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5 Best Backend Web Development Languages

​​​​Web development has become an integral tool for businesses since the Internet was invented as a whole. The global web is now an essential part of our daily lives, and web applications are being developed and used for a variety of purposes in different domains and concepts. The backend of web development is a crucial component of any web product, as it is responsible for managing and processing data, handling requests, and communicating with servers. 

This post will disclose the top 5 backend technologies for web development and explore their benefits.


Python is a flexible, robust, and versatile language that is widely used for a variety of purposes and for web development as well. Developers often choose it for its scalability, adjustability, solidity, and security. Python has a robust fundamental library and an extensive ecosystem of third-party libraries that make it become one of the best backend web development languages. The primary advantage of using Python for backend development is that it allows for rapid prototyping and testing, making it ideal for Agile development processes. What is more, Python has inspired and creative community of enthusiasts who support the tool’s enhancement and a large pool of software engineers who simplify finding resources and tech assistance. Python web development from PLANEKS is a great example of services provided by an Agile-oriented vendor that delivers qualitative digital products using this programming language.


Another tech tool that is prevalently used for web development. PHP is a server-side scripting, open-source language that has a vast ecosystem of frameworks and libraries that significantly optimize the web development process. PHP is highly scalable, serving as an ideal option to build the backend for large and complex web applications. As a pleasant bonus, PHP is a cost-effective solution, as it is free of charge and can run smoothly on a variety of platforms.


The following point on the list of the most efficient backend languages for web development is Java. It is globally popular in the world of developers and is also applied for backend development. Java is an object-oriented programming language, the key features of which are scalability, security, and performance. That is why enterprise-level web applications often require the involvement of this instrument. Java offers a broad spectrum of tools and frameworks to streamline web product implementation, comprising Spring and Hibernate. Aside from creating even more sophisticated solutions, Java is platform-independent, making it easy to deploy on a variety of platforms. Similar to Python, Java has found substantial support from the side of tech experts.


C# is also considered to be the best language for backend web development. It is an object-oriented tool that was developed by Microsoft and is primarily used for building Windows applications, but it is still an excellent choice for backend web development. C# comes with ASP.NET and .NET Core, some of its frameworks, that make it easy to develop and deploy web products while cutting down the time-to-market. It is quite flexible and powerful, being able to successfully manage large-scale and sophisticated web solutions. 


This scripting language is widely used for front-end web programming. However, the advent of Node.js has made it a popular option for backend web development as well. Express.js and Nest.js are JavaScript-based famous instruments that software engineers make use of to implement and launch web products. JavaScript allows for full-stack development, allowing technicians to build and release both frontend and backend components. 

To sum up, picking the right backend web development language is crucial for implementing high-quality web applications. Each tool comprises its own peculiarities and advantages, so the choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and requirements of the project. Therefore, the key to successful backend web development is to choose the language that best fits your needs and requirements as well as partner with the right outsourcing vendor you can rely on.

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