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 Wifiphisher is a security tool that mounts automated phishing attacks against Wi-Fi networks in order to obtain credentials or infect the victims with ‘malware’. It is a social engineering attack that can be used to obtain WPA/WPA2 secret passphrases and unlike other methods, it does not require any brute forcing.

After achieving a man-in-the-middle position using the Evil Twin attack, Wifiphisher redirects all HTTP requests to an attacker-controlled phishing page.

From the victim’s perspective, the attack takes place in three phases:

  1. Victim is deauthenticated from their access point.
  2. Victim joins a rogue access point. Wifiphisher sniffs the area and copies the target access point settings.
  3. Victim is served a realistic specially-customized phishing page.

Download Link:- https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/packages/wifiphisher

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