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Hello, my wonderful readers! The Tamil Nadu State Government has launched an online payment portal called the Karuvoolam IFHRMS, or the Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System, in a historic move to digitize its financial and human resource management systems. The in portal is accessible to department employees, who can easily log in to access information about their employment and download their pay stubs for salaries and pensions.

What is the IFHRMS Portal? | in

Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System is the abbreviation for this phrase. The Tamil Nadu government started this system and currently use it in the accounts and treasuries division.

The Company Wipro Ltd. is assigned the role of a system integrator throughout the project’s implementation. The IFHRMS Portal software will prove useful in many departments, including budget planning and account compilation.

The software will ensure that all government transactions are updated in real-time, which will lighten the load on different departments. In addition, the system will provide a paperless working environment, reducing the chaos in finance and other departments. The IFHRMS Portal system will provide a strong management structure.

IFHRMS Portal Overview | in

Portal name IFHRMS Karuvoolam
State Tamil Nadu
Authority Government of Tamil Nadu
Department Finance Department and Treasury and Accounts department
Services Pay slip download, NOC, Loan, Medical services, etc.
Service for Government employee of Tamil Nadu
Official website ( in)
Helpline Number 048440172172

The Tamil Nadu government uses a program called Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System (IFHRMS). Managing the state’s financial and human resources is being done for the first time. The state’s Financial Department, Treasury Department, and Accounts Department run the system. The employees who work for the Tamil Nadu government can access all of their employment-related information on this online portal. The Integrated Financial & Human Resource Management System (IFHRMS) is the state’s initiative to implement e-governance, and the state is shifting its emphasis in this direction.’s official website states that:

“This transformation’s central component is the Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System (IFHRMS). The Commissionerate of Treasuries and Accounts and other departments will be made available online by the IFHRMS, ensuring that the government’s financial transactions are updated in real-time. This will allow the IFHRMS to handle the activities of the Finance Department to a greater extent. By lessening the workload and associated struggle at various levels, going paperless, and creating a hassle-free environment for transactions within the Finance Department, Treasury Department, and other Departments, the IFHRMS will also take care of the Human Resources component, ensuring sound management of the State finances.”

Any government worker can access their pay stub, pay information, and other information online from any location. Pensioners can also view their pension status. The state will also have access to information about all of the workers employed by Tamil Nadu’s state government, maintaining transparency.

IFHRMS login ID and Password

Go to ( in)

The TNTA OAM Login option for IFHRMS can be found on the official Karuvoolam website, where you must first go. There, you have to locate the IFHRMS login form.

Locate the login form on the left

On the left side of the page is where you will find the IFHRMS login form. Enter your login information when prompted.

Enter your IFHRMS user ID

To log in, you must type your IFHRMS user ID in the first box.

Enter your password

In the next box, type the password associated with the IFHRMS login ID you previously used.

Click on the blue button

You must now click the blue login button that is visible. You can access the IFHRMS login page after authentication of your login information.

IFHRMS Karuvoolam

The official website for the Tamil Nadu government’s IFHRMS page is IFHRMS Karuvoolam. It is specifically designed and established for the employees of Tamil Nadu. The IFHRMS system was created to ensure the smooth operation of Tamil Nadu’s finance division. This system makes it simple and efficient to update the transactions. The system offers a number of features, including the ability to download payslip details and receive information about them. In addition, it provides information on loans, pensions, and different aspects of business and finance. The system facilitates smooth transactions and their update.


A pay bill, salary slip, or paycheck are all terms for the same type of bill as the IFHRMS payslip. It is a bill that allows a person or an employee to get paid. The useful slip show how much government workers are paid. The payslip includes a wealth of information about the employee, including name, number, office, and other specifics like dearness allowance, gross amount, rent allowance, and many others. The CPS and GPF numbers as well.

IFHRMS Payslip Details

The PDF payslip or bill available for download includes the following information:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Number
  • Post
  • Office Name
  • GPF Number and CPS Number
  • Pay Specifications, including Duty Pay, Dearness Allowance, Housing Allowance, Medical Allowance, Gross Amount, and Net Pay Credited.

