have the following features.

  • Wide range for selection
  • Easy to rent
  • Convenient location
  • Flexible agreements
  • Competitive prices
  • Good customer support

Wide range for selection

If you are traveling to the city for the first time and would like to rent a car for a short period of time, a company that offers a wide range to select from is better. Whether you want a small car, a mid-size car, a car for your family or a sports car, a good rental company will have all of it. 

Easy to rent

There should be easy options for renting your car, such as online or on-call reservations. In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential that the company adapts to modern methods of renting to make it easier for customers. 

Convenient location,

A reputed luxury car rental in Dubai will have multiple locations across the city. Picking up and dropping off the car will therefore be easier for the customer. Choose a company with more locations for pick up and drop off for the car.

Flexible agreement

A company with a flexible agreement in terms of rental period and pickup/drop off location is an excellent choice to go with.

Competitive pricing

The cars rental price of a good company should also be competitive according to the market. You can compare different companies’ prices and ensure you are not paying more than market rates.

Good customer support

A good rental company should offer excellent customer support. This can be very helpful for customers in case of any emergency or misadventure. Many rental companies provide on-road assistance, which can be very useful for a customer.

Added services

Good rental companies not only rent you the car but also provide additional services such as flight pickup, chauffeur services, delivery options and call support.

Documents you need to rent a car in Dubai

There is no doubt that renting a car in Dubai is an easy affair. But still, there are some documents you need to have to rent a luxury car which are as follows. Keep these documents on hand when reserving the car for rent to save time.

When renting from outside the UAE When you are already in UAE,
A valid international driving license Valid Emirates ID or Passport( for tourists)
Credit Card for a deposit. Credit card or full pre-payment
May require a minimum age of 21 May or may not be 21 years old


Things to avoid when renting a luxury car

Unlike hiring a normal car, hiring a luxury car requires some protocols to follow. The penalties for regular cars are not too much compared to luxury cars. To keep yourself on the safe side, you must avoid the following things.

  • Never checking the company’s policy
  • Never buying insurance
  • Not monitoring the fuel
  • Not keeping the car clean
  • Not inspecting the car before taking the keys

Never checking the company’s policy

Many customers make this mistake and find themselves in a tricky situation. Before signing any agreement or paying a deposit, read the company’s policy thoroughly.

Never buying insurance

When renting a luxury car, always buy insurance and ensure you have a receipt. In case of misadventure, repairing a luxury car can empty your bank account. You can also ask the company if the car is already insured. If yes, then take a copy of that.

Not monitoring the fuel

Always keep check of fuel when taking and returning the car. The company may charge a penalty if the fuel is less on returning than when you took the car. 

Not keeping the car clean

Always keep the car clean and ensure maintenance during the rental period. Rental companies pay attention to details and might restrict you from renting the car again if it was returned in a bad state. 

Not inspecting the car when taking the key

When the car is being handed over to you, you must have a detailed look. Check the interior and exterior of the car for any existing damage. Below is the list of things to check before getting the car out of the rental company’s garage

  • The paint job is all good.
  • All lights are working.
  • All indicators are working fine
  • There are no cracks on windows and windshield.
  • Braking system is fine.
  • Engine fluids are not lower than average (engine oil, brake fluid, coolant and steering fluids etc.)
  • Also keep check of fuel level.


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