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Zoroto – Shut Down or Rebranded to Aniwatch?- Let’s decode!

If you love watching anime, you must be familiar with the website Zoroto; recently, there has been news of it being shut down and rebranded to Aniwatch, but is this news true? To find out the answer to this question, you need to read the entire article, where we will tell you the entire story about Zoroto being shut down or rebranded.

Zoroto is a free website where you can watch anime. It is a one-stop site for all anime lovers. If you are also a user of, then you must have already observed that the website no longer exists and navigates you to a different domain. This has happened recently, and that too overnight.  you are wondering why this happened; there is no need to panic as we will decode the reason behind this activity. Stick to the end of the article to know more.

What Happened to Zoro?

As we have mentioned earlier, Zoro to is an illegally free streaming website where you can watch anime series online. This illegal website has gained popularity among millions of anime lovers. This has happened because it lets you download subbed or dubbed anime series in high quality without having to pay for them. It doesn’t even require registration to use the service. But sad news for all anime lovers, zoro tv has seemed to disappear suddenly, and when you click on the site link, it will redirect to another domain. Now the question is whether zoroto has rebranded itself or has it shut down? Well, many speculations are doing the rounds. Now, let us know the actual details of what happened to

Real Story of Zoroto

If you love watching anime series and spend your weekends binge-watching them, then this news of Zoroto being shut down or rebranded abruptly is quite distressing for you. So, under this section, we will be decoding the real story of what happened to Zoroto. now redirects to a different domain i.e., Whenever you try to open in your web browser, you will seamlessly be redirected to

zoro anime website does not hold the rights to the anime series it offers. However, it might have moved to a different domain with a new name. Such pirated websites are known to change their domain after a while. It is because Google sends many Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices to the team, which eventually results in deranking the website in the search results. Additionally, when the pirate website gets popular, there are high chances of it getting banned or blocked.

An official source has also confirmed about zoro .to that a new development team has acquired it, and here is an official statement about this announcement.

“Everyone calm down, a new dev team has acquired Zoro, and they will now handle the whole website and social network accounts. Do not worry; all the data will remain the same; the old staff will keep supporting the server. Thank you”

By this statement, it seems that the zoroto has been brought and obtained by a new developer who will take care of the website here on.

Recent Updates about Zoroto

Update 1:

Zoroto has issued an official statement officially confirming that the website has been rebranded to Aniwatch and the reasons behind it.

The new website was down for some time, fearing another change of website, but the website is not shut down and is actively working.

Update 2:

Some of the copies and the alternatives to zoroto have now resurfaced. Additionally, the users with antivirus are getting security warnings when they try to open

Update 3:

After the website was rebranded, the Aniwatch users complained about the constant buffering on the site. Some are also unable to complete Cloudflare verification.

Update 4:

It has been found that Google has identified the Aniwatch website as a harmful site. However, the team also swiftly responded that they were working on fixing the issue. Here is a statement cited by a Source- “We are trying our best to fix the issue with Google detected our site as harmful website. It would be done really soon. Thank you for your patience #aniwatch”


Now that you have some recent updates about the Aniwatch website. It is now time to look at some of the questions which will help you to gain greater insights into the Zoroto website. Head to the next section of the article for more information.

Alternatives to Zoroto

Here is a list of all the alternatives to Zoroto that you can consider to use to watch anime series online. The alternatives to Zoroto are:


These are some of the websites which are alternatives to the popular zoroto.

If you are wondering what will be your next weekend’s binge list, then do not worry we have got you covered there as well. Head to the next section, where we have curated a list of trending anime shows you can watch on Zoroto.

Shows to Watch on Zoroto

You can easily watch these shows on zoroto. Some of the anime series on Zoroto are:

  • One piece
  • Baki Hanma Season 2
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
  • Am I actually the strongest?
  • The dreaming boy is a realist
  • Mushoku Tensei: The jobless reincarnation season 2
  • 4 cut hero
  • The first order
  • Youkai watch

These are some of the shows you can binge-watch on the zoroto and enjoy your weekend. However, the site has many other anime shows that you can watch and enjoy, and not only this, you can also download your favorite anime series and watch it offline. Overall, zoroto is a great website to watch anime, and if you are an anime lover, then this is a great site that you get your hands on.

Why Aniwatch is A Great Site?

Well, when we look at it in a broader sense, it is just the same Zoroto site but with a new name, and the site has all the features as the old one. You will be able to find all the new, old, and trending shows on the zoroto website. You will still be able to enjoy the anime shows you like, just like the old site.


Overall, Zoroto is a great site to watch anime, and the recent change to Aniwatch has its own pros and cons, but the site is still the same. In this article we have briefly talked about zoroto and have also given additional information regarding the site being shut down and rebranded to Aniwatch. We have also discussed a list of the shows, alternatives, and some of the most asked questions about Zoroto. Finally, we have cited the reasons why you should watch Zoroto. That’s all, folks, I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

FAQ | Zoroto

Is Zoro anime legal?

We have already mentioned that the Zoro anime website is an illegal anime-watching website. It has no official rights or licenses to stream or download anime series from its website. But you can download high-quality anime content from However, the website is considered safe to watch anime online and has millions of users per month.

Why is the Zoro server down?

This has happened because when there is a server outage, or servers are overloaded with too many requests, the servers go down. Another reason why might be down is that the website is going through maintenance work. Hence, the website is down.

These are some of the most asked questions about the popular anime-watching website Zoroto.

Entertainment is fun when there are no legal troubles, isn’t it? Since zoroto is an illegal website, some anime lovers may not prefer to use an illegal site to watch anime series online. So, do not worry, in the next section of this article, we will be discussing some of the alternatives to Zoroto that you can use to watch your favorite anime series online. Head to the next section of the article to know more.


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