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Google Tricks: Lesser-Known Facts To Boost Your Productivity

Hi Readers! The Tech giant Google has made remarkable strides in its expansive offerings. These are like providing exhaustive search results, image search capabilities, trend analysis, and much more. Most people have a basic understanding of how to use Google. Several less-known tips and tricks can turn an average user into a Google power user. They will utilize these services for significant productivity gains.

What are Google Tricks?

Google, the world’s leading search engine, is providing reliable and fast search results. It is known for entertaining its users. Over the years, Google has developed several hidden tricks known as Google Tricks. These easter eggs are to surprise users and break the monotony of routine searches.

Google’s Brick Breaker

One of the most engaging Google Tricks is the Brick Breaker game. Hidden within the search engine’s interface, Brick Breaker is a classic game that harks back to the early days of home computing and gaming. The game replicates classic arcade gameplay, immersing players in an environment where they are challenged to knock down brick walls with a ball and paddle.

The Rules of Google’s Brick Breaker

Rules in Brick Breaker are simple. The game consists of various levels filled with rows of brick formations. The objective is to smash all the bricks by bouncing a small ball using a paddle.

The paddle is arbitrarily positioned at the bottom of the game screen. It can be moved horizontally, the ball moves in its initial trajectory unless collided with the paddle or the bricks. If the player fails to catch the ball with the paddle, a life is lost. The game continues until all the bricks are destroyed or when all lives are lost.

How to play Google’s Brick Breaker

  1. To find Brick Breaker Google Trick, simply open Google on your web browser and type in “Atari Breakout.”
  2. Click on the option that says “Click here to play” and start your game.
  3. Use your mouse or your keyboard’s arrow keys to move the paddle left and right.
  4. Moreover, you’ll see that if the ball hits distinct parts of the paddle, it may change direction.
  5. The game’s dynamics can be influenced by these changes, which can make it more challenging or help you target bricks more effectively.
  6. Each broken brick offers a specific number of points, and some bricks require more than one hit to be destroyed. To increase the level of difficulty, some bricks move across the screen.

Google’s quirky and entertaining google tricks like brick breaker google trick add an enjoyable dimension to the otherwise mundane process of internet searching.

Brick breaker google trick, provides an amusing retrospective on classic gaming. Many users have experienced and continues to delight the current generation of users.

Google Eggs as Eating Google Trick

Google, one of the world’s most renowned technology companies, is known for many things: its super-efficient search engine, cutting-edge technology solutions, and creative doodles, among others. However, a lesser-known aspect of Google’s work culture is its distinct culture of humor and easter eggs, hidden in its various products and services.

One such easter egg is the “Google Shake It Trick,” an interactive and fun feature incorporated into its search engine. This section explores the fascinating aspect of the Shake It Google Trick.

Origins of the Google Shake It Trick

The Google Shake It Trick was first noticed by users across the globe in May 2019. .

Either way, it has since gained popularity among Google’s vast user base. Upon typing ‘Shake it’ into the Google Image search bar, the interface begins to animate an interesting shuffle action, shaking its images from side to side. The motion and speed of this shake are dependent on the speed and direction of the user’s mouse movements, which adds an interactive and engaging dimension to the tool.

History of Google Easter Eggs

Since the inception of Google, there has been a culture of creativity, innovation, and fun that has consistently permeated its technological developments. One of the first instances of Google Easter Eggs was in 2000 when Google released its Mentalplex feature, which claimed to read users’ minds and predict their searches. This was released on April 1st as an April Fools’ prank. Over the years, Google has steadily introduced a multitude of Easter Eggs varying in their complexity and interactivity, evolving from simple search engine pranks to complex interactive games hidden within multiple Google applications.

Types of Google Eggs

Google Search Easter Eggs: Google Tricks

These are the most commonly known Google Easter Eggs. By typing certain phrases or terms, often topical or geek-culture related, into Google’s search box, users receive humorous, special effects or surprising search results. An example is typing “do a barrel roll” into the search bar, which prompts the whole search results page to perform a 360-degree flip.

Google Maps Easter Eggs: Google Tricks

Hidden within Google Maps’ Street View are various Easter Eggs, some placed there intentionally by Google and others by individual users who’ve contributed to the platform. One such example is the sighting of the TARDIS from the BBC series “Doctor Who” on Earl’s Court Road in London. These Easter eggs offer users an exciting and captivating experience while using the application.

Google Docs, Sheets Easter Eggs

Google has also hidden Easter Eggs in Google Docs and Sheets. For instance, typing “=googlefinance(“CURRENCY:USDEUR”)” into a cell in Google Sheets provides real-time currency conversion from US dollars to Euros. These hidden gems bring an element of surprise and delight to otherwise commonplace interactions.

Google’s Approach Towards User Experience

The Google Shake It Trick reflects Google’s deep and serious commitment towards optimizing the user experience and adhering to its “Don’t be evil” motto. This unusual feature embodies Google’s goal to make the internet not just a productive work tool, but also a source of enjoyment, curiosity and discovery. The existence of such playful features echoes Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” highlighting the application of gamification principles in facilitating information discovery.

The Role of Gamification in Tech Companies

Google’s Shake It Trick is just one example of how the tech giant creatively uses gamification techniques. Gamification refers to the application of gameplay elements in non-gaming settings to enhance user engagement and enjoyment. In addition to the Shake It Trick, google tricks are other interactive and game-like features. These services, includes Google Doodles, Google’s T-Rex game, Google Maps’ Pac-Man, and many more. These concerted efforts underpin Google’s strategy in keeping its services appealing and engaging for its widespread and diverse users.

Implications of Google’s Easter Eggs

The inclusion of easter eggs such as the Shake It Trick in Google’s services highlights the balance the organization strikes. It is between providing efficient, streamlined functionality and ensuring engaging, user-friendly remain interactive. Therefore making the software more ‘human.’ More importantly, it humanizes an otherwise cold, impersonal technological interface. It also underscores Google’s broader philosophy of mixing business with a certain degree of fun, creativity, and innovation.

Furthermore, the Shake It Trick exemplifies Google’s objective to democratize technology. It more accessible and engaging to all users, irrespective of their tech-savviness or familiarity with digital tools. By incorporating playful and interesting aspects into their services, they bridge the gap between the user and the digital world. They entice more individuals to engage with technology.


In conclusion, the Google Shake It Trick is more than just a quirky feature incorporated into Google’s search engine. It represents an important facet of Google’s work culture – the blend of innovation, creativity, fun, and technology. The trick also embodies Google’s commitment to improve user experience. It is by harnessing the power of gamification and interactive learning. Looking forward, Google’s dedication to making technology more accessible and engaging sets a worthy precedent for other technology companies around the globe.

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