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4 Tips To Protect Yourself Against Keyloggers

Malware called keyloggers stealthily logs everything you do on your computer. They are frequently used in conjunction with spyware and can be installed via email or websites. Because they don’t appear in the typical security software you use to safeguard yourself against viruses and other types of malware, keyloggers can be very challenging to find. Keyloggers and other forms of malware, such as spyware, can be avoided by taking the following precautions:

What Are Keyloggers?

You may already be aware that opening an email or clicking on a link in a web browser can lead to the installation of a malicious programme on your computer. However, did you know that this method can also be used to install keyloggers?

An application known as a keylogger captures each keyboard the user makes and sends it to a remote server, allowing hackers to obtain passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details, and other sensitive information.

They are frequently concealed in harmful software like spyware or ransomware (malicious programmes designed to hold hostage user files unless they pay up). Keyloggers are also employed by stalkers who wish to gain unauthorised access to their victims’ computers, and occasionally it gets even worse than that!

How Do They Work?

There are numerous types of keyloggers. They can be set up by malicious software, such as viruses and worms, or by dishonest employees. You might not be aware that a keylogger has been installed on your computer until you detect unusual behaviour in your bank account or password-protected email account.

Keyloggers could potentially be installed on your computer by an attacker who has physical access to it (like via malware). Because it tries to trick you into clicking on what appears to be a safe link but is actually dangerous malware that downloads into your system and covertly logs all of your keystrokes into a hidden file on the hard drive where it waits for you to click on it, this type of attack is known as a “phishing” attempt.

How Do They Spread?

Malware that acts as a keylogger can be installed in numerous ways. Malware can be spread by social engineering, email attachments, and downloads.

It is also known that keylogger malware can spread through the internet itself when users click on links in emails or go to websites that have malicious code.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself Against Keyloggers?

You may defend yourself from keyloggers in a number of ways. Use a password manager first. This will enable you to establish secure passwords that are impossible for others to guess, which is crucial for safeguarding your computer from keyloggers.

Second, be certain to only ever employ 2-factor authentication.

Thirdly, think about employing hardware and software keylogger blockers (which are also good for blocking external devices).

Fourthly, to prevent dangerous software from being unintentionally installed on your computer, use software or apps that scan it for any suspicious files or programmes before granting them access to private data like social media or bank accounts!

Always Run An Antivirus Program With The Latest Definitions

Keyloggers are bad news for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that they are simple to find and get rid of. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date if you use one.

You can also go for premium VPN service to tackle the spread of keyloggers in your laptop or PC. Free VPN just only can give you access to restricted locations but premium VPN can give you virus scanning or malware removal services. But you should know how much VPN costs as compared to other free available softwares to prevent viruses. So, it is better to do research before making a final decision.

Whether or not your computer has previously been attacked with malware, having current anti-virus programs installed and running will help protect you from any new risks.

Use The In-Screen Keyboard Whenever Possible

  • Use a computerised keyboard.
  • Make use of a password manager.
  • Use a biometric scanner or fingerprint reader to log in. There is also the option of utilising a PIN number, but if at all possible, you should avoid doing so because hackers can quickly decipher your code and access your account without having to guess it correctly—and they might use this technique as part of their attack against you!

Keep Your Operating System And Software Up-To-Date

  • Update your applications and operating system.
  • Regularly update your antivirus definitions.
  • A recent browser update is recommended.
  • Create strong passwords with the aid of a password manager.

Don’t Install Unknown Or Unsolicited Programs.

  • It’s crucial to avoid installing programmes you are unsure of. The programme can be a keylogger if it displays several pop-ups or advertisements.
  • Installing programmes on your computer without first understanding what they do and why they are being installed is a bad idea.


It’s critical to keep in mind that the purpose of these programmes is to steal your personal information and sell it to third parties for their own financial gain. Therefore, it is imperative that you use common sense when using computers or smartphones as well as having an antivirus programme installed on your devices to protect yourself from this type of malware.



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