IFHRMS Pay Slip download

Easily download the payslip from the portal. Please follow the instructions below to download the payslip:

  • Visit the IFHRMS login page.
  • Log in to the TNTA OAM page at
  • On the IFHRMS page, select OPEN.
  • Choose Finance on the following page.
  • Navigate to
  • On the following page, select Payroll.
  • Select Results
  • Launch the Payroll Results page from the IFHRMS login screen.
  • Choose a period name.
  • Choose regular salary under bill type.
  • Paybill Group search
  • Select the Payslip option, then select the Document link.
  • Save IFHRMS bill payslips as PDF files.

IFHRMS Pensioner Login

  • Go to in) login page
  • Open the Sign In form
  • In user type, select pensioner.
  • Enter your PPO Number
  • Enter your user ID and Password
  • Login to the IFHRMS pensioner login portal from there.

IFHRMS departments | in

Using the IFHRMS login feature, you can access services related to the following Tamil Nadu Departments. The following is a list of all department heads who are part of the finance department:

  • Treasuries and Accounts
  • Local Fund Audit
  • Small Savings
  • Pension
  • Co-Operative Audit
  • Government Data Center
  • Chief Auditor of Statutory Boards

IFHRMS DDO Template Login | in

Use the procedure below to log in to the IFHRMS DDO v3 Template portal:

  • Visit IFHRMS_DDO_Template at
  • Type a TO or PAO code in
  • Type in DDO Code
  • Enter your password.
  • Log into the portal for the IFHRMS DDO Template.

How To Log Into TN Employees Portal Using IFRMS Login? | ifhrms login id and password

The address of the IFHRMS Tamilnadu’s official website is To use IFRMS, employees must first register on the website and create usernames and passwords. After that, you can use those credentials to access the website. The website offers a variety of services, including pay stubs, leave requests and responses, important messages and notifications, transfers, promotions, increments, attendance, a list of holidays, service records, etc.

So let us look at how to access the IFHRMS Tamilnadu website:

  • Go to
  • The website’s home page will then appear.
  • On the top of the screen, you can see several options. To log in to your profile, you must choose “Login.”
  • First, it requests that you select between the Employee and Pensioner options.
  • It will ask you to enter your User Id and Password if you select an employee. Click the “Sign In” button after that.
  • You will be prompted to enter your PPO number, user ID, and password if you select Pensioner. Then click on the “Sign In” button.
  • The IFHRMS Tamilnadu website’s page containing your profile will then be displayed.
  • The employee can access any service offered on the website using this login.

How To Recover Employee Password Using IFHRMS Portal? | ifhrms login id and password

  • Go to to view the website.
  • To access the login page, click Login.
  • An option to forget your password is available at the bottom of the page. Click on it.
  • You will be prompted to select between the options “Employee” and “Pensioner” there.
  • The user id must be entered if you choose Employee.
  • The PPO number and user ID must be entered if you choose pensioner.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the security code or captcha in the appropriate field.
  • Next, select the “Verify” button. This will confirm the information and send a link for password recreation to your registered phone number or email address.
  • The moment you open it and click the link, you will be taken directly to a page where you must enter your current password, confirm it by typing it again, and then hit enter.
  • We will set your new password. Now, use the user id and new password to access the IFHRMS website.

Services Provided by IFHRMS Website | in

  • Responsible for all financial transactions of the Tamil Nadu government.
  • Maintains all service records for all Tamilnadu government employees.
  • Maintains information on government employees’ salaries, allowances, PF contributions, and increments.
  • When necessary, it provides a means for employees to view, download, and print the required salary payslip.
  • Posts the list of holidays for that year, assisting employees in planning vacations or other trips.
  • Allows you to apply for leave, receive a response to your leave application, and check your leave balance.
  • Reports forwards from employees to superiors and from superiors to employees.
  • It serves as a channel for communicating instructions regarding promotions, transfers, and other employee position changes.
  • It informs the staff of any new government activity through notifications.

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Conclusion | in

You can access your account in accordance with your needs now that you are aware of how to complete the IFHRMS login. Employees save a ton of time because they do not have to wait in line to get their pay slips from the accounts department. Furthermore, it is always advisable to keep your login information private. It is risky and could jeopardize the entire system.

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