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8 Collaboration Tools for Remote Work: Business Technology for the Modern Workplace

The effectiveness of your employees will depend on how well you organize them. It is important not only to be a good specialist in any field, but also to be an effective team member. However, remote work presents new challenges for teams, but also new opportunities. Now there are business technologies for remote work, which simplify interaction between all team members and allow them to exchange information even more effectively than if they were sitting in the same office.

Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Work


Slack is a secure and reliable communication platform for remote teams, external partners, and customers. It offers a direct messaging system that allows you to stay on top of projects and handle urgent tasks. With Slack, you can create channels for different topics or tasks, making it easy to find relevant conversations. However, multiple threads can be overwhelming and distract you from meaningful work. To make the most of Slack, integrate it with other collaboration tools or task management software to ensure everyone stays updated.

Some of Slack’s key features include:

  • System roles to designate team members as administrators or non-administrators for managing Slack accounts.
  • Channels that serve as central, shared spaces for instant messaging.
  • Workflow Builder for automating routine remote working actions.
  • Huddles and clips that support audio and video calls.


Dropbox primarily serves as a cloud-based information storage tool. However, its extensive usage and convenient access from anywhere make it an exceptional collaboration tool for remote teams. Team members can upload and share files with ease, even with external guests.

With Dropbox, you can collaborate efficiently with both teammates and clients. You can easily track projects and ensure the safety of your data. Admins can create authoritative groups and enable multi-team login. It seamlessly integrates with other popular virtual collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Workspace. Additionally, it provides a secure document signing feature, eliminating the need to leave Dropbox.

PDF scanner app

Previous remote collaboration tools help bring teams together and organize them, and this tool helps organize document flow. This is the best document scanner that will digitize any document. With this reliable document and ID scanning app you can get high-quality document scans. The PDF scanner app can also convert files from PDF to docs and back. The application offers the easiest way to digitize documents for further analysis and transfer.


ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software. It combines various work management features into a single, convenient package. The platform focuses on critical aspects of workplace communication, such as teamwork, project planning, and stakeholder participation. These features greatly enhance the efficiency of remote teams working together.

ProofHub streamlines most project activities in a centralized location. This includes organizing projects based on scheduled events and deadlines, as well as facilitating essential idea discussions with the team. The platform replaces multiple work apps, including Team Calendar, Team Chat, Task Management, and File Storage. Its accessibility from anywhere makes it an ideal choice for remote teams.

One of ProofHub’s standout features is its robust reporting capabilities, which greatly simplify project performance tracking for managers. It serves as a comprehensive tool for collaborative remote teams, providing a one-stop solution for all their project and task management needs.


Basecamp offers a comprehensive project management solution for remote teams, prioritizing efficiency and collaboration. It allows you to divide tasks into separate projects, with the ability to create an unlimited number of projects and add unlimited users. Each project is self-contained, encompassing all pertinent details such as team members, uploaded files, chat history, deadlines, and progress. Effective communication is facilitated through Messages and Realtime Chat.

Additionally, Basecamp provides ample storage of 500GB, enabling centralized file storage and easy linking of documents to projects. Streamlining work is made possible with to-do lists and schedules, while automatic reminders ensure that deadlines are always at the forefront.

Moreover, Basecamp offers a free 30-day trial for users to experience its features. Basecamp Personal is also available for personal projects, free of charge. For a comprehensive package with all features included, Basecamp Business is available at a flat rate of $99/month.


Teams that operate remotely greatly benefit from automation. That’s why Zapier stands out as an exceptional collaboration tool for remote teams. Zapier seamlessly integrates your apps and automates data movement across them. With over 5000 supported apps and a user-friendly interface, Zapier simplifies your workflow.

Zapier achieves automation through “Zaps” that can execute over 100 actions automatically. By leveraging if/then logic rules, you can create various actions and apply filters to execute them conditionally or on a schedule. Additionally, you can customize data formatting to suit your specific needs with ease.


This app stands out for its unique claim as an ideal tool for pair programming. With just a click, you can connect with a partner and both enjoy simultaneous mouse and keyboard control. Afterward, the tool discreetly runs in the background, enabling high-quality remote collaboration.

With efficient CPU usage, a 5K video stream, and low-latency crisp audio, Tuple facilitates seamless collaboration in pairs. You can easily invite external collaborators using the “Add friend” feature. Tuple also provides a whiteboard feature, accessible from your menu bar.


You can use Loom, an efficient video messaging tool, to keep your team updated. With Loom, you can instantly send shareable meeting videos to team members who couldn’t attend the meeting. You have the flexibility to record your camera, desktop screen, and microphone. Loom’s desktop and mobile apps, as well as the Chrome extension, ensure compatibility across all devices.

Loom introduces a shared workspace feature, enabling collaboration on videos in Personal, Shared, and Team Libraries. It also provides valuable insights into video viewership, engagement metrics, and call-to-action conversion rates through Engagement Insights. Additionally, Loom integrates seamlessly with tools like Zoom, Zendesk, Jira, and other remote collaboration platforms.


To maintain productivity and foster teamwork, remote teams must establish a smooth and structured collaboration process. Nowadays, employees operate in diverse settings, necessitating managers to provide digital alternatives. Here’s a crucial tip: prioritize investing time and resources in collaboration tools for remote workers – your company should enjoy a cohesive and collaborative team.

